Mar 31, 2017

15 Best Fishing Gadgets to Catch More Fish.

Collection of 'Best Fishing Gadgets to Catch More Fish' from all over the world.

FishingMaster Drone: FishingMaster Drone is your fishing assistant that features a remote controlled baitdeploy system, 700 grams lifting capacity, and the casting of the hook can be done within a radius of 1000 meters. It comes equipped with the Return Home function, and Way Point function. It can withstand winds up to 30mph, and can fly for 18 minutes when fully recharged. More info.

FishingMaster Drone
Anglr Tracker: The Anglr Tracker attaches to your fishingrod and wirelessly connects with your smart phone and lets you track your fishing activity. It also keeps count of your castings and catches, records your casting direction and pins locations of landed fish. Apart from these it also marks your location with the press of a button and lets you review. It also provides weather/water conditions and a virtual tackle box to determine the best tackle. Buy Now: $129.99.

Anglr Tracker
Headlamp: You can clip it on your hat, it features 3 modes, adjustable beam focus and lamp angle. Buy Now: $9.99.

Animated Lure: Animated Lure is a self-propelling fishing lure that is electronically programmed to swim like a real fish. Buy Now: $24.99.

Animated Lure

Fishingfancam: It is a smart HD camera that streams video directly to your iOS or Android device via Wi-Fi. It lets you view underwater action in real-time. More info.


Rexfly Casting System: Rexfly Casting System is designed to let you fish all day long. It works with any fly reel and any single handed flyrod. It uses quick release reel and the flyrod adapters made of lightweight, corrosionproof aluminum. The reel is held on a chest plate and the flyrod can be re-attached to the fly reel by simply sliding the flyrod back on to the reel. Buy Now: $85.

Rexfly Casting System

Fishingrod Bitedetector: The Fishingrod Bitedetector can be used on any type of fishingrod and is mighty enough to land your first catch. Buy Now: $6.

Fishingrod Bite Detector
Travel Fishing Reel: The Travel Fishing Reel and tackle box is compact, convenient and easy to use; made for fishing anytime, anywhere. More info.

Travel Fishing Reel

Compact Fishing Systems: The Compact Fishing Systems is compact, multifunctional and modular, you can change parts according to what method you are using and what fish you are trying to catch. You can equip it with all the existing reel types. Buy Now.

Compact Fishing Systems

Aguadrone: Aguadrone (Ready to Fly Kit) is a waterproof drone that's capable of landing in and taking off from fresh or saltwater. You can change out its attachments with just a twist of the wrist. Its modular design allows the drone to adapt to your needs. Buy Now: $629.

Streem Fly Fishingrods: Streem Fly Fishingrods are made for performance, speed, and accuracy. Buy Now.

Streem Fly Fishingrods
GX2 Spinningrod: Stik GX2 features improved quality, durability and dependability along with the extra strength right where it's needed. Buy Now: $39.95 - $81.12.

GX2 Spinningrod
Daiwa BG Spinning Reels: Daiwa BG Spinning Reels are well built and affordable. Buy Now: $68.99 - $194.69.

Daiwa BG Spinning Reels
Sagesalt Flyrod: The Sagesalt Flyrod is a powerful, responsive fast-action saltwater flyrod. Buy Now: $850.

Sagesalt Flyrod
Sportfishing Belt: The Sportfishing Belt features articulating gimbal that makes it easier to fight fish and it can accommodate waist sizes from 28-46 inches. Buy Now: $58.26.

Sportfishing Belt
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