Apr 4, 2017

15 Smart Sleeping Masks for a Good Night Sleep.

If you want an active day then you need a good night sleep. And if you are looking for smart gadgets for a power nap or a good night sleep, then read on.

Naptime: Naptime is a smart eye mask that lets you make the best of your power nap and wakes you up feeling refreshed. It uses music to calm you down and wake you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle so you feel refreshed. Its app is compatible with your iOS and Android smartphones. Pre-order: $139.


Nuvi Smart Sleeping Mask: Nuvi Smart Sleeping Mask improves your sleep quality and lets you cope up with your jet lag. It features slim speakers, lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, and has 6 smart programs that you can use it via its app. Pre-order: $55.

Nuvi Smart Sleeping Mask

Neuroon: Neuroon is your professional sleep and rest manager that makes you feel refreshed after waking up and relaxed throughout the day. This world's first sleep mask for polyphasic sleep creates a unique sleep schedule for you. It allows you to switch from monophasic to polyphasic sleep, which means you can sleep less and more efficiently. Using light therapy, this sleeping coach creates a setting of artificial dawn to wake you in the most natural way possible. Buy Now: $269.


Illumy Smart Sleep Mask: Illumy Smart Sleep Mask gets you to sleep faster using the power of natural light and wakes you up energized every morning. It's like having a wake-up light and alarmclock built into this smart sleep mask. Its app makes it simple to use. At night, a gradual dimming natural light guides you into sleep and in the morning, Illumy wakes you with a blue sky at preset time. Pre-order: $145.

Illumy Smart Sleep Mask

Silent Partner: Silent Partner features Active Noise Cancellation Technology that detects the snoringsound and gives out a counter sound thereby canceling out the undesirable sound and creates a silent zone around the person wearing it and gives you and those around you a better night's sleep. Pre-order: $77.

Silent Partner

Napwell: Napwell is created for you to nap more efficiently. The Napwell's built-in timer tracks your nap, and shortly before you are ready to wake up, the inside of the mask turns luminous and gradually lights up to emulate a morning, waking you up at your needed time naturally. Buy Now: $100.

Napwell Sleep Gadget

Occles: Occles is your 21st Century Sleep mask that is designed to block ambient and Uvlight. These are perfect while you are on a long flight or a long-distance train or lying on a beach, these will let you minimize external distractions. Buy Now: $30.


Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask: The Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask features gentle and customizable light signals that not only increases dream recall and vividness, but also unlocks the world of lucid dreaming. Buy Now: $95.

Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask
Sleep Mask: For a good sleep all you need to do is put on the mask, raise your eyes upwards, hold your gaze on a blue point of glow. Buy Now: $29.95.

Sleep Mask
Lumos Smart Sleep Mask: The Lumos Smart Sleep Mask uses technology from Stanford University to keep you refreshed for tomorrow. You can set your sleep schedule using its app, put on the mask while you go to bed to receive personalized lighting and wake up feeling ready to go, even in a different time zone. Reserve Now: $175.

Lumos Smart Sleep Mask

Sana Smart Sleep Mask: The Sana Smart Sleep Mask gives you complete sleep at the push of a button. It uses light and sound to guide you through the sequence of patterns (patent pending) present in the very best natural sleep cycles - putting you into a deep and natural sleep. More info.

Sana Smart Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask: It's a light controlled smart sleep mask that lets you fall asleep fast, and wakes you up gently using light. It also lets you cope up with jet lag, features lullaby, lucid dreaming, and antisnoring. Buy Now: $69.

Sleep Mask

King Eye Mask Napping Pillow: The King Eye Mask Napping Pillow lets you take a nap anywhere; its back support cushions your neck while the comfortable front eye pillow blocks out light. You can use the pillow the other way round and use it to rest your head on your desk and take the much needed power nap. Buy Now: $ 47.

King Eye Mask
Bluetooth Sleep Mask: The SleepTunez Bluetooth Sleep Mask lets you rest, relax and fall asleep. It plays up to 6 hours of wireless music from your smart devices and blocks out light. Using its built-in speakers and microphone, you can even answer the calls. Buy Now: $24.99.

Bluetooth Sleep Mask
Hibermate Sleep Mask: The Hibermate sleep mask is a super-comfortable, luxury eye mask that features removable ear muffs especially designed to be slept with. Buy Now.

Hibermate Sleep Mask
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