Apr 28, 2017

15 Must Have Travel Gadgets For The Tech-Savvy Jetsetter.

Looking for smart travel gadgets? Look no further; we got you covered. We have the best travel gadgets for the tech-savvy jetsetter.

Travelmate: Travelmate is a fully autonomous suitcase that can follow you wherever you go. It matches your speed accurately and can go as fast as 6.75 mph. It moves vertically and horizontally when autonomous. It integrates with your smartphone and follows you with ease. You can even place another suitcase on top of it when it's traveling autonomously in horizontal mode. It navigates, recognizes and avoids objects as needed. It features omni wheels, our Follow Me system, recharges your gadgets via USB port, and comes with directional indicators that show you exactly where it's going at all times. It lasts 4 hours when in full autonomous mode and up to 100 hours in stand by mode. Pre-order: $399.


Hush: These smart earplugs are wireless noise masking earplugs that blocks out the world, allows you to sleep comfortably and yet wakes you up for the things that matter you the most. It notifies you and you alone, that way when your alert goes off it doesn't bother anyone else. It can play soothing sounds for you to fall asleep. Its app allows you to control. And if you misplace the device, you can track them through its app and make them sound to find them. These are ideal for travelers; on a loud flight; sleeping isn't always most pleasant because of noise and bulky headphones are uncomfortable. Hush provides you a lightweight wireless solution for this. More info.

PowearIN2.0: PowearIN2.0 is a modular multipurpose travel jacket that comes with 40+ functions to meet all your needs. Its mix and match modules allow you to customize each function to your need and let you create a jacket that truly understands you. Its 20+ smart storages let you organize everything you need for your travel at your fingertips. It features glasses and holder port, windproof mask, RFID blocking pocket, power bank pocket, metro card pocket, key port, eye mask, earphone port, phone pocket and more. It also features smart recharging - handheld sleeves recharging and pocket wireless recharging. It's cleverly designed to turn into a beautiful slingbag in just a few simple steps when not in use. Pre-order: $170.

PowearIN2.0 modular multipurpose travel jacket

Woolet Travel Wallet: The Woolet Travel Wallet keeps your passport, cash and cards safe. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and keeps your valuables safe. It notifies you if you leave your wallet behind and more. Buy Now: $ 139.

Woolet Travel Wallet
Ayo: Ayo is a smart wearable device that boosts your energy, minimizes jet lag and improves your sleep using light. Just using it for 20 minutes a day, you wake up easier while feeling more energized. Pre-order: $269.


Kokoon Headphones: These smart headphones are comfortable enough to be slept in, capable of tracking your sleep and provides comfort with audio that responds to your sleep. The Kokoon Headphones knows how and when to adjust your music as you fall asleep and wake. These headphones along with its app give insight to let you improve your sleep. To increase the levels of comfort, these are shaped to the natural contours of the head while spreading pressure away from the sensitive regions using its patented comfort system. Kokoon Airflow system maintains the acoustic seal yet encourages air circulation about the headphone cushioning to reduce heat and moisture. Kokoon has partnered with Onkyo to bring you these smart headphones. Kokoon is designed to look after your sleep, optimize your ambiance and ensure you have the rest you need. Pre-order: $259.

Kokoon Headphones

Nimb Smart Ring: Nimb is a smart wearable device with a concealed button that notifies your family, friends and others when you are in trouble. You need to press and hold the button for 3 seconds to send the alert and it gives a buzzing feedback to let you know that a message has been sent. It tracks your location in real-time and they know exactly where you are. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: $25.

Nimb Smart Ring

Ultimate Travel Backpack v.2: The Ultimate Travel Backpack v.2 comes with removable laptop sleeve, inside hidden pockets, wrinklefree pocket for keeping your clothes, expandable zip that gives your 10L of space instantly and more. The laptop sleeve can hold up to 14 in. laptops and 10 in. smart device. It works in 3 carrymodes: a suitcase, backpack, and shoulder bag. Buy Now: $179.

Ultimate Travel Backpack v.2

Wetsuit iPhone 7 Plus Rugged Case: The Wetsuit iPhone 7 Plus Rugged Case is perfect for iPhone 7; its waterproof, shockproof, snowproof, and dirtproof. It comes with IP 68 rating and withstands drops to 6.6 feet. Buy Now: $89.95.

Wetsuit iPhone 7 Plus Rugged Case

Naptime: Naptime is a smart eye mask that lets you make the best of your power nap and wakes you up feeling refreshed. It uses music to calm you down and wake you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle so you feel refreshed. Its app is compatible with your iOS and Android smartphones. Pre-order: $139.


Pilot: Pilot is a smart earpiece language translator that translates between languages in real time. It's perfect for international travelers; and makes it easy for them to talk in the native language of the country they are visiting. It comes with a secondary earpiece that can be shared with the person you are speaking with or use for wireless music streaming. It works offline and overseas, its app lets you toggle between languages. Pre-order: $249.

Pilot smart earpiece

Prismo: Prismo is an optics attachment designed for smartphone front-facing camera that lets you take photos and record videos handsfree, in a subtle and unobtrusive way. All you need to do is stretch Prismo onto your smartphone, and over the front-facing camera and start taking photos and recording video. Buy Now.


Giroptic iO: The Giroptic iO 360 camera gives you 360-degree video, photo, and live streaming. It features unique real-time image processing technology, high-quality twincustomlenses and pocket-sized design. Its live broadcasting mode makes it compatible with your favorite live streaming platform. Buy Now: About: $264 (249 €).

Giroptic iO 360 camera

Verti: Verti is a Bluetooth smart tag that you can tag to your keys, smartphones, wallets, and luggage and never lose another thing. It works as remote for your smartphone camera, smartphone finder, and features virtual leash, map tracking, separation alerts, and social lost and found. Buy Now: $25.


Defender: The Defender is a smart personal protection system for everywhere security that combines self-defense and 24/7 security. You can take picture; sound an alert to attract attention and it also features a strong pepper spray. All you need to do is push the button when you sense trouble around and leave the rest to Defender. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: $179.

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