Feb 2, 2017

15 Best Dash Cams - Part 2.

A dash cam is basically designed to record everything that happens when you drive and saves it for later reference. Its your proof of what really happened on the road or we can say your version of what really happened as a driver. It can also expedite your process with insurance companies as you have a recorded proof. Apart for this it can also be a source of YouTube entertainment; you really never know what really can happen on the road. What ever your reason may be for opting for dashcam, we have the best Dash Cams from all over the world.

Garmin Dash Cam 20: The Garmin Dash Cam 20 features 1080p video recording, a 2.3-inch display, microphone, Gsensor and GPS. The Gsensor - saves footage of events. The camera has a wide-angle lens and its integrated microphone records the sounds inside your car. This standalone driving recorder allows you to take still images, play back the footage on its display, and all the footages are stamped with time and location that lets you know exactly when and where the events occurred. It records in a continuous loop, using its 4 GB card (included) and supports up to 32 GB. Buy Now: $114.

Garmin Dash Cam 20
Black Vue DR650GW: The Black Vue DR650GW records both the front and rear of your vehicle. It features built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, and Gsensor, 2.4MP front camera, and more. It features 1080p@30fps - front camera, and rear camera - 720p@30fps. It comes with 16 GB card support up to 128 GB. You can transfer your recording data from dash camera to your iOS / Android smartphone using its app. It also gives you 10GB cloudstorage. Buy Now: $349.

Black Vue DR650GW
Kdlinks X1 Dashboard Camera: The Kdlinks X1 Dashboard Camera records Full HD videos 1920 x 1080p at 30 fps with H.264. It features six-glass F1.6 lenses, GPS, loop recording, Gsensor, WDR superior night mode, 165-degree wide angle, 2.7" display, and more. Its night mode ensures high quality recordings also in poor lighting conditions. It starts recording immediately after turning on the ignition, its Lock Button features lets you lock current video file and comes with 8GB card. Its GPS module records GPS data into dash cam video clips and you can check vehicle location/speed/route on Google Map through included Kdlinks Dashcam Player Software. Buy Now: $169.95.

Kdlinks X1 Dashboard Camera
Falcon Zero F360 HD: The Falcon Zero F360 HD features dual cameras that are 180 degree rotatable with a 120-degree viewing angle high-resolution wide-angle lens. It features 3.5-inch screen, auto record - powers on when vehicle powers on and shuts off when the vehicle is turned off, night vision, built-in microphone / speaker function and HDMI mini 1.3 output. This rear view mirror records in loop and comes with 32GB card. Buy Now: $168.98.

Falcon Zero F360 HD
BCH1000 Dash Cam: The Blackcam BCH1000 Dash Cam features dual cameras for recording front and rear of your vehicle. It features 1920*1080 @30fps front, and 1280*720 @20fps rear camera. It also features GPS, defog feature that automatically removes fog from the video, 3.5" display, dual WDR, and parking motionsensor. It also comes with 3D noise reduction feature that reduces blurry and noise images, lane departure alert system, auto file recovery system, 4x zoom, supports up to 128GB card and includes 32GB card. Buy Now: $359.99.

BCH1000 Dash Cam
GoSafe 260 Rear View Mirror Dash Cam: The GoSafe 260 Rear View Mirror Dash Camera records full HD 1080P high resolution video with loop recording, features 2.7" large display, zoom in or out option, motiondetection mode (useful when parked), turns on automatically when car engine is on, and an anti-glare mirror. Buy Now: $89.95.

GoSafe 260 Rear View Mirror Dash Cam
G1W Original Dashboard Dash Cam: The Black Box G1W Original Dashboard Dash Cam features an Aptina AR0330 lens with a 140 degree view, night vision, WDR, loop recording, motiondetection, Gsensor, 4X Zoom, 2.7'' display, full 1080p HD recording at 30 FPS and more. It also features built-in microphone/speaker and auto start recording when your start the car and auto off when your turn off the car. It supports multi-language, 32G card, HDMI cable and more. Buy Now: $52.99.

G1W Original Dashboard Dash Cam
A118 HD Dash Cam: The A118 HD Dash Cam features loop recording, 170 degree wide angle lens, Gsensor, auto on/off, day/time stamp, AV out and more. Its advanced H.264 photography compression technology allows the camera to move upwards, downwards, leftwards, and rightwards, and take photos from different angles. It's designed to blend in with the rest of the car interior for a discreet look. It supports up to 32GB. Buy Now: $68.99.

A118 HD Dash Cam
Mio Mivue 618 Dash Cam: The Mio Mivue 618 Dash Cam records 2304 x 1296 at 30 fps, features 140 wide-angle lens, F1.8 lens, 2.7 " display, and GPS tracking. Its GPS tracking automatically records your driving information, including speed, altitude, longitude, latitude and heading. Its Mivue Manager desktop application allows you to share your videos on Facebook and YouTube. Buy Now: About: $100 (£79.20).

Mio Mivue 618 Dash Cam
HP Car Dashcam: The HP Car Dashcam (f500) is a compact full HD camcorder that features a 140-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, 2.4-inch display, built in microphone, Gsensor, and supports storage up to 32GB. If it detects any event, it starts recording and these recordings are day and time-stamped and are protected from loop recording overwrites. It records video clips of 3 or 5 minutes lengths, automatically starts recording when the vehicle starts and powers down when the vehicle is turned off. Buy Now: $200.87.

HP Car Dashcam
Maisi 1296P Dash Cam: The Maisi 1296P Dash Cam clips over your rear-view mirror, features 150-degree wide angle lens, 2304x1296-pixel resolution, microphone, AV connection and 4.3 inch display. It also features auto turn on and off, loop recording, Gsensor, motiondetection, anti-glare mirror and a one button audio recording on/off for privacy protection concerns. Buy Now: About: $88 (£69.99).

Maisi 1296P Dash Cam
Coby DCS404 Dash Cam: The Coby DCS404 Dash Cam features 120 degree view angle, day night video camera, 2.5 inch display, records - 1280x960 resolution, microphone, motiondetection supports up to 32GB. It turns on automatically when you start your engine and shuts down when your ignition is off. Its supports real time and day display on video. It records video clips of 3 or 5 minutes or 15 minutes lengths - loop recording. Buy Now: $28.99.

Coby DCS404 Dash Cam
Z-Edge Z3: The Z-Edge Z3 features 2560×1080 resolution at 30 frames per second, 145° field of view, 3.0-inch display, night vision, loop recording, parking monitor, Gsensor, WDR, and comes with a 32GB card. It automatically starts recording when the vehicle starts and powers down when the vehicle is turned off. Buy Now: $109.99.

Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam
DrivePro 100 Dash Cam: The Transcend DrivePro 100 Car Video Recorder features 130 degree viewing angle, wide angle 6 glass lenses, 2.4 inch display, Full HD video quality of 1920x1080p (30fps), Gsensor and automatically adjusts to day and night conditions. It gives you an extra 30 seconds of recording in case of power failure and comes with 16GB card. Buy Now: $84.99.

DrivePro 100 Dash Cam
Vantrue R2 Dash Cam: The Vantrue R2 dash cam records 2K HD video, features night vision, WDR, 170-degree viewing angle, F2.0 six layer optical glass lens, Gsensor, loop recording, parking mode, 2.7-inch display, and more. It supports a timeout function that turns the display off after the recording begins. It auto powers on and records while car engine is started, and stamp day, time and license id on the footage. Buy Now: $149.99.

Vantrue R2 Dash Cam
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