Mar 21, 2017

15 Cool Ways to Use Old Scarves - Part 2.

If you are among those who can't resist an adorable scarf and over the time have collected numerable scarves and now don't know what to do with them, then read on.

DIY Scarf Ankle Wrap Sandals: Have you thought about refashioning your sandals with a cool scarf? If yes, and if you are looking on how to make one, just follow the instructions here.

DIY Scarf Ankle Wrap Sandals
DIY Scarf Necklace: Make a cool necklace using your old scarf. Get the complete tutorials here.

DIY Scarf Necklace
DIY Scarf Curtains: If over the time you have collected lots of scarves and don't want to part with them, then how about repurposing them? We think there wont be a better to use them than piecing the scarves together and making a curtain out of them. Tutorials.

DIY Scarf Curtains
Scarf Flats: A cute and a great way to reuse scarves; to make scarf flats follow the tutorials.

Scarf Flats
Scarf Jacket: How about a cool scarf jacket? It's a no-sew project and looks really cool. Get instructions here.

Scarf Jacket
DIY Scarf Tunic: How about making a cool tunic for the summer using your scarf? Interested? It's really simple. Instructions.

DIY Scarf Tunic
Scarf Pillows: How about making pillows using scarves? Tutorials.

Scarf Pillows
DIY Camera Strap: How about upgrading your camera strap? Make a cool camera strap using your old scarf. Instructions.

DIY Camera Strap

DIY Scarf Shorts: How about making shorts from your old scarf that you don't want to part with? Instructions.

DIY Scarf Shorts
DIY Scarf Headband: Make your headband using your old scarf. Get the directions here.

DIY Scarf Headband
DIY Scarf Watch: Make a scarf watch and get the directions here.

DIY Scarf Watch
DIY Scarf Dress: How about making a breezy caftan dress from scarves. Tutorial.

DIY Scarf Dress
DIY Summer Shrug: How about making an evening shawl using your over sized scarf? Tutorial.

DIY Summer Shrug
No-Sew Scarf Apron: How about making an apron using your old scarf? Get the directions here.

No-Sew Scarf Apron
DIY Scarf Shirt: Make a cool shirt using your adorable scarf. Instructions.

DIY Scarf Shirt
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