Apr 18, 2017

15 Coolest Mini Fridges for You.

Looking for mini fridge for your bedroom, dorm room or a sub fridge for your living or dinning room, look no further; we got you covered.

Anywhere Fridge: The Anywhere Fridge is a solar portable fridge that transforms and can be placed in a backpack for easy transportation and taken along with you wherever your adventures take you. Buy Now.

Anywhere Fridge

The Man Table: The Man Table - don't judge a book by its cover perfectly suits here. It may look like any other side table, but underneath this exterior is a refrigerated cooler, perfect for keeping your favorite beverage chilled by your bedside. Buy Now: $599 - $634.

The Man Table
Marshall Compact Fridge: The Marshall Compact Fridge is a 4.4 cu. ft. fridge with authentic Marshall look and features authentic Marshall Amp parts including fret cloth, a brass-finished faceplate and more. It features a 4 cubic foot fridge plus a .4 cubic foot freezer. Buy Now: $349.99.

Marshall Compact Fridge

KD50 Drawer Fridge: The KD50 Drawer Fridge comes with an elegant design and is customizable according to your needs. Its innovative design lets you reduce space creating alternative solutions. It features two refrigerated section that can easily become a single one. It comes with 50-liter capacity and works with 115 or 230 V. Buy Now.

Drawer Fridge
Cube Mini Coffee Station Refrigerator: The Cube Mini Coffee Station Refrigerator holds up to 2 quarts of milk or 6 pack of soda, features removable shelf to creates customizable space, cools up to 30 degrees below ambient temperature and is perfect for home or office use. Buy Now: $80.99.

Cube Mini Coffee Station Refrigerator
Starwars R2-D2 Fridge: The Starwars R2-D2 14 liter fridge holds up to 16 cans of soda, comes with settings for keeping food warm and cool. It comes equipped with two removable shelves and plenty of space to store. You can power it by standard 120V or even a 12V DC power source. Buy Now: $119.99.

Starwars R2-D2 Fridge
Recolte Mini Fridge: The Recolte Mini Fridge is perfect for your room, its compact enough to be taken from room to another room. It's perfect as a sub refrigerator in the living or dining room. This 6.5 liters fridge can hold up to 12 can (350 ml). This lightweight fridge weighs just about 3.9 kg and features a stylish appearance. Buy Now.

Recolte Mini Fridge
Star Trek Cube Fridge: The Star Trek Cube Fridge keeps your food cool or warm at the perfect temperature. You can plug it into a standard 120V AC outlet or 12V DC power source. It features green inside light, holds 9 cans of soda with a little extra room for something. It has a temperature range of 32-44°F (cooling) and 131-149°F (heating). Buy Now: $129.99.

Star Trek Cube Fridge
Iron Man Mini Fridge: The Iron Man Mini Fridge can go with you wherever you go. It holds up to a six-pack of 12-ounce cans, features removable shelf, warm and cool settings to keep your food safe at the perfect temperature. It comes with light-up eyes, has a temperature range of 45° F - 140° F, and 14 cu. ft. capacity. You can power it up using 110V US AC power cord for use in home and 12V DC power cord for use in vehicle. Buy Now: $79.99.

Iron Man Mini Fridge
BB-8 Mini Fridge: The BB-8 Mini Fridge features a warm and a cool setting for keeping your food at just the right temperature. It comes with a single removable shelf, holds a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans. It comes with an 110V US AC power cord for use in your home and a 12V DC adapter for use in your car. It weighs about 4.6 lbs and has a temperature range of 45° F -140° F. Buy Now: $79.99.

BB-8 Mini Fridge
Koolatron Mini Fridge: The Koolatron Mini Fridge holds up to six 12 ounce cans of soda, works on DC 12-volt/AC 110-volt, cools up to 32 degree F below ambient temperature, heats up to 149 degrees F, features a removable shelf and is perfect for your home, car or boat. Buy Now: $64.32.

Koolatron Mini Fridge

Cube Mini Fridge: The Cube Mini Fridge can hold up to 40 cans (330ml/440ml) or 12 bottles, features a removable shelf and has a temperature range of 0-10°C. It comes with a colorful checkered exterior that's perfect for your kitchen, lounge and more. This mini bottle and can chiller weighs about 14 kgs. Buy Now: About $176 (£139.99).

Cube Mini Fridge
Coca-Cola Vending Fridge: Coca-Cola Vending Fridge is a cool, decorative and functional tabletop fridge that holds 10 12-oz. cans, features thermoelectric cooling that keeps the vending fridge up to 32° below ambient temperature, pushbutton vending, and plugs into an AC outlet. Buy Now: $190.

Coca-Cola Vending Fridge
Can Fridge: The Can Fridge keeps your cans at perfect temperature and ready to serve. It holds up to 12 cans or you can customize the storage space by adjusting the shelf. It uses thermoelectric technology to drinks and food stored inside to 36F degrees below the ambient temperature. Buy Now: $149.95.

Can Fridge
R2-D2 Mini Fridge: The R2-D2 Mini Fridge features a removable shelf to hold a six-pack of 12-ounce cans, comes with warm and a cool setting that keeps your food at just the right temperature. It measures 11" tall by 7-1/2" wide by 10" deep and weights 4.6 lbs. And internal space measures 8-1/4" tall by 5-1/2" wide by 5-1/4" deep. You can use it in your home, office or use a 12V DC adapter for use in your car. Buy Now: $79.99.

R2-D2 Mini Fridge
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