Mar 14, 2017

15 Must Have Biking Gadgets For The Avid Cyclist.

Looking for biking gadgets for your bike, look no further we have a collection of 'Must Have Biking Gadgets For The Avid Cyclist' from all over the world.

SpeedForce: SpeedForce is a smart cycling computer that lets you get the best out of cycling. It's a fully integrated smart cycling computer that provides you with your speed, time, distance, track, altitude, temperature, cadence and more. Its GPS works two ways - Turn-by-turn and Off-the-road. For Turn-by-turn, it requires your smartphone's GPS. For Off-the-road, you need to pre-plan the route and push it to SpeedForce and it works without your smartphone. It connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It features turn signal indicators that light up to let you know where to turn next without needing to glance at your smartphone. It also features a 1.6-inch color screen, has 8 different screens and displays phone and text notifications on it. It lasts up to 40 hours (16 hours with GPS navigation on). It comes with headlight with 150 lumens that illuminates the path up to 30 feet away. Its app supports Android 4.0 and up and iOS 7 and up. More info.


Moskito: Moskito is a Swiss analog watch designed specifically for cyclists. It is a chronograph with smart notifications, distance, speed, average speed, and more. It's compatible with Strava and Garmin. It's rechargeable, and waterresistance up to 2 meters. More info.


Aster: Aster is a commuter backpack that makes you visible on the road even on the darkest streets. It features integrated bike lights, turn signals and automatic brake indication. It sports a bright reddish light on the back that's visible from a distance of 250 meters. Its profile light on either side of the bag highlights the width of the rider and allows motorists to judge your relative speed and distance. Its inbuilt accelerometer in the handlebar unit (sidekick) can sense when you are slowing down and activates the solid red brake light. These lights are two times larger and brighter than the regular rear light, and get the attention of motorists behind you when you brake. Its built-in indicators lets the motorists behind you know which way you'll go, or you're turning or changing lanes. Its front lights get the attention from motorists in front of you when they change lanes, and keeps you safe. The sidekick (handlebar unit) and its app (compatible with Android and iOS platforms) are connected via Bluetooth Smart. Pre-order: $119.

Aster commute backpack

Haize: Haize is a minimalist urban bike navigation system that guides you on your journey, makes your ride simple and lets you explore along the way. It works just like a compass but instead of pointing north, it points to the destination you set in its app. It comes with two navigation modes - "turn-by-turn mode" and "compass mode", and features a self-regulating lighted display for perfect day and nighttime visibility. It connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and its app supports Android and iOS. Buy Now: About: $80 (£65).

Haize minimalist urban bike navigation system

Mova Cycling Jacket: The Mova cycling jacket is perfect for urban cycling. To stay fresh just open the pockets and let the fresh air flow in. Its hoodie is compatible with the bike helmet; its hidden in the jacket's collar and you can use it when you need it. It features a big back pocket to place your book, or smart device and a little pocket for your keys. The integrated bag takes just 5 sec to put the jacket into the bag and the same integrated bag transforms into a back pocket. It's slightly longer at the back and makes you visible to the car drivers, during night and day. Pre-order.

Mova Cycling Jacket

Cyclee: Cyclee is a sign projector concept designed for the safety of bike riders while they ride in dark. It projects relevant signs on the back of a rider. And these signs change depending on the actions of the rider. More info.

AirDonkey: AirDonkey is a lock and a platform that together lets you to rent out your bike when not in use. People who want to rent a bike need to use its app to locate bikes near them. At the end of their rental, they need to leave the bike back in the drop-off zone, and lock it. All you need to do is take a picture of your bike and create a profile for your bike on AirDonkey to start renting it. More info.


Beeline: Beeline is a smart compass for your bike that shows you the direction to your destination and the distance to go. It comes with IP66 rating, lasts for up to 30 hours of continuous use, is daylight readable, has backlight for clear visibility at night, and is Bluetooth connected. It's rechargeable via micro USB and its app supports iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: About: $ 121 (£99).

Neo Bike Light: Neo is a Scandinavian design based powerful frictionfree bike light that uses magnetic energy to give out 118 lumen. More info.

Neo Bike Light

Pump Seatpost: The PostPump 2.0 Seatpost features a high-capacity floor pump integrated inside a seatpost. Buy Now: $39.99.

Pump Seatpost

Lumenus Backpack: Lumenus Backpack is designed to automate your turn signals, brake lights, and more. Its a must have for cyclists who ride in low light conditions. Pre-order: $125.

Lumenus Backpack

VeloStrap: VeloStrap gives you a simple, stable and inexpensive way to attach your smartphone to the handlebars or stem of your bike. VeloStrap holds any device in a portrait or landscape front where you have a direct access to it. Buy Now: $ 12.95.

Leed 500 Watt E-Bike Kit: The Leed 500 Watt E-Bike Kit turns your bicycle into a high power electric bike. The kit includes - fullylaced and trued wheel set, 500 watt 8fun planetary motor, v12 pedal assistsensor, batterypower, travel time, and more. Buy Now: $949 - $1,049.

Leed 500 Watt E-Bike Kit
Hornit Cycle Horn: Hornit Cycle Horn is a loud cycle horn that gives out 140-decibel sound that's good enough to alert trucks, vans, buses, and cars. Buy Now: $26.74.

Hornit Cycle Horn
Omata One: Omata One is a highly advanced GPS computer that displays the data you need in a modern and analog design that makes it easier to read while riding. More info.

Omata One

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