Apr 14, 2017

15 Must Have Gadgets for Kids.

Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets for Kids' from all over the world for your kids.

Pomo Waffle: Pomo Waffle is a fun and fashionable GPS smartwatch for kids that keeps them organized, lets them develop creativity and responsibility. Kids can read the time through pictures that are easy to understand and encourage learning. It works as a stand-alone or a GPS smartwatch if you enable the Simcard 2G/3G function. Once Simcard 2G/3G function is activated the kids will be able to send voice notes and share their special moments with you throughout the day. It features scheduler (to get kids organized and for them to stick to their responsibilities around the house), alarmclock, in-class mode (to stay focused while studying - all functions of the watch are turned off), take me home, smart locator, safe zone, best friend forever (use the watches as a walkie talkie) and more. Pre-order: $ 169.

Pomo Waffle

Emys Robot: Emys Robot teaches your kids a new language. It features a 6.1" screen, Smart Tag Sensing System, and app - compatible with iOS and Android. It can teach English - Spanish and Spanish - English and more languages are in development. It teaches the language to the kids during everyday fun interactions. It can recognize facial expressions, reacts to touch and more. Reserve Now: $399.

Emys Robot

Swapbots: Swapbots are kids toys that uses augmented reality and lets them experience a new way to play, learn and create. It comes with 9 characters, each consisting of 3 components with their own special powers. Just swap the pieces of each character to unlock your own customized Bot. Then watch it coming to life onto your screen with the Swapbots videogame. Pre-order: $20 About (£16).


Neebo: Neebo is a smart wearable monitor that allows you to keep track of your baby's health, temperature and background sound. It alerts you when baby wakes up, and lets you hear what's happening around your baby while you are away. Buy Now: $199.

Neebo smart wearable monitor

Octopus: Octopus is an iconbased watch that teaches kids good habits and the concept of time. It features scheduler (to get kids organized and for them to stick to their responsibilities around the house), and assistant feature that allows the parents to prioritize expectations and stay consistent with daily routines. Pre-order: $69.

Octopus smart watch

FollowGrams: FollowGrams is a smart projector designed for kids that teaches them how to draw using animated step-by-step instructions just like a professional sketch artist. Apart from drawing, kids can learn how to write letters and numbers too. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, kids need to take a picture of anything or anyone, then apply any of the several filters available in its app, and FollowGrams projects the picture into a traceable image onto paper. Buy Now: $69.

FollowGrams smart projector

The Shoe That Grows: The Shoe That Grows is a perfect solution for growing kids as it is designed to grow with kid's feet. It grows five sizes, lasts for years, and features a compressed rubber sole. The shoe comes in three sizes. More info.

The Shoe That Grows

Pixlplay: Pixlplay takes its inspiration from classic 35mm camera design and turns your smartphone into a fun camera for kids to enjoy. All you need to do is simply place your Apple or Android device into Pixlplay to take photos. And you can even create fun effects with the included activities and app. It protects your device and encourages active and creative play through photography. Pre-order: $30.


WorldMapPortal: The WorldMapPortal consists of an interactive world map, an app, and a VR viewer; these work together and let you embark on virtual tours simply by selecting a country on the map. You will be exposed to actual cultures, people, animals, landscapes, and monuments that model reality. Reserve Now: $40.


Kamibot Interactive Paper Robot Basic Steam Kit: Kamibot Interactive Paper Robot Basic Steam Kit teaches your kids to code and also lets them express their creativity. It has 2 DC motors to move around, a servo motor to move its head, smartsensors to follow lines and detect obstacles. You can control it from your smartphone. And you can fully customize it with countless paper craft skins and it uses an open-source programming interface. Buy Now: $219.

Kamibot Interactive Paper Robot Basic Steam Kit
Rover Land and Sea Amphibious Vehicle: Rover Land and Sea is an app-controlled amphibious vehicle. It can cruise on land or you can take your adventure onto the water. It comes with built-in camera that rotates 90° and streams in real time to your device. It also features headlights and underwater lights that illuminate the its path. You can use its app to drive, control the camera, speed, lights, and more. Buy Now: $129.99.

Rover Land and Sea Amphibious Vehicle
Moonlite: Moonlite is a bedtime story projector for your smart phone that makes the reading experience immersive for kids. All you need do is attach the device to your smart phone, insert a story reel, open its app and start projector reading. It makes the bedtime stories come to life, with full HD story images and in-app sound effects. Pre-order: From $40.

Moonlite bedtime story projector

Raybaby: Raybaby is a non-contact health and sleep monitor that constantly monitors your baby's breathing and sleeping habits and keeps you posted via its app. It even makes recommendations to improve the baby's sleep. Pre-order: $179.


Ily: Ily is a smart home phone for kids to communicate with their family, without their own mobile devices or access to yours. This dedicated hub connects generations; kids need to just tap and it rings on their parent'/grandparent's smartphone or smart device even if they don't have an Ily phone. It's designed to be safe for kids to use on their own; parental supervision not required. They will be able to call only those whom you have added to your family list. To make a call you don't need two Ily Phones; family members can make and receive calls via the Ily app on iOS and Android devices. And when kids call from Ily, it will ring on your phone at work, or even on the landline at the grandparents' house (requires a landline or VOIP service.) It comes integrated with Amazon's "Ask Alexa" tool that allows kids with questions. Ily's simple drawing feature lets the kids send their works of art right to your smartphone. Its messaging feature allows the kids to send you text messages, and keeps a running thread with your photos and drawings. Now calling family is only a tap away. More info.

Ily smart home phone

Pianu: Pianu is an interactive piano that runs entirely in your computer's browser and teaches you how to play piano. You can use your computer keyboard to play; its compatible with any MIDI keyboard. With its rollout Pianu keyboard, it becomes a 5-octave piano with the touch and feel of real keys. It shows you how to play note by note. More info.

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