Feb 13, 2017

15 Coolest Ambient Advertisements.

Collection of 'Coolest Ambient Advertisements' from all over the world.

Folgers Coffee Manhole Advertisement: Stickers with a top image of a coffee cup were placed on top of steaming manholes of New York. The small holes on the sticker allowed the steam to exit the system giving an illusion of a steaming cup of coffee.

Folgers Coffee Manhole Advertisement

Cash Machine Advertisement: Sticker of a man doing the manual work was placed on an automated teller machine in Berlin, Germany.

Cash Machine AdvertisementSource.

Pantene Salt Shaker Advertisement: These creative saltshakers were placed in restaurants and canteens to advertise Pantene Pro-V shampoo in Germany.

Pantene Salt Shaker AdvertisementSource.

Dove Bodymilk Mirror Advertisement: To promote 'Dove Bodymilk' to the customers in the hotels in Frankfurt, markers that uses a de-mister fluid were used to write messages for the guests on the bathroom mirrors; the writing would appear when the mirror steams up and its a real moment of surprise to give Dove Bodymilk a try.

Dove Bodymilk Mirror AdvertisementSource.

Smart Car Bridge Advertisement: A creative billboard was placed on a bridge in Rotterdam for the launch of Smart Fortwo. Whenever the bridge opened, the car appeared to jump over to the other side displaying its power and speed that could be seen from miles away.

Smart Car Bridge AdvertisementSource.

Smart Car Bridge AdvertisementSmart Car Bridge Advertisement

Oficina do Açaí Straw Advertisement: Special straws were put into real and juicy fruits to promote products from Oficina do Açaí. The straws read: "The most natural juice in the town".

Oficina do Açaí Straw AdvertisementSource.

Milky Way Seatbelt Advertisement: Passengers in cabs took part in moving demonstration of a Milky Way chocolate's stretchy caramel.

Milky Way Seatbelt AdvertisementSource.

Smart Bike Lock Advertisement: To showcase the smart car's impressive ability to park anywhere, an oversized bike lock was created to exaggerate the smart car's ability to park anywhere.

Smart Bike Lock Advertisement

Mini Cooper Clubman Advertisement: An ambient advertisement of Mini Cooper Clubman cleverly advertises its extremely spacious trunk.

Mini Cooper Clubman Advertisement

Henckels Knives Advertisement: Knife bookmarks were placed in the cookbooks with special printing along the side to display their sharpness.

Henckels Knives Advertisement

Rimmel Quick Dry Nail Polish Advertisement: To advertise Rimmel Quick Dry nail polish, bottles of nail polish appeared to have been poured onto the floor from a height with the liquid drying in seconds to create a surreal spectacle, highlighting the product's quick drying.

Rimmel Quick Dry Nail Polish Advertisement

Pantene Shampoo Building Advertisement: To advertise Pantene's claim of "really strong hair", climbers climbed three different ponytails attached to a building in Toronto for two days.

Pantene Shampoo Building AdvertisementSource.

Ford Ranger Extreme Matchbox Advertisement: Ford Ranger Extreme matchbox was the part of an advertisement to highlight the Ford's Ranger Extreme, a Limited Edition model bed that allowed for 30% more payload. But most of the truck buyers come from blue-collar industries such as auto repair, construction and plumbing and tend to gather in specific places. 5000 matchboxes that had the Ford's website address were given to potential buyers at their usual gathering places. Over 1600 visited the website, 450 booked for test-drive and 300 test-drove the car. And a matter of fact the Limited Edition Ranger extreme was sold out a month ahead of schedule.

Ford Ranger Extreme Matchbox Advertisement Source.

AOK Insurance Calendar Advertisement: To promote AOK Health Insurance as a healthy Health Insurance provider, this creative calendar was created. The month begins with 31 apples in a specialized tube, every day you remove one apple from the tube and eat it, thus giving a boost to your health. The rest of the apples in the tube will move up and display today's date on a calendar fastened behind the apples.

AOK Insurance Calendar AdvertisementSource.

Volkswagen Touareg Ski Lift Advertisement: This creative advertisement was created to promote the exclusive Volkswagen Tuareg car; large photos of the back of the Touareg were set in the seats of the ski lifts to give the feel of being lifted up the mountain in a 4 wheel truck.

Volkswagen Touareg Ski Lift AdvertisementSource.

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