Feb 17, 2017

15 Best Wallets for Men.

Looking for smart wallets, look no further we have the best wallets from all over the world.

Spendwallet: Spendwallet is a smart solution to your multiple debit, and credit cards; it digitally consolidates up to 20 cards securely into one device. It uses Magnetic Flux Emulation (MFE) technology and generates magnetic field when you bring it near to the card reader that makes the card reader to respond as if a card was swiped. It features a back pocket were you can securely store your ID and cash. Pre-order: $119.


Scrubba Weightless Wallet: Scrubba is ultra-lightweight, durable and sweatresistant wallet that weighs just 7g (0.25 oz.) and is perfect for active lifestyle and travel wallet. It's made from a special fabric that's lightweight, durable and weatherproof, comes with high-frequency welded seams. Buy Now: $14.95.

Scrubba Weightless Wallet

Walli Smart Wallet: Walli Smart Wallet notifies you when you leave it behind and what more it even notifies you if you leave a card behind and even your phone. It monitors the pocket you use the most and using its patent pending technology, it sends signal to your phone when your credit card/ID is missing for too long. A simple double tap on your wallet will set an alert on your phone and a press of a button on its app and if the wallet is nearby will start to ring. It holds 6-credit cards and comes with 2 cash pockets. It connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth to send you instant notifications. It's compatible with Android and iOS. Pre-order: $89.

Walli Smart Wallet

TR Travel Wallet: The TR Travel Wallet is minimalistic and lightweight and holds comfortably your passport, bank cards, currency and other essentials. Buy Now: $39.99.

TR Travel Wallet

Cashew Smart Wallet: The Cashew Smart Wallet ensures only you have access to your wallet. It comes with fingerprint access and is always connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth to ensure your wallet is always by your side. It can store up to 20 fingerprints and you can share your wallet with your family too. It features Bluetooth, electronic latch, crowdsource GPS technology, RFID protection and buzzer. It comes with specially designed interiors to hold 15 currency notes and 7 debit/credit cards. Pre-order: $139.

Cashew Smart Wallet

Elemental Wallet: The Elemental Wallet is a minimalistic carbon fiber wallet that can hold up to 25 cards. You can securely store your debit/ credit cards, a bus pass, insurance cards and more. It comes with rubber bands that can hold cash, keys or other things. Its pushslot doubles as a bottle cap opener or phone stand. More info.

Elemental Wallet

Vinco Wallet II: Vinco Wallet II provides elegance and security, holds up to 11+ cards and a few folded bills and features built-in RFID protection to prevent unauthorized access to your contactless cards. Buy Now: $68.58.

Vinco Wallet II

Ekster Wallet: The Ekster Wallet is a smart trackable wallet, this solar powered wallet features RFID blocking, gives quick card access at the click of a button and is ultra slim. Buy Now.

Ekster Wallet

Keplero Luxury Wallet: Keplero Luxury Wallet is a thin and lightweight magnetic luxury wallet made of pure carbon fiber. It comes with multiple addons - Box Layer, Extra Layer, Money Clip and RFID Card Protector. Buy Now: $39.

Keplero Luxury Wallet

Frenchie Co. Wallet: The Frenchie Co. Wallet comes with RFID protection, provides super fast access, access card friendly and holds up to 10 cards and 8 bills. Buy Now: $79.

Frenchie Co. Wallet

Accomplicewallet: It's a sophisticated high-capacity wallet for those that need to take along a little more. It's a versatile cash, card, and sundry carrier and features innovative interior access cashstrap for discreet access to paper currency, secure card-hold, and optimized flexibility. More info.


Micro Minimalist Wallet: Micro Minimalist Wallet is made from premium grade aluminum, measures 4.5mm thick, and with the same length and width as a credit card. Pre-order: About $50 (£40).

Micro Minimalist Wallet

Tenuis 2: Tenuis 2 is a super thin canvas wallet that comes with paraffin coated canvas exterior and thin plastic interior and measures 6mm thick. It holds up to 9 debit/ credit cards, features coin case, double-layered bill pockets and triangle pocket for small objects such as keys. Pre-order: $84.

Tenuis 2

Woolet Smart Wallet: Woolet Smart Wallet is handcrafted, ultra slim, Bluetooth-powered, wireless-recharged and keeps your cash and cards safe. Buy Now: $ 119.00.

Woolet Smart Wallet

Articulate Wallet 2.0: The Articulate Wallet 2.0 uses full grain imported Italian leather, has six cardslots with slanted corners for quick access, and is .35in thick. This minimalist wallet also features a special RFID blocking lining and lining on the back pocket wraps over itself. More info.

Articulate Wallet 2.0

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