Mar 9, 2017

15 Coolest Gear for Family Days Out.

Collection of 'Coolest Gear for Family Days Out' from all over the world.

Compressed Towel: The Prospector compressed towels are perfect for your outdoor adventures; the bottle holds six towels that expand to the size of a dishtowel when you put warm water. Buy Now: $12.45.

Compressed Towel
Matador Droplet Wetbag: The Matador Droplet is compact enough for your keychain and yet comes with 3-liter capacity. It's fully waterproof; holds the water in and also works as a dry bag to keep your gear dry. Buy Now: $ 14.99.

Matador Droplet Wetbag
Windcatcher AirPad 2+: The Windcatcher AirPad 2+ inflates in seconds and features a unique valve that allows for instant deflation, making packing up a breeze. It transforms into a seat using its built-in straps. Buy Now: $99.95.

Windcatcher AirPad 2+

Flex Lite Chair: The REI Flex Lite Chair features a deep, comfortable seat, is easy to setup, comes with side pocket for your flashlight, smartphone or book, folds down for easy store, and is light weight; makes it a perfect choice for backpackers. Buy Now: $79.95.

Flex Lite Chair
Orca Gear Mollewrap: The 26 quart Mollewrap lets you attach storage pouches on your cooler. The attachment expands the utility of your cooler; its each pouch is designed to meet a specific need and function. It comes with 1-inch Type III mollewebbing with 1000 lb tensile strength to hold heavy loads. Buy Now: $58.19.

Orca Gear Mollewrap
Anywhere Backpack: Anywhere Backpack features a folding chair to let you have rest anywhere. The chair folds easily and can be stored in the backpack. It comfortably holds notebook, bottles and folding umbrella. It also features waterproof pocket for poncho and many storage pockets. Buy Now.

Anywhere Backpack

Mojoe: Mojoe is a travel cup-sized portable coffee maker that makes fresh coffee and tea anytime, anywhere you want. Make your coffee on the go using any temperature water, your own coffee grounds and power from the Mojoe car adapter. Apart from your car adapter you can power it up via wall adapter, or portable power source. You can place it in your cupholder, it heats the water up to about 200 F/100 C for perfect taste and you can drink directly from your Mojoe. Pre-order: $ 89.99.


Next Bottle: Next Bottle features a smartphone dock with 360-degree pivot feature, Bluetooth speaker, and powerbank. It also holds your keys, recharges your smartphone or any other device through its USB port, and features a touchscreen display to control volume and other settings. Buy Now: $89.

Next Bottle

Quilted Monkey Mat: Quilted Monkey Mat is comfy, cushy, and a portable mat for outdoor use. It features waterproof base, central loops for attaching items, spillresistant top, weighted corners, loops, and the attached ultra-compact pouch to take everywhere. Buy Now.

Quilted Monkey Mat

Frodo: Frodo is a smart wearable adventure camera that edits videos for you. It records videos in full high definition, features an evolutionaryalgorithm based video editing and comes with gyro-based video stabilization. It comes with 5 auto-editing styles; its algorithm edits hours of adventure footage into ready-to-share videos instantly. It makes recording and sharing video really easy and simple while you have your outdoor adventure. More info.


Loctote Drawstring Backpack: The Loctote Drawstring Backpack is designed to keep your belongings safe. It comes with waterproof pocket with RFID blocking technology to keep your credit cards, debit cards, identity cards safe, waterproof pocket for your gadgets (capable of holding an iPad Mini), can be padlocked, made from a cutresistant fabric, reinforced tubular nylon lockstrap and grommeted with stainless steel components and 49 strands of stainless steel wire, and the bag is said to be 5 times more cutresistant than Kevlar. Buy Now: $179.

Loctote Drawstring Backpack

ToastyTote: ToastyTote is a 5-in-1 weatherproof wrap, poncho, picnic blanket, seat cushion, and chair carrier. Buy Now.

Gululu: Gululu is an interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated. Buy Now: $129.


Outdoor Reclining Seat: The Oniva Outdoor Reclining Seat is lightweight and portable, comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and six settings for reclining. Buy Now: $39.95.

Outdoor Reclining Seat
Vinnebago Thermos: The Corkcicle Vinnebago Stainless Steel Bottle is a 25-ounce insulated beverage bottle that keeps your beverages cool for 25 hours. Buy Now: $34.95.

Vinnebago Thermos
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