Feb 24, 2017

15 Smartphone Gadgets You Should Own.

If you are looking for gadgets that make your smartphone even smarter, you have landed on the right page; we have the best smartphone gadgets for you.

Easy-Macro Lens: The Easy-Macro Lens attaches to your smartphone and lets you take close-up photos with incredible detail. This 4X macro lens is compact enough to be placed comfortably in your wallet. Buy Now: $9.99.

Easy-Macro Lens

Bestek 6: Bestek 6 is a space-saving recharging station that features 6 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. Its 5.2A / 4 powered USB ports recharges 4 mobile devices simultaneously. Its built-in recharging dock is especially designed for your iPhone (iPhone 6s/ 6plus, iPhone 5/5s) and Android phones. Buy Now: $19.99.

Bestek 6

Selflash: Selflash is a smart light ring, storage, recharger and tracker that works with your iOS, Android and Windows devices. You can use it to store, playback and transfer any files you want between your devices. More info.


NanoHold: NanoHold is a mobile device holder that holds your smart devices to smooth, flat surfaces. Buy Now: $8.99.


GekkoPod: GekkoPod is a flexible holder that's just perfect for your smartphone. It's rugged, waterproof, glows in the dark, doubles as a stand and more. Buy Now: $24.95-$29.95.


Night Cable: The Night Cable is a 3-meter recharging cable that features a weighted knot. It gives you a 3-meter range to comfortably recharge while its weighted knot can be anchored to any flat surface. Buy Now: About: $46 (AU$59.95).

Night Cable

Revealed: It's a synchronized UVflashlight for your smart phones and smart devices that plugs into the audiojack of your device for discovering UVlight photography under dark. More info.


JIC: JIC - Just In Case is iPhone smart case that records calls and in-person conversations. It lets you record any conversation at the touch of a button. Just press record during any conversation (in-person or on the phone) and it records directly onto the provided 2GB microsd card. More info.

Just In Case

i-Blades Smart Case: i-Blades Smart Case is an intelligent modular case that protects your smart phone and comes with built-in smart technology that lets you do a lot more with your device. Using its modular smartblades you can upgrade your smartphone; get more backup, storage, increase your smartphone's security and more. Apart from these, you can even snapon an immersive VR experience, or entertainment on-the-go. Buy Now.

i-Blades Smart Case

Hotshothandle: It's a versatile and smart phonehandle for action sports and adventure filming. It secures your phone while filming and lets you effectively film in truly creative and professional ways. Buy Now: $29.99.


Thincharge: Thincharge is a thin batterycase that double your backup time that means more talking, texting and browsing. Its available for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and uses your existing iPhone cable. Pre-order: $69.


Vikaura Screen: Vikaura works along with your smartphone and lets you customize your world. It connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth and using its app you can interact with all of your Vikaura screens to send photos, text, and more. It features patented power management systems, E Ink bi-stable display technology, app "linking" functionality, and Bluetooth communication. Pre-order: $ 129 - $ 229.

Vikaura Screen

ScreenStick: ScreenStick is an ultra-sensitive joystick for smartphones and smart devices that plug onto the screen and let you control your favorite games. Buy Now: $15.90.


AnyLink: AnyLink lets you connect almost any two devices; phone to computer, phone-to-phone, phone to smart device, and more. It makes phone-to-phone recharging and phone-to-phone file/image transfer really simple and easy. Buy Now.

AnyLink Smartphone cable

Snooperscope: Snooperscope is a portable and wireless device that gives your smartphone and smart devices the ability to see and record the world in total darkness. It uses your mobile device as a screen and the infrared light as a source and lets you see in low light conditions and in total darkness. Buy Now: $139.


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