Mar 16, 2017

15 Smart Bags You Must Have.

If you are looking for a smart bag or a cool bag, then look no further; we have the best bags for you from around the globe.

Ampl Smart Backpack: Ampl Smart Backpack comes with spaces for all your gadgets and with plenty of room for everything else. It intelligently recharges, protects and monitors your gear on the go. It features a USB port in every pocket; you can expand its recharging capacity by adding up to three smartbatteries, and a single cable recharges the bag and all your gadgets. You can monitor and control recharging from its app, and it keeps your devices safe and dry with shockabsorbing sole and waterresistant fabric. Buy Now: from $249.

Ampl Smart Backpack

HiSmart Smart Convertible Bag: HiSmart is a smart convertible bag that serves as an extension of your smartphone. It comes with a chip inside the strap that lets you answer calls, record your voice, find your phone, pin locations, and even take selfies. It changes according to your capacity needs and occasion; transforms into two different styles - messenger bag into a backpack. This versatile, waterproof, and elegant bag is made with canvas and handmade Italian leather. Its app lets you check your batterylife, access clouddata, and share info with others. And in case you left your smartphone behind, the bag reminds you. What more, it has 12 pockets to store your things. More info.

HiSmart Smart Convertible Bag

Leoht Handbag: Leoht Handbag is a luxury handbag that features modern technology. It features 6000 mAh that can recharge your smartphone up to 3-4 times. It also features interior lighting and two USB ports that can recharge multiple gadgets at the same time. It also features hidden pocket to keep your smartphone, jewelry, passport and keeps your other valuables safe and out of sight. It can be recharged wirelessly. It also features an external power panel that shows you how much juice is left and allows recharging on the go with a micro USB recharger. More info.

Leoht Handbag

Phorce Smart Bag: Phorce is a perfect bag for the mobile age that holds your things in its minimalist design while powering all your devices, even MacBooks. It can recharge up to 3 USB-devices simultaneously and recharge smartphones, smart decvices, iPods, GoPro, cameras, smart watches, portable speakers, and more. It connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you know how much power your bag has left. It transforms from a messenger, to a backpack, or briefcase quickly. Buy Now.

Phorce Smart Bag

Co.Alition Smart Backpacks: These smart backpacks come with integrated smart mobile tech. These feature smart power and a wireless harddrive to recharge and store on the go. Buy Now: From $149.

Co.Alition Smart Backpacks

iBackPack: The iBackPack is a smart backpack that functions as an electronic power house, a communication hub, storage space and more. It's made of weatherproof material and features 4 USB ports, GPS, WiFi, 3G/4G, retractable power cord, Bluetooth sound system, power bank up to 40000 mAh and is app controlled (iOS and Android devices). With its GPS Tracking system and Bluetooth Proximity Locator you can know where your bag is, and its antitheft system keeps your bag safe. More info.


Bag++: Bag++ is a waterproof smart laptop bag that comes with Clip&Go device featuring distance indicator, separation alert, and records last location of your bag. It also comes with power bank inside to recharge your gadgets. Buy Now.


Dezzio Beach Bag: Dezzio Beach Bag is designed to change the way beach-goers pack their essential things. It comes with 10 features: key holder, flip flop pocket, towel holder, bottle opener, cooler pocket, built in case for sunglasses, built in USB port (optional) and more. Pre-order: $69.

Dezzio Beach Bag

Adjustabe Bag: The Adjustabe Bag is the only bag you will ever need again. It's a multi-size, multi-function, foldable bag. It can instantly expand or contract as per your requirement. It gives you 3 sizes and 12 configurations. It uses an innovative and simple cinch system that lets it to instantly contract or expand. Pre-order: $110.

Adjustabe Bag

EVENaBAG: EVENaBAG is an intelligent and versatile multifunctional messenger bag that is adaptable to different kinds of lifestyles. It can be used as a chair, mat, notebook holder and more. Buy Now: $ 139.


Duffle Suitcase: The Duffle Suitcase comes with 19 features in one bag. It features notebook pocket, book pocket, smart device pocket, valuable pocket, open straps for newspaper and umbrella, 2 built in shoe bags, passport pocket, tie pocket, recharge, mouse, and journal pocket, and more. More info.

Duffle Suitcase

Everyday Messenger: The Everyday Messenger is a beautiful, intelligent and adaptable messenger bag designed around the workflows of photographers, travelers and commuters. It adapts to your gear and lifestyle, no matter where you go or what you take along. Buy Now: $219.95.

Everyday Messenger
Minaal Carryon 2.0: Minaal Carryon 2.0 is a super light backpack that's designed to protect your expensive devices. This carryon speeds you through airport security and is more than just a backpack, or a travel bag: it's a companion that makes it easy for you to organize, and knows when to get out of your way. The Minaal gear transitions just as smoothly as you do - from office, to the street, to the trail. Buy Now: $299.

Minaal Carryon 2.0
Prvke Pack: The Prvke Pack is a bag for photographers, travelers, and adventurers that's designed so your attention is focused on where you are and not what you're taking. The Prvke travel and camera backpack creates a perfect balance between minimalist style and no-detail-forgotten function. It features side camera access for the nimble street photographer, clamshell opening with a checkpoint friendly laptop sleeve for the avid traveler, and rolltop access for the weekend adventurer. Buy Now.

Prvke Pack

Cabin Duffle: The Cabin Duffle is a cool adaptable bag designed around the weekend adventurer, well-seasoned traveler and never-too-organized commuter. Its designed to include a variety of interchangeable organizers that allows it to expand when you need "one last thing." Buy Now: $189.

Cabin Duffle

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