Apr 22, 2017

15 Best Privacy Gadgets.

With advancement in tech, we can access everything with the click of a button and it wont be hard for others to peek into our lives. If you are among those who value your privacy a little more than others, then read on. We have these privacy gadgets designed and built for those who like to have a bit more privacy and security while using their smart phones, smart devices and notebooks.

Intelligent Security: We keep reading how its possible to use a smartphone/notebook camera without you even knowing it. Smartphones and smart devices have become an integral part of our lives and are with us wherever we go. Just imagine if someone is remotely accessing your smartphone camera and ……………? It's scary, isn't it? This is where Intelligent Security comes in picture. Intelligent Security is a thin and seamless camera privacy solution that provides security and protects your privacy. It works with your smartphone, smart device and notebook. Pre-order: $11.

Intelligent Security

Blackphone 2: Blackphone smartphone is built from the ground up to be private by design. It features an Android-based OS - Silent OS that's enhanced to address mobile privacy concerns. That means no more bloatware, hooks to carriers, and leakydata. Spaces lets you creates multiple, separate virtual phones on one device, and you can create up to four separate spaces that act like virtual phones. With it you can keep your work life and personal life securely compartmentalized. Buy Now: $ 599.

Blackphone 2

kinko.me: Do you want to protect your emails from the eyes of your Internet service provider, the government and others? kinko.me is perfect for you. It's a compact device that simply plugs into your home network and is activated. It encrypts your emails using proven technology. It brings secure emails into your home as an easy-to-use package and is built for regular people. More info.


Peekscreen: Do you use a subway commute to work? Did it ever happen to you that others are looking over your shoulders at your smartphone and you want to keep your private texts, web browsing, and emails safe from others' eyes? Peekscreen is a smart product that redefines privacy and protection. It's a highly transparent tempered glass protective cover that brings strength, durability, and privacy to your mobile device. All you need to do is keep it vertical for privacy, or turn it sideways to share with friends. Buy Now: $30.


Privoro Privacy Guard: The Privoro Privacy Guard is an endpoint hardware device that secures your phone's cameras, microphones and radio frequency sensors from third-party surveillance. It safeguards your conversations from digital eavesdropping with patented audio protections. It provides two forms of audio protection - sealed channels cover all phone microphones and the others using active audio masking technology. The case in the cover-down mode covers all cameras on your iPhone 6/6s, and lets you share the things that you want to share. It gives complete radio frequency protection and when the cover and case are locked together, you are invisible and untraceable. Buy Now: $999.

Privoro Privacy Guard
SMiD Pro: SMiD Pro is a compact plug and play device that uses deep local data encryption, unguessable cryptographic keys and a unique startup key that ensures your information is for your eyes only. It connects to your LAN and automatically encrypts all data right at the source. It secures your cloudstored data and makes it completely unreadable by anyone except you. It supports the popular cloudstorage service providers, and service providers are added all the time. Buy Now: About $294 (275 €).

SMiD Pro

Privacy On Top Wi-Fi Router: The TP-Link TL-WR1043ND Tor Router comes with 'Privacy On Top' and provides online privacy, online security using OpenDNS and DNSCrypt, anonymous dark web access, uncensored Internet access and more. Buy Now: $ 110.

Privacy On Top Wi-Fi Router

Flter: Flter is a Privacy and Security Router that gives you access to servers in 20 countries or you can use your own VPN service. It protects your privacy using VPN and Tor and also blocks malvertisements. It supports Windows, Mac, Android and Linux platforms, its available for iOS and Android devices. It works at the router level; doesn't need any software installation on your devices to get started. Pre-order: $280.

Flter Privacy and Security Router

Spyrus Windows To Go Live Drives: The Spyrus Windows To Go Live Drives turns personal computers into compliant enterprise Windows desktops-with or without connectivity. It boots the OS, completely bypass the hostcomputer's harddrive and leaves no footprint behind. These are available in four different models of its Microsoft certified Windows To Go (WTG) drives - 32GB up to 512 GB. More info.

Spyrus Windows To Go Live Drives
Privacy keyboard: This Plug'n'Play keyboard protects you online and lets you go anonymous at the push of a button. It encrypts your data, safeguards access to Paypal, Facebook, bank and all online accounts. Buy Now: About: $ 160 (€149).

Privacy keyboard

Netpure: Just plug the Netpure into your router and turn it on; and it gives you the ability to limit content based on the kid's requirement. This two-step system creates a safe Wi-Fi network for every device your kids use. You can block content, manage screen time, and stay informed with its alerts. You receive notifications on your phone, email, text, or smart watch. Its Time Out feature lets you pause the Internet. You can access the device using its app on your smartphone or your laptop. Buy Now: $ 149.

Netpure Smart Router

Sherlybox: Sherlybox creates your own private, invite-only network without any storage or size limitations. You can share movies, music, documents and more with people you trust and whom you invited personally, anywhere they are. It's your own private cloudstorage under your control. Pre-order: $290.

Sherlybox Privacy Gadget

eBlocker: eBlocker is a smart device that provides you plug and play privacy solution for all your devices. All you need to do is to just connect the eBlocker to your home network using the provided Ethernet cable. It anonymizes your online behavior, blocks all advertisements and lets you share only the information you want to share. It works with your smartphones, smart devices, PC, Mac, iPad, smart TV and more. Once connected it analyzes all the data that is routed through it and keeps you and your family safe. It optionally hides your IP-address, and requires no software installation or configuration. Buy Now: Starting $219.

eBlocker Privacy Gadget

Betterspot: Betterspot is a smart router that comes with a built-in VPN for secure online surfing and unblocking websites. It protects your privacy, provides VPN functions to all of your Wi-Fi devices such as smart phones, laptops, PCs, and more and is compatible with Windows, Ubuntu, OS X, Android, iOS, Blackberry and more. Pre-order: $283.

Betterspot router

Opi: Opi is a compact device that works as your digital safe. All your information is encrypted, located where you want, presumably your home and keeps your private information private. It lets you access your information no matter where you are and yet still be in control of who has access to it and where it is stored. Its your private cloudserver and lets you share information with others, on your terms. Its a multiuser platform and lets you sync calendars, email, contacts, files and photos. Buy Now: About $138 (129€).

Opi digital safe

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