Apr 11, 2017

15 Smart Home Security Cameras - Part 2.

Looking for smart home security cameras for monitoring your home? Look no further; we have 'Smart Home Security Cameras' from all over the world.

Reolink Argus: Reolink Argus is a wirefree security camera that requires no installation, no cords, no wiring, and no drilling. It comes with 360-degree magnetic base that lets you place the camera how you like. It features 1080p full HD resolution, 130-degree wide viewing angle, 2-way audio, weatherproof design, smart PIR motionsensor, night vision and more. Its batterylife lasts several months, comes with SD cardslot, and sends you alerts in real time if it detects anything moving. You can live view of the camera from your smart phone anytime and anywhere. Pre-order: $80.

Reolink Argus

SENS8 Smart Home Security Camera: SENS8 is a smart all-in-one home security system that features infraredmotion detector, multiple smartsensors, microphone, 1080p HD live streaming camera, night vision, unlimited cloudstorage and more. It can detect nearly any event in your home, using its light intensity, ambient temperature and humiditysensors. You can live stream video in its app on your smartphone, activate a 95+ decibel sound alert, and even track the health of your home with its Smart Health system. It also provides local MicroSD storage. It uses bank-level encryption to secure your videos. Pre-order: $149.

SENS8 Smart Home Security Camera

Solar Cam: Solar Cam is a truly wireless security camera that's powered by solar energy. It uses passive infraredsensor to monitor, and when it detects any thing moving unusually, it starts recording HD video of the event. You can view live stream of the events from your iOS or Android device. Reserve Now: $ 150.

Solar Cam

MicroDome Duo Security Camera: The MicroDome Duo Security Camera is a dual-dome security camera that lets you view the action from 2 directions. It features multiplesensors, Smart Noise Adaptation and Processing technology to reduce bandwidth without impacting image quality, is supported by dual day/night mechanical IR cut filters, remote focus capability, and available from 4 to 10MP models. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor monitoring. Buy Now.

MicroDome Duo Security Camera
iCamera Keep Pro: The iCamera Keep Pro is a smart home security camera that features 1080p HD resolution streaming video, night vision, sound detection, two-way audio, cloudstorage, 24/7 continuous local video recording storage (with up to 32 gb micro sd), 4 megapixel imagesensor, customized activity zones, and integrates with the iSmartalarm Home Security System, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT. Pre-order.

iCamera Keep Pro
Oco2: Oco2 is a next generation full HD home monitoring camera that allows full HD live video and 140-degree wide-angle view, features smart self-learning sound and motiondetection, two-way talk, and SD card and cloudstorage. It sets up under a minute, and provides full HD video remote access with its app. Buy Now: $159.

Oco2 Full HD Home Monitoring Camera

Withings Home: Withings Home is a smart HD camera that features 5MP wide-angle camera, 12x zoom, night vision, 135° wide-angle lens, event tracking, customizable alerts, video recording, events recorder, 48h time lapse and stream via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. It works with your smartphone, smart devices, Apple watch and even streams on Apple TV. You can even see what's happening and what happened up to 30 days ago. It even features lulla light and music programs to entertain and soothe your baby. It also features air qualitysensors to give real-time alerts about air quality in your home. It uses bank level technologies to protect your data. It sets up in seconds. Buy Now: $ 199.95.

Withings Home
Blink: Blink is an affordable wireless monitoring system that features HD video technology plus temperature and motionsensors. As soon as it detects anything moving, video starts recording and an alert is sent to your smartphone, so you can see exactly what caused the alert and decide how to react. And Live View mode from your smartphone lets you take a look at your place in real-time. You can create your own system that covers your entryways and windows, monitor the garage, or keep a watchful eye over the kids' rooms and more. Buy Now: $ 99 .

Blink wireless monitoring system

D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD: The D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD features 180° field of view, 1080p HD quality video, motiondetection, two-way audio, MicroSD cardslot for local recording, night vision and live viewing on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Its HomeKit enabled and connects with other HomeKit enabled devices and lets you create your customized smart home. Buy Now: $199.95.

D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD
Canary: Canary is a complete security system that adapts to your home over time and sends intelligent notifications with HD video directly to your smartphone. It alerts you when it senses anything out of the ordinary and can be controlled entirely from your iPhone or Android device. Buy Now: $ 169.

Canary Home Security Camera
Defendoor: This universal home-security system connects to your smartphone to makes protecting your home easier than ever. Defendoor acts as a camera, doorbell, and alarmsystem that attaches to any surface and alerts you when there is any unusual activity. It connects to your smartphone and allows you to see what's happening. It takes a photo of the visitor and sends it to your smartphone; you can accept a one-way video chat with the visitor or send a pre-recorded message when you are not available. Defendoor is a wireless, waterproof monitoring solution that can be used inside or outside your home. More info.


Arlo: Arlo IP cameras are 100% wirefree, attach them to its fully magnetic holder or simply place on any flat surface, connect its base station to your home Wi-Fi router, sync your cameras, install the Arlo app on your smartphone, and you're done. You can move them around with ease as per your requirement. These smart home security cameras are weatherproof so can be placed outside. You can connect up to 15 cameras to the cloudserver, watch up to four cameras at once. These come with automate motiondetection, HD quality and nightvision. Buy Now: $179.99.

Arlo security camera

Joggy Security Cam: Joggy Security Cam is a smart security camera that comes equipped with motionsensor and tracker. More info.

Joggy Security Cam

Kibbi: This smart home security system provides complete home protection that allows you to stay connected to your home from anywhere. It can detect anything moving, provides temperature monitoring, doors or windows open/close monitoring, features night vision, a microphone, speaker, HD camera and more. It connects to your existing devices and is compatible with most of the devices. It knows when you leave home, and activates itself automatically. If it detects an unauthorized entry it can automatically record to the cloudserver or a USB drive. Most importantly, it supports IFTTT. And its app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows phone devices. More info.

Kibbi smart home security system

isensor HD: isensor HD is slightly shorter than the iPhone 5, this HD WiFi Skype home security IP camera comes with 256-bit encryption, 15GB Google cloudstorage, alerts, and remotepan. It brings the ease of self-installation, can be placed around your home or small office, all connecting through Skype to your smartphone. It features built-in motor and gears, provides 180 degrees of viewing, can be manually rotated 90 degrees; plug it into a USB power adapter and make it cordless or even plug it into a portable USB power bank and move around the house. Buy Now: $129.9.

isensor HD Smart Home Security Camera

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