May 8, 2017

15 Must Have Gadgets for Architects.

Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets for Architects' from all over the world.

Cronzy Pen: Just think of it that you see a particular color on your way to your office or for that matter anywhere and you really want to use the same color in your project or report; how do you go about it? To make things a lot easy, we have the Cronzy Pen that features a built-in color scanner that lets you choose the color of your choice and re-create it in your diary, sketchbook, on canvas, or on the skin, and more. You can even click on its app on your smartphone, select the color of your choice and start writing or drawing. It can write in over 16-million colors. With Cronzy pen you don't need to take along dozens of multi-colored pens, as it gives you all of the existing colors and shades in the world in a single pen. Its compact in size, comes with 5 interchangeable tips and 2 sets of cartridges with ink and is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Buy Now.

Cronzy Pen

Kaptivo: Kaptivo turns any whiteboard smart, lets you share your whiteboard in real time with colleagues working remotely. Kaptivo records everything you write automatically and you can even rewind to any point of the whiteboard's timeline using the history feature. Anyone can access your whiteboard via their web browser or mobile device using its app, once you give them secure invitation. Buy Now: $399.


Eora3D: Eora3D is a portable device that turns your smartphone into a highly accurate and affordable 3D scanner. It works with Android and iOS. Pre-order: $319.

Eora3D 3D scanner

Cube: The Cube is a portable color digitizer that picks the color of any surface. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and sends the color data to your smartphone or directly into Photoshop. With just a tap it picks any color on any surface. It allows you to bring the real-world color straight into Photoshop. Buy Now: $139.


Scrubby Reusable Whiteboard Notebooks: The Scrubby Reusable Whiteboard Notebooks are rugged and waterproof, comes with 20 blank dry erase sheets (40 pages). Use a dry erase marker and it works just like a whiteboard. Buy Now: $31.99 - $43.99.

Scrubby Reusable Whiteboard Notebooks

Equil Smartmarker: The Equil Smartmarker is a smart device that turns any whiteboard into a smart board. It comes with built-in memory that keeps track of what you write on whiteboard, and lets you record up to 16ft x 5ft of content. Use your smartphone or laptop to view what the device has recorded. It records in real-time and syncs to Dropbox, Evernote, and more. Buy Now: $799.

Equil Smartmarker

Bosch GLM 100C Rangefinder: The Bosch GLM 100C transfers and stores measurements from the rangefinder to an iPhone, iPad or Android device via its app. It can measure distances up to 330-feet with 1/16-inch accuracy. You can take a photo of the jobsite and the numbers can be superimposed directly on the image using the Bosch GLM 100 C measurement camera app. Buy Now: $195.47.

Bosch GLM 100C Rangefinder
Lix 3D Printing Pen: Lix 3D Pen is a compact size professional tool that enables you to sketch in the air without using paper. Buy Now: $139.95.

Lix 3D Printing Pen

LumiSmart: LumiSmart is a smart desk lamp based on IoT (Internet of things) technology. You can control it using your smartphone, can detect noise level in the room, brightness, temperature, humidity, etc., has camera, music player, USB port to recharge two devices, text to speech, messaging hub and its built-in speaker is always ready to talk to you. More info.

LumiSmart smart desk lamp

Hello: Looking for an affordable alternative to high-end video conferencing systems? Then check out Hello, it's an advanced video communication device that easily connects to any TV and provides an all-in-one, voice-controlled smart-home or office-device for: video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, securitysurveillance with motiondetection and more. Pre-order: $249.

Hello high-end video conferencing system

Spud: Spud is a high resolution screen that folds and expands like an umbrella. This 24-inch display is ultra portable, folds just like a ruggedized umbrella to the size and weight of a paperback book. It connects to your smartphones, smart devices, laptops, and more. Pre-order: $399.


Neo Smartpen N2: This smartpen bridges the gap between paper and digital, it writes on paper and also mirrors into smart devices. It works along with its companions- N notebooks and Neo Notes app and integrates your real and digital worlds by transforming what you write or draw on paper. It writes like any other pen, features ergonomic, useful and beautiful design, comes with Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and is iOS and Android compatible. Buy Now: $169.

Neo Smartpen N2

Solar panel Leaf+: The sunnybag Solar panel Leaf+ is the lightest, flexible 6 watts outdoor solar system that gives you independent electric power outdoors and makes it perfect for hiking, climbing, tours, cycling, golfing, camping and more. It features a 6,000 mAh power bank included to store the solar energy for later use. It's designed to recharge any mobile device that can be recharged via Micro-USB, USB-C and Lightningport. You can recharge your smartphone approximately 3 times. The flexible solar panel weighs less than 200 grams. Buy Now: About: $ 164 (€149).

Solar panel Leaf+
sProjector: sProjector is a mini projector that provides 1920x1080/1000 lumens projection and lets you enjoy TV shows, 4K movies and more on screens up to 180". It's lightweight, sleek, and uses an energy-efficient design. It supports TV Dongle, and you can enjoy TV anytime, anywhere even without Internet connection. You can even record TV programs to its memory or to SD card and other storage devices through microUSB port and can play it later. It lasts 5 hours of projection without external power supply. Buy Now: $190.

Bagel Smart Tape Measure: The Bagel Smart Tape Measure is a smart device that makes measuring things easier. It supports three measurement modes and lets you measure anything with ease. It connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, lets you save measurements, record voice memos, and sends them to your smartphone. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It gives you a smarter way to measure. Buy Now: $89.

Bagel Smart Tape Measure

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