May 23, 2017

15 Best Gear For Your Outdoor Adventures.

Once in a while to rejuvenate you need to get outdoors, get away from the daily routine, the rat race and able to enjoy nature and its beauty. To enjoy the outdoors, we have these best gadgets for your outdoor adventures.

SolSource Sport: SolSource Sport is a compact, portable and solar-powered stove that lets you cook delicious food outdoors. It works by focusing natural light and gets your sausages done and coffee steaming. It takes about 180 seconds for packing it away, and can be placed easily in the trunk or back of the truck. It's compatible with a wide range of camping and outdoor cookware. Its perfect for your backyard, a long weekend at a national park, tailgating, beach BBQ, and picnicking. Pre-order: $149.

SolSource Sport

WOKit 2.0 Universal Outdoor Carabiner Multi-Tool: The WOKit 2.0 is a modular design carabiner multi-tool that comes with 30+ functions making it perfect tool for your outdoor adventures. Pre-order: $29.

WOKit 2.0 Universal Outdoor Carabiner Multi-Tool

BeachSheetz: BeachSheetz is a 7x7ft microfiber sheet that's sand, heat, and waterresistant. It comes with weighted corners, security pouch and backpack attached making it perfect for beach. On the inside, there's a pocket to hold your smartphone, wallet and keys. It starts as a drawstring bag, and when you are done, simply place your things into the bag and it will return to its original form. Pre-order: $35.


Helio Outdoor Lantern: Helio is a compact outdoor lantern that weights just 45g, can reach 220 Lumens, its lighting distance can reach 20 meters, that's enough for 6 people in camping. It lasts for 10 hours and recharges in 20 minutes. Pre-order: $29.

Helio Outdoor Lantern

PackPillow: PackPillow is your outdoor pillow, seat cushion, stuff-sack and summit pack that makes it the best backpacking pillow. Its comfortable, lightweight, and durable; when not is use you can reverse it to protect its face-friendly fabric and expose the waterresistant ripstop nylon for you to use as a seat cushion. It comes with 6-liters of internal space; comfortably holds water bottles, food, and clothing layers. It also features a hole for your hydration pack and tube. It's specially designed to conform to the shape of your backpack while functioning as a stuff sack. Pre-order: $34.


Glow Tape: Glow Tape is rugged and waterproof, sticks to anything and gives out a super bright glow making it perfect for your tent. It keeps your tent visible in night by giving out super bright glow once the lights are off. Pre-order: About $10 (£7.99).

Glow Tape
The Undercover: While you enjoy your outdoor adventures with your group of friends, changing your outfit outdoors can be an issue and you cant expect a private place to change. The Undercover is a perfect solution for outdoor wardrobe changes. It's a portable changing room that also transforms into a backpack. Its designed to cover you up securely by drawstring while its patent pending Side Access Openings lets you to access anything you need to remove. It's made from hi-tech fabric that's sweat-wicking, odorresistant and more. Buy Now: $ 70.

The Undercover
Siesta4 Disco: The Siesta4 Disco is a heat and light-blocking tent that designed for four, made from a specially developed lightweight, durable, waterproof fly fabric that reflects light and keeps the interiors darker and cooler. It's so effective that you can even take an afternoon nap in the middle of a desert. Its silver shade fly fabric reflects off light from the tent creating an awe-inspiring kaleidoscope of colors that changes with the angle of the light. It also features ducted side vents, into which two ultra-quiet, 8 inch, USB-poweredfans can be installed. These draw cooling fresh air directly into the inner tent using a special fabric duct that connects the inner tent to the fly. Pre-order: $426.

Siesta4 Disco

GreenTraveler: GreenTraveler is a travel-friendly food container that features six separate sections in a liquid-tight unit making it easily portable with a backpack, handbag, strap or belt loop. These reusable containers let you take your food and beverages on-the-go without creating a mess. Pre-order: $70.


O2Tech Smart Lantern: O2Tech Smart Lantern is a smart, rugged, outdoor camping lantern. Using its app on your smartphone you can control it from a distance, change the brightness, choose the color, or setting it to flash and more. It even alerts you to possible weather changes, comes with weathersensors to measure temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, and sends the data to your smartphone. It comes with 5000mAh, the USB port lets you recharge your mobile phone or other devices. Pre-order: $70.

O2Tech Smart Lantern

Max Pump: Max Pump is a compact yet powerful pump that pumps up anything - air mattress, life buoys, air bed and more. Its light and portable and can be placed comfortably in your jacket pocket. Its rechargeable, weighs about 149g and lasts up to 90 minutes. Pre-order: $34.

Max Pump

Cruahybrid: The Cruahybrid is a tent / hammock that lets you sleep high or low and comes with a built-in sleeping bag and an insulated mattress for a comfortable night sleep outdoors. Pre-order: $309.


Cloudview Social Hammock: The Cloudview Social Hammock takes your outdoor adventure to the next level. It comes with Spreaderbars and Layflat patterning that provides a reclined chaise lounge posture. It also features a nospill cup holder and phone pocket. It lets you keep an eye on the kids or hold a conversation with friends in camp. Buy Now: $169.95.

Cloudview Social Hammock

BaseLantern XL: The BaseLantern XL is a Bluetooth Lantern and XL Power Hub that's perfect for lighting and recharging gadgets outdoors. It gives out 500 Lumen making it perfect for large group of campers. It features a 12000 mAh, and two USB ports to recharge your devices anywhere. Its apps gives you complete lighting control, timer, proximity activation, and real-time energy feedback. It flat-packs for easy transportation. Buy Now: $129.95.

BaseLantern XL

Sandusa Beach Towel: The Sandusa Beach Towel is a luxurious cotton beach towel that's sandproof and waterproof. So next time you visit the beach, you can leave the sand at the beach itself. Buy Now: $59.95.

Sandusa Beach Towel

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