May 13, 2017

10 Must Have Gadgets for Storytelling.

For once we aren't going into the details of storytelling benefits as there is lots and lots of data that suggest the benefits and we are sure that you are also aware of it. So what we have here for you is some cool and smart gadgets for storytelling.

StoryHome: StoryHome is a connected storytelling device that connects kids with their grandparents. StoryHome is an effort to reduce the distance between kids and their grandparents as families have spread over different continents. It makes it easy for grandparents to tell great stories. With a simple push of the button, the story starts recording and is sent to another device at the bedside of their grandkids. It glows just before bedtime, notifies kids that its time to hear a tale from their grandparents. The kids lift it up from its base and bring it out of sleep-mode, holding it in their hands, and listening to their grandparent's voice and fall asleep. To get started, power up the device and connect it to the Internet by plugging it with a LAN cable into your router or set up Wi-Fi using the app for Android and iOS. The device connects to its cloudserver and it will light up, it's your cue to tell the first story. You can also answer one of the 1000 live questions, read a book or just tell your own tale. The device will then automatically send the stories to the rest of the family. Your stories are sent through the StoryHome Family Cloudserver. Using your computer you can access these stories, edit, organize and save all your stories. Apart from these you can manage accounts, change the time when stories arrive, push or block stories to devices, and invite the extended family to listen. Using its app, your extended family and friends can also connect, listen to stories, ask questions and even tell their own stories using their smartphone. Pre-order.

StoryHome connected storytelling device

Oliba: Oliba is a connected device that turns any cuddly toy into a smarter buddy; it's a smart babyproof cuddly toy tracker, a great storyteller with endless imagination and is a connected musical nightlight that soothes your kid to sleep. All you need to do is tie it to your kid's cuddly toy and it communicates with its app. You can choose a story in Oliba's library, just start the story using its app or by pressing its face for 2 seconds. Or you can even record your own story. Oliba provides various stories that are perfect for the evolving needs of kids from 0 to 5 years old. It features Bluetooth 4.0, easy to set up, embed up to 10 audio files, rechargeable, adjustable volume, app supports iOS and Android and more. More info.

Oliba connected storytelling device

Jibo: Jibo is a smart family robot that makes your life a lot easier. It can independently take photos and videos, reads emails and reminders, is a great storyteller with graphics, and a lot more. This social robot for your home is different: every experience teaches him something new, he recognizes the faces and voices of your close family and friends, playsgames, tells jokes, shares fun and interesting facts. When you walk into a room, he might greet you, tell a joke or ask you a question. Join the waitlist..

Jibo smart family robot

Povi: Povi is a smart connected storytelling toy designed for kids 3-8 years old that tells stories to your kids and provides step-by-step approach to building emotional intelligence. Use its app to download new content based on age and interest and ratings. It provides a perfect setting for the kids and parents to discuss emotions. More info.

Povi smart connected storytelling toy

Trobo: Trobo is designed to make learning easy for kids 2-5 years using fun personalized stories. Through fun personalized stories it makes learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fun and interesting. It reads the stories out loud and your kid's name appears in the story. It includes 6 stories and 8 companionshipgames, stories are available in English and Spanish, is USB rechargeable, and works on iOS devices running iOS7 and later. More info.

iPal Robot: iPal is a perfect and fun companion for your kids. It tells stories, dances, can talk, playgames, encourages physical activity, and lets them chat with friends, share videos, and safely connect to the Internet and social media. Its 3.5 feet tall, features 6 inch display, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Android OS, 1.3 mega pixel camera in eye, five microphone array for sound direction detection, multiple smartsensors, 4 wheels and more. More info.

iPal Robot

Teddy Ruxpin The Original Storytelling Toy: The Teddy Ruxpin The Original Storytelling Toy is designed to introduce the world of reading and adventure to the kids in a interesting and fun way. It builds vocabulary and comprehension skills, and its animation has perfect lip sync with every story he tells. It features 22 adventures and music programs, and comes with easy push and play buttons for tiny fingers. Buy Now: $999.99.

Teddy Ruxpin The Original Storytelling Toy
Moonlite: Moonlite is a bedtime story projector for your smart phone that makes the reading experience immersive for kids. All you need do is attach the device to your smart phone, insert a story reel, open its app and start projector reading. It makes the bedtime stories come to life, with full HD story images and in-app sound effects. Pre-order: From $39.

Moonlite bedtime story projector

Story Flashlight: Story Flashlight is perfect for creating your next story; it projects 24 adorable and dynamic images onto a sheet, a wall or canvas of you choice. It features three interchangeable plates that attach at the end of the flashlight, change them are per your need and start your story. Best suited for ages 4 and up. Buy Now: $18.

Story Flashlight
WonderBoxx Learning Toys For Kids: WonderBoxx Learning Toys For Kids is an innovative, theme-based, and age-specific hands-on learning box that's based on the philosophy of learning through play and aspires to create perfect setting that kindles imagination, creativity and wonder. It introduces kids to an engaging world of imagination and creativity. The words and storytelling Wonderboxx features five activities - alphabets phonic puzzles, word building folder and kit, storytelling kit with puppets, story making calendar, and an experiments book. It's designed for kids 3 to 5 year old. Buy Now: $35.95.

WonderBoxx Learning Toys For Kids
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