May 16, 2017

15 Must Have Towels for You.

If you are looking for beach towel or bath towel or hand towel look no further, we got you covered.

Onsen Bath Towel: The Onsen Towel is designed to maximize surface area exposure so that it dries faster, while its waffle weave is what makes it effortlessly absorbent. It perfectly balances softness, absorbency, and quickness to dry. It features exfoliating texture, airy curves and is 100% premium cotton. Pre-order: $45.

Onsen Bath Towel

Towell: Towell is your workout towel that features color-coded sides so you know gym side and skin side (which surface touched what), a 4in x 15in pocket with a touchsensitive mesh, magnetic clip, functional zipper and a sleeve to secure it over gym equipment. Buy Now.


Sento Towel: Sento Towel combines the best elements of western and Japan towel making, and gives you an absorbent, luxuriously delicate, odorresistant and is 100% Japanese cotton towel. It's composed of two textured sides stitched together, a cotton front with a gentle texture and a looped terry fabric in the back. It dries 3x quicker, absorbs 3x its weight, and is larger size than your regular towel. Pre-order.

Sento Towel
HoodiePillow Beach Towel: The HoodiePillow 5-in-1 Beach Towel is a beach towel that features a protective hoodie and an inflatable pillow. It conveniently folds up into a shoulder bag. Buy Now: $24.95.

HoodiePillow Beach Towel

Instakilt Beach Towel: Just wrap the Instakilt Beach Towel around your waist and it turns into a Scottish kilt. The Instakilt is a 100 percent cotton beach towel that measures 60 x 30 inches. Buy Now: $ 27.

Instakilt Beach Towel

Beach Vault: Beach Vault is a clever underground vault that keeps your valuables safe. It comes with its beach towel and pillow without which it isn't complete; it works along with these two to keep your valuables safe. It's really simple and easy to use. Buy Now: $49.

Beach Vault

Otteroo Cradling Baby Towel: The Otteroo Cradling Baby Towel features a unique patent-pending buckle that keeps the towel firmly in place around the neck, while its side placed hoodie lets you cradle the baby in a normal way. It makes post-bath drying super easy. It's made from absorbent 100% cotton terry velour and measures cut wide at 32 x 32 inches. Buy Now: $ 50.

Otteroo Cradling Baby Towel

Tillow: Tillow is a beach towel and pillow in one. It features a touchscreen sleeve for your smartphones and media devices and keeps them protected. It comes with waterresistant pocket, and removable pillow. Buy Now.

Nomadix Multi-Purpose Towel: Nomadix Multi-Purpose Towel is perfect for variety of activities - travel, beach and yoga. Yoga - its slipresistant, and perfect size for your yoga mat. Beach - sand wont get caught in this towel. Travel - it packs down small. And most importantly its super absorbent and dries quickly. Buy Now:.

Nomadix Multi-Purpose Towel

Sandusa Beach Towel: The Sandusa Beach Towel is a luxurious cotton beach towel that's sandproof and waterproof. So next time you visit beach, you can leave the beach at the beach itself. Buy Now: $59.95.

Sandusa Beach Towel

Norimaki Sushiroll Towels: The Norimaki Sushiroll Towels come is set of three in a dry bamboo leaf-style wrapping complete with the colorful filling. These 100% cotton towels measure 9.8" x 9.8". Buy Now: $ 62.

Norimaki Sushiroll Towels
Tortilla Turkish Towel: Tortilla Turkish Towel comes with the photo realistic print with cotton comfort of a Turkish towel. So next time you visit beach you can wrap yourself in this 60" limited edition Tortilla Turkish Towel. Buy Now: $55.

Tortilla Turkish Towel

True Clean Towel: The True Clean Towel makes it easy for you to use the towel knowing which part is for drying your face and which is for the other parts. Buy Now: $20.

True Clean Towel
Compressed Towel: The Prospector Co compressed towels are perfect for your outdoor adventures; the bottle holds six towels that expands to the size of a dishtowel when you put warm water. Buy Now: $10.

Compressed Towel
Toss'n Towel: Toss'n Towel is a towel that's easy to transport, easy to understand, and easy to play. You can play anywhere - at the beach or the park, out in the backyard, or even in the living room. More info.

Toss'n Towel

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