Mar 17, 2017

15 Smart Wristbands For You - Wearable Tech.

Collection of 'Smart Wristbands' from all over the world for you.

Hiconbangle Smart Wristband: Hiconbangle is a smart wristband that alerts you of notifications in real time. When you get an alert on your smartphone, Hiconbangle gently buzzes and lights up in real-time, displaying your specified social network. It brings on-line social networking to the physical space. When another person with matching preset interests comes in contact, the band will blink to let you make a connection. Using predefined gestures you can exchange contacts. With just a high-five with or a simple handshake you can make contact addition to your phone and exchange social media profiles. Its waterproof and shockproof; and it connects via Bluetooth 4.0 L.E. to your smartphone through its app. It comes with separation alert and even locates your misplaced phone. Pre-order: $65 - $109.

Hiconbangle Smart Wristband

Pillow Talk: Pillow Talk is a cool wristband that sends your yourheartbeat in real time, to the other person anywhere in the world they may be. It allows two people to experience each other's presence. All you need to do is wear the wristband to the bed at night, it works along with its app on your smartphone and sends it to the small speaker placed under the pillow of the other person and vice versa. Pre-order: $179.

Pillow Talk

Joule: Joule is a wristband that lets you wear your coffee. It features caffeinepatch that gives you steady supply and energy. Pre-order: $40.

Joule caffeinated wristband

Pavlok: Pavlok is a wearable personal coach that transforms who you are and unlocks your true potential. Buy Now: $ 169.99.


Shape Smart Wristband: Shape by Atlas is your personal coach anywhere, anytime that makes fitness more motivating, fun, and effective. This 24/7 fitness coach is your trainer that analyzes your daily activity, sleep, and fitness. Reserve Now: from $69.

Shape Smart Wristband

Kapture: Kapture is a wearable audio recording device that functions as a 60-second loop. The loop continuously overwrites itself until you tap the device to save a clip. Once you tap your wrist to save a clip, its downloaded to your smartphone where the duration can be shortened and you can name, tag, filter, and even share it. Buy Now: $ 99.


Everykey Wristband: Everykey Wristband is a stylish wristband that works along with Everykey and replaces keys and passwords; it utilizes AES 128-bit encryption to allow access to key and password enabled devices. This Bluetooth enabled band gives immediate access to your password-protected gadgets, physically locked items including doors, car doors, bike locks, and more. It works with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Buy Now: $25.

Everykey Wristband

Sensmi Smart Wristband: Sensmi Smart Wristband is designed to track and analyze your daily stresslevels and sleep patterns. It even lets you find out when, where, who, and what causes your stresslevels to go up. Its waterresistant, features Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. More info.

Sensmi Smart Wristband

Boost Band: Boost Band is a wearable portable power bank that recharges your devices on the go. It comes with 1,350 mAh, micro USB input and USB output. You can recharge wearables, smartphones, cameras, and more. Buy Now: $29.99.

Boost Band

PureWrist: PureWrist is a wearable payment bracelet that provides you a secure innovative way to pay without cash, your cards, or a phone, just 'tap'. With PureWrist no more searching through your bag or wallet or pressing buttons or using an app. Pre-order: $49.

Babolatpop: This Babolatpop is smart wristband that works along with its app on your smartphone and collects data about your performance and more to improve your lawn tennis game. Buy Now: $69.95.


Solcuff: Solcuff is a solar wrist wearable that recharges your smartphones, smart devices, smart glasses, smart watches, smart rings, Bluetooth headphones, and more that requires power from USB. It also provides handsfree lighting. Buy Now: $199.


Kingii: Kingii is a wearable water security device that stays out of the way and provides additional safety in the water in a convenient way. This inflatable device can be placed on your wrist and is perfect for fishing, kayaking, snorkeling or any other activity around the water. Buy Now: $89.99.

Kingii wearable water security device
InBody Band: This wearable device analyzes your body composition. It measures your fitness in numbers you can read; it features body fat measurement, automatic sleep monitoring, real time activity tracker, notifications, and more. More info.

InBody Band
Basslet: The Basslet is a wearable subwoofer that uses a whole new technology for sound and lets you literally feel the music. It provides the beats and basslines of your music directly to you resulting in a powerful sound experience. Buy Now: $199 .

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