May 3, 2017

15 Must Have Gadgets That Let You Relax - Part 3.

After a hard day's work, you need to relax; and to be at your max productivity, you need to take a break. For you, we have the best gadgets that let you relax.

Aurai: Aurai is a wearable device that relaxes your eyes using cool/warm water technology. Its cool compress mode relieves strain and its warm compress mode stimulates the and relaxes your eyes. It features wave massage system, temperature transfer system and innovative water bag design that provides soothing massage at consistent temperatures to relax your eyes. More info.

Aurai wearable device

Braintellect 2 Wearable Headband: The Braintellect 2 lets you rebalance your stresslevel, gives you refreshing sleep, improved performance and more. Buy Now: $1,195.

Braintellect 2 Wearable Headband

Zoè: Zoè is your personal relaxation system that transforms your room into a healthier, more relaxing space using aromadiffuser and light. Using its remote, you can customize your room through adjustable aromatherapy, light and humidity settings with the touch of a button. Pre-order: $89.

Zoè personal relaxation system

Shaze: Shaze is an ultimate lounge chair that features waterresistant speakers, a USB recharger for your smart phone, a drainable cooler, and more, making it perfect for beaches, tailgates, and campsites. Pre-order: $79.

Shaze ultimate lounge chair

Doppel: Doppel is a performance-enhancing wearable technology that works with your body's natural response to rhythm and let you set your pace and can naturally make you feel more alert or relaxed. Pre-order.


Muse: Muse is a smart headband that features sevensensors that detects and measures. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone to send the data. It improves your concentration and your focus each time you use it. Buy Now: $249.

Muse smart headband

Pausepod: Pausepod is your private space for relaxation at home, on the go, at work. Its space is suitable for all your relaxation needs - relax and recharge. It sets up in seconds, blocks out the light, you can sit up or lie down, take a power nap, read, home cinema and much more. It folds into a compact size for easy transportation. And its addons includes earmuff and eye mask, star sky and reading light, and universal smart device holder. Pre-order.


Melomind Relaxing Headset: The Melomind Relaxing Headset teaches you how to relax efficiently and improve your daily life. It generates an audio soundscape and according to your relaxation level, the music will be modulated and adapted to you. Your only task is to relax. More info.

Melomind Relaxing Headset

Sensmi Smart Wristband: Sensmi Smart Wristband is designed to track and analyze your daily stresslevels and sleep patterns. It even lets you find out when, where, who, and what causes your stresslevels to go up. Its waterresistant, features Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. More info.

Sensmi Smart Wristband

Pplkpr: Pplkpr is an app that works along with its wristband that tracks and analysis who stresses you out, who makes you happy or sad, and lets you see how your relationship stands up, lets you keep the ones that work for you and determines who should be auto-scheduled into your life and who should be removed. It monitors your physical and emotional response to the people around you, and optimizes your social life accordingly. More info.


Kinuu: Kinuu is an "always by your side" chair that sets up in just one minute and lets you relax anytime, anywhere. It's perfect for outdoors and indoors, packs to minimum size, can be placed in your daypack or shoulder bag. Pre-order.


Thync: Thync is a smart wearable that enhances calmness and energy. Buy Now.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager: The Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager lets you massages hard-to-reach muscles in neck, back, and between shoulder. Its 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage modes soothe tired muscles. It comes with integrated control panel, 3 automatic programs: auto-reversing, single direction, and timed interval, heating options for further relaxing neck and shoulder muscles, and 20-minute automatic shutoff. Buy Now: $99.99.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager
Moodmetric Ring: The Moodmetric Ring is a smart ring that reduces your stresslevels and improves your emotional wellbeing. It also doubles as a sleep tracker in the night. Buy Now: $ 253 (€229).

Moodmetric Ring
Smart Cushion: This world's first smart cushion monitors your posture, sitting habits, stresslevel, and coaches you to sit better. More info.

Smart Cushion

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