Mar 4, 2017

15 Creative Ambient Advertisements.

Collection of 'Creative Ambient Advertisements' from all over the world.

Cactus Restaurant Advertisement: The stickers featuring the face of a man, with the man's open mouth superimposed on the central brake light created the effect of extreme heat promoting the restaurant's spicy dish.

Cactus Restaurant AdvertisementSource.

Rodenstock Eyewear Advertisement: To emphasize that by wearing bifocal glasses by Rodenstock you can't overlook an object; a sculpture that looks like an oversized banana peel, was set in various shopping malls in Hamburg, Germany.

Rodenstock Eyewear Advertisement

Zoo Safari Advertisements: Stickers were placed on the windshield of the parked cars to promote Zoo Safari and to communicate that its unlike any other common zoo and similar to a safari. The stickers were created in the real life size proportions of the face of the animals taking a peek inside the car.

Zoo Safari AdvertisementsSource.

Zoo Salzburg Crosswalk Advertisement: Regular crosswalks were replaced with a new version belonging to the animal kingdom: 'tiger' in Munich, Germany with accompanying message 'More than zebra. Salzburg Zoo.'

Zoo Salzburg Crosswalk AdvertisementSource.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Sticker Advertisement: Stickers of SLS AMG were stuck on windows of shuttle flights frequently used by top executives and business people.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Sticker AdvertisementSource.

Atelierdocorpo Facial Gymnastics Classes Mirror Advertisement: To promote the facial gymnastics classes of 'Atelierdocorpo', mirrors were placed in gyms, hallways and elevators of office buildings at Atelier office. As people approached these mirrors, they realized that it was mirror of distortions and they could interact, simulating the movements of the face made facial gymnastics classes.

Atelierdocorpo Facial Gymnastics Classes Mirror AdvertisementSource.

NH Hotels Headrests Advertisement: NH Hotel's advertisements were placed on Iberia airlines headrests. On the back of the headrest one could see illustrations enjoying the different activities provided by NH Hotels: golf, beach, sauna, etc. When people sat, they would see the illustration in front of them and just above the illustration's head one could see the hair of the person seating right in front as well, as if it were the illustration's own set of hair.

NH Hotels Headrests AdvertisementSource.

World Class Gym Advertisement: For the launch of World Class new flagship gym in Stockholm, caricature artists were put on strategic places to make portraits of strollers. The strollers received a personal handdrawn ad with an openingoffer and themselves made as perfect looking bodies like body builders.

World Class Gym AdvertisementSource.

Europcar Minibus Advertisement: In order to promote the Europcar "minibus special" among a young buyer group, the cinema visitors were shown something they have never seen before on screen: themselves. A hidden camera filmed the audience and the image was directly integrated into the commercial shown in a large rear view mirror, taking a common ride.

Europcar Minibus AdvertisementSource.

Shield Security Jobcases Advertisement: Experienced security personnel are difficult to find; to overcome this these specially-built briefcases contained a recruitment message, written in steel letters. When passed through a security system, working security officers read the job opening clearly.

Shield Security Jobcases AdvertisementSource.

Rejoice Shampoo Advertisement: Air hockey tables were specially made and strategically placed in malls, salons and college dorms; the surface of these tables were made to look like the strands of the hair where Rejoice-branded pucks would smoothly slide across.

Rejoice Shampoo AdvertisementSource.

Eu Yan Sang Hair Advertisement: This creative t-shirt was worn by the in-store personnel and was mailed directly to prospective customers as a promotional gift to promote the launch of Eu Yan Sang hair product.

Eu Yan Sang Hair AdvertisementSource. Sticker Advertisement: To promote the low-cost airline, provided travelers an exclusive preview of their next holiday; at Hannover airport, travelers who sat down in the boarding area found their feet on life size skis. Sticker AdvertisementSource.

Goodyear Tire Advertisement: To promote 'run on flat tires' special dartboards were placed in waiting rooms of GoodYear shops; when customers throw darts to the board, and when they picked the dart they saw the logo and the message at the bottom of the board 'the first tire to keep going after a puncture'.

Goodyear Tire AdvertisementSource.

Ford Ranger Road Advertisement: Several floor graphics imprinted with snow and mud were placed in various city streets. The drivers drove through this difficult road without feeling it; ahead a road signal that read "This is how it feels, Ford Ranger" was placed.

Ford Ranger Road AdvertisementSource.

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