May 29, 2017

15 Best Shorts for Men and Women.

Collection of 'Best Shorts for Men and Women' from all over the world.

Zeki Smart Shorts: Zeki Smart Shorts comes with wireless device recharging option and are perfect for every occasion. It features waterproof phone pocket, cooling drink pocket, utility loops, sunscreen pocket, security pockets, sunglasses holder, hidden seam pockets, event ticket pocket and more. Its fabric is stainresistant, preshrunk, antiodor and more. Pre-order: $39.

Zeki Smart Shorts
AR Wear: AR Wear clothing line provides wearable protection for when things go wrong. AR Wear provides products that make women and girls feel safer when in not so safe situations. Its designed to be to cutresistant and pullresistant, features reinforced structure, and more. You can adjust the straps to your comfort before locking them in place, and once the lock is set on the thighs, the leg openings can't be lifted or shifted to the sides. The waist strap is similar but comes with a special lock with up to 132 combinations randomly assigned and which are easy for you to remember to open. More info.

AR Wear

Cobba: Cobba is a versatile, comfortable and odorless men's shorts that features an Aptgrip waistband and comes with 6 functional pockets. These are comfortable enough to wear day in, day out. Its made from 360-degree stretch premium fabric, is stainresistant, features nonslip selfsealing hidden pocket bags - phone pocket, hidden card pocket, key pocket, back pocket and more to put all your essentials. What more, with this shorts you can avoid laundry duty for up to 3 weeks. Pre-order: $68.

Cobba Shorts

2-In-1 Swim Shorts: The 2-in-1 Swim Shorts are really comfortable shorts that come integrated with swim boxers attached to the waistband. These are made from high tech fabric, features invisible internal zip locked pocket for your valuables, is waterrepellent, super stretchable, and looks sharp and perfect for all situations. More info.

2-In-1 Swim Shorts

Kydra Flex Shorts: Kydra Flex Shorts are the perfect pair of shorts for the urban athlete. These active wear comes integrated with aesthetics of your favorite shorts while encompassing the function and comfort of your everyday sportswear. It comes with media pocket, hidden card and key pocket, wallet pocket, and more. Its inner tights provide you with a snugfit and optimal comfort. These are perfect for swimming, cycling, running and more. More info.

Kydra Flex Shorts

Physiclo Activewear: The Physiclo Activewear features resistancetechnology that tones muscle and uses more calories when you train, that means you get more from your workout. Its unique resistancetechnology features elastic bands and panels that counteract muscle groups and increase the amount of work you do with every step. It uses up to 14% extra calories, and increases activation of key muscle groups by 23% and gets your 30-minute workout done in 20. More info.

Physiclo Activewear

Olivers All Over Shorts: These functional shorts features moisture wicking liner, inner pocket on the right to hold keys, phone, or wallet securely, waterrepellent with 4 way stretch, and more. Buy Now: $88.

Olivers All Over Shorts
Edge Secure Pocket Shorts: The Edge Secure Pocket Shorts feature large, easily accessible pockets that securely hold your phone, keys, wallet and more in place. The pocket is designed beneath the compression layer that acts as a holder and secures your things to your body avoiding distraction of the bouncing, bulkiness or them falling out of the pockets. It lets you focus on your activities. More info.

Edge Secure Pocket Shorts
The Non Stop Travel Short: The Non Stop Travel Short is a premium tailored short that will replace your casual short, board short, and your gym short. It features hidden smart phone pocket, secure hidden zipper pocket, is waterresistant, wrinklefree, its inside pocket lining is made from mesh and more. It comes with interior drawstrings for swimming and belt loops for casual wear. You can wear these 3 shorts in 1 in the city, the gym, the beach, and more. Pre-order: $89.

The Non Stop Travel Short
Keap Athletic Shorts: The Keap Athletic Shorts are designed to keep your phone, keys and wallet secure without falling out of your pockets. Unlike most other shorts that come with vertically cut pockets, the Keap Athletic Shorts feature horizontally cut pocket with a curved design that measures 11" deep to keep your belongings safe. Its lightweight 100% polyester fabric is both comfortable and durable. It features a 2" waistband with an extra wide interior drawstring for comfort. Now when you are running on the treadmill or in the cycling class, it keeps your phone in your pocket instead of on the ground. Buy Now: $ 29.

Keap Athletic Shorts
Men's Yoga Shorts: The Men's Yoga Shorts are optimal yoga shorts designed for practice, comfort, and confidence. These shorts feature 2-inch wide waistband for hold, snug hips to move with your body, double stitching for durability, tapered leg to prevent riding, double-ply material for support and more. More info.

Men's Yoga Shorts
Kippo Shorts: The Kippo 4-Pocket Workout Shorts keeps your smartphone secure and accessible. It feature four pockets - two standard pockets on both sides and two intelligently designed to hold your smartphone wallet, keys, and more. Buy Now: $69.

Kippo Shorts

Running Shorts: This smart performance shorts combines function, convenience and performance. It's a 2 layer running short with smartphone pocket, key pocket, reflective details, antistink with 4 way stretch fabric and more. Just put your smartphone in its special pocket and listen to music while running. Its safety pocket at back keeps your keys and small valuables safe. During the night run, its reflective details ensure your safety. Its four way stretch inner tights move with you to keep your thighs from rubbing. Buy Now: $49.99.

Running Shorts

Antelope Sportswear: The Antelope Shorts come equipped with three sets of electrodes that activates the front and back of your thigh. It increases strength and endurance depending on your workout. Pre-order: $499.

Antelope Sportswear

Vaporydes Activewear: The Vaporydes shorts feature vented compression and muscle strapping that lets you make most of your workout. It comes with Stryda's unique cooling vents that are placed across key muscle zones and when you sweat, the moisture is drawn away from your skin, through the Vaporyde mesh and evaporates and cools you down in the process. And when at rest, the mesh panels aren't activated and keep your muscles warm. More info.

Vaporydes Activewear

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