May 15, 2017

15 Cool Gadgets For Your Bedroom.

A good night sleep is must for efficiency during the day. And its only your bedroom that gives you the much needed rest. And smart gadgets in your bedroom can make all the difference.

StarSailor: StarSailor is a smart projector that brings the skies to your bedroom. Apart from this, you can stream your favorite TV shows, play movies and music videos, check the latest buzz on social media, watch a concert, or even read your favorite blog, book, or kid's story at bedtime and more. Its app controlled, supports IFTTT and Z-Wave, and using its app you can monitor room temperature, humidity and track how well you sleep. Pre-order: $349.

StarSailor smart projector

The Eight Smart Mattress: The Smart Mattress is designed to provide you the perfect comfort and support for sleep. It features 4 layers of foam and one layer of technology - that lets you track sleep, warm up the bed, and connect with other smart home devices. Buy Now: $999.

The Eight Smart Mattress
C2 4-in-1 Alarmclock: C2 is a perfect gadget for your bedroom; it features a jumbo-display clock, gesture-controlled nightlight, clear audio speaker, dual-USB recharging port, and wireless bed shaker. The wireless bed shaker gently wakes you up with a buzz. Pre-order: $44.

C2 4-in-1 Alarmclock

Roome: Roome is a gesture-control lamp that lights up automatically when you enter the room and when it detects no activity in the area, it turns itself off to save energy. When your afternoon reading session turns into a well deserved nap, it lets you rest by silently turning off when not needed. With a simple pass of the hand over Roome, it turns on or off silently. It automatically turns on when it senses the dark, and also senses when ambient light is sufficient and can turn itself off to save power. You can even set it to detect a loud noise and automatically turn on. It also comes with dual USB ports for fast, efficient 5V-1A device powering or recharging. Its app lets you to program features, adjust settings and control Roome with your smartphone. It's compatible with Android and iOS. Pre-order: $69.

Roome gesture-control lamp

Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor: The Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker is an extremely thin device that stays hidden under your bed sheet and lets you analyze your sleep quality. It gets you the personal insights of why you sleep well or why not. Its app gives you all the data you need to improve your sleep quality. Buy Now: $149.95.

Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor
Snooz: Snooz is an ultra-portable sound conditioner that lets you tune out the world with the soothing sound of moving air. This acoustic white noise machine makes it easy for you to fall and stay asleep. You can adjust the volume and tone on the device or use its app for the same. Buy Now: $79.

Snooz portable sound conditioner

Ruggie Alarmclock: If getting out of the bed is an issue for you in the mornings, then Ruggie Alarmclock is a must for you. This floor mat alarmclock gives out sounds ranging from 90-120 decibels and you need to step on it for 3 seconds to turn off the sound. You can upload your favorite MP3 file, motivational speeches and more. Buy Now: $89 - $99.

Ruggie Alarmclock

S+ Personal Sleep Solution: S+ Personal Sleep Solution features cutting-edge programs to let you sleep better. Its contactless Sleepsensor monitors your breathing and bodymovements when you sleep while its other smartsensors detects key sleep-related parameters in your bedroom: sounds, light levels and temperature. It provides personalized suggestions on your sleep habits, bedroom and lifestyle for a better night's sleep. All you need to do is simply place it on your nightstand to measure your sleep. Buy Now: $50.

S+ Personal Sleep Solution
Somnus: Somnus is designed to reinvent your sleep by making you fall asleep smoothly and wake you up at the right time in your sleep cycle. Its Easy sleep program makes you fall asleep smoothly and Smart Wake Up program detects when you have entered your light sleep cycle and wakes you up smartly and gently. More info.


2breathe: 2breathe is a smart device that works along with its app on your smartphone and guides your breathing to induce sleep. Strap this wearable gadget around your waist and your breathing is transformed in real time into tones that gradually guide you to prolonged exhalation and slow breathing. Buy Now: $179.95.


Sensorwake Oria: Sensorwake Oria is designed to enhance your sleep; it works by spreading a relaxing scent for a few minutes in a specific area of your bedroom that makes it easy for you to fall asleep. During the night a second scent is released that lets you get a longer and more regenerative sleep. More info.

Sensorwake Oria

Smartduvet: Smartduvet is a self-making bed system that makes your bed easily. All you need to do is use its inflatable sheet between your duvet and cover. Once activated, it inflates the air chamber and puts your duvet and sheets back in their place. You can use its app to preset a different bed-making time for each day of the week. Buy Now: $199.


Kryo Sleep Performance System: Its suggested that the ideal sleep temperature is between 60-68 degrees and Kryo makes this happen. Kryo is a water-based, app-controlled cooling mattress topper that actively cools down to 60 degrees and improves your sleep by as much as 20% - it's like extra one more hour of sleep at night. This temperature-controlled cooling mattress topper lets you adjust the temperature of your mattress in one-degree increments to as low as 60 degrees. It can integrate with the leading sleep tracking devices, including Fitbit, Jawbone UP and Misfit. And its warm awake feature wakes you up similar to natural awakening. Pre-order: $199.

Kryo Sleep Performance System

Moona: Moona is designed to actively improve your sleep throughout the night using its smart head temperature regulation. All you need to do is place the smartpad inside your pillow; cool water runs through the smartpad to keep your head at optimum temperature for restful sleep. Its control unit adapts to your sleeping patterns and sets the best temperature for you to get optimal rest. More info.

BedShelfie: BedShelfie is a minimalist nightstand that you can use to place your smartphone, book, remote or anything that you need next to your bed. It attaches to your bedframe and lets you store up to 15 lbs. Its clamp accommodates bedframe edges up to 2.25 inches wide, gives you 12.75 x 8.5 inches of surface area and weighs 3.5lbs. Pre-order: $35.

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