Feb 4, 2017

15 Best Kitchen Gadgets.

Cooking is supposed to be an extension of your feelings for those who you care for, it's supposed to be fun, interesting and creative. But without proper kitchen tools and gadgets it isn't! We aren't regular cooks, though we do cook occasionally or you can call us a standby cook. Things are a lot easier and fun when we have proper kitchen gadgets and tools that make the cooking process simple, fast and easy. Check out these Best Kitchen Gadgets that we are sure you are going to enjoy working with.

Lotus Folding Steamer Basket: The lotus folding steamer basket takes practicality and convenience to new levels and makes things a lot easy. It features self-adjusting sides that allow you to use it with most of your cookware that includes both steel and non-stick ware. When its opened, it has a large capacity and it folds neatly for easy storage. When opened it measures 10-1/2 x 10-1/2 x 5 inches and 6 x 6 x 5-inches closed. Buy Now: $13.69.

Lotus Folding Steamer Basket

Peasheller: Peas are healthy and tasty to eat but who is going to remove the peas from the pods? It isn't easy to remove the peas as its time taking and trying process. To make thing easy for you we have this perfect unit. All you need to do is put the pea pod between the cylinders and rotate the holder. The peas get collected in its storage space while the empty pods falls out of the unit on to the countertop. Buy Now: About: $27 (24.90 €).


Smart Sealer: Did it ever happen to you that you opened a packet of chips or biscuits and couldn't complete it, and kept it off to have later? But next time you opened the packet to have it, you find there isn't any freshness or crispness left in the chips or biscuits. It's a common problem we all face; to make things different, we have for you the smart sealer. Smart Sealer easily opens and reseals any packet; it creates a perfect airtight seal to keep the contents fresh. This cool heat sealer seals plastic, cellophane packets and bags in seconds. Buy Now.

Smart Sealer

Spiral Potato Cutter: Looking for a tool to make perfect potato spirals? Look no further we have for you Tescoma spiral potato cutter - it makes perfect potato spirals. The set includes 4 stainless steelspits for frying and baking potato spirals. Buy Now: About: $20 (£16.01).

Spiral Potato Cutter

Savel: While cooking it does happen that we cant or don't use the whole of the onion, lemon or tomato, and we place it in the fridge to use it later, only to find that the lemon or tomato has lost its freshness and sort of dried off. Savel a flexible food saver is here to cover cut food and keep it fresh. Its designed to bend to cover and save wedges, halves or even food with a wedge cut out. It's perfect for saving cut avocado, lemon, lime, orange, apple, tomato and onion. It keeps your cut food fresh for up to a week. Buy Now: $7.95.

Savel flexible food saver

Masterpan: Its common for us to use multiple cooking vessels for cooking a single meal, and then comes the cleaning part. Why don't we cook in a single unit all our cooking at one go? It wont be possible, will it? It might all get mixed up. Now with masterpan things are supposed to be different. It features 5 separate cooking areas that are divided for cooking everything you need on a single unit. It lets you make your complete breakfast, big burger meal, full fajitas, and more with its multi-sectional design that lets you to cook 5 foods at once. Now cook faster, clean less, and enjoy your meal. What more can one ask for! Buy Now: $49.99.


Fish Scraper: Fish is said to be one of the healthiest food, but removing its scales without proper tools isn't easy and takes off all the fun from cooking it. To make things a lot easy for you, we the fish scraper that makes removing the fish scales a lot easy. Buy Now: About: $5 (4.40 €).

Fish Scraper

Food Cubby: No one likes when one foods runs into the other food in their plate. To prevent this from happening we have for you food cubby, it sticks to your plate and keeps food in its place. It works on a clean, smooth plate with 6-10" flat diameter; it sticks on to your plate and creates a good seal and creates a wall to keep liquid food from other foods. With food cubby you wont need the section plates, or washing extra bowls, or having food run together. Buy Now: $5.99.

Food Cubby

Garlic Peeler: Garlic is said to be another healthy food, but peeling it isn't easy and the aftermath, the odor it leaves behind on your hands isn't easy to deal with. The goodgrips garlic peeler makes this a simple task. All you need to do is insert garlic cloves into the peeler and rollback and forth on the countertop while pressing downward, and your peeled cloves come out and the peel stays inside. And when you use this garlic peeler, you won't need stainless steel odor remover to take care of the smell. Buy Now: $6.99.

Garlic Peeler

Hammaker: The Tescoma hammaker makes it easy for you to makeham at home, it comes with a temperature meter that provides accurate temperature control during the stewing process. Buy Now: $51.50.


Perfect Slicer: You may like to eat fresh fruits but cutting them isn't simple. We have for you the perfect slicer that makes cutting large fruits an easy task, its lot faster than using a knife and cuts 12 perfect slices. You can use it with watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, cake and more. Buy Now: $17.99.

Perfect Slicer

Grape and Cabbage Leaves Machine: Now with grape and cabbage leaves machine, you can make small sarmas easily, fast, and of the same size. Buy Now: $18.99.

Grape and Cabbage Leaves Machine

Levoons: Does it happen to you that at times you take excess or less ingredients using a spoon for measurement? For you to have perfectly level measures we have levoons. Levoons are leveling measuring spoons that feature a scraper that pushes off all the excess ingredients when you squeeze their handles. It comes in set of 4. Buy Now: $14.95.


Onpot: Onpot is a cool kitchen tool that sticks on to the cover of your cooking vessel, allows the cover to rest on it so that all the condensation falls back in. Buy Now: $9.95.


French Fries Cutter: Now who doesn't like french fries? But cutting potatoes for french fries using a knife isn't an easy thing. The Tescoma french fries cutter makes cutting potatoes for french fries simple. It comes with dual removable blades for large and small french fries, and easily and quickly cuts the raw potatoes for fries. Buy Now: About: $24 (£19.15).

French Fries Cutter

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