Feb 20, 2017

15 Awesome Ambient Advertisements.

Advertising is a thing we come across everyday. Here we got a collection of 'Awesome Ambient Advertisements' from all over the world for you.

MINI Silhouette Sticker Advertisements: A silhouette was used with some benches and chairs in shopping centers to create an impression of sitting in a MINI Cabrio. While others were placed over elevator doors to create an impression of getting into a MINI Cabrio. While some more silhouettes were placed with cut outs matched to windows in some buildings in downtown Milan; when the blinds were pulled up or down, it recreated and replicated the mechanism of MINI Cabrio sunroof.

MINI Silhouette Sticker Advertisements

Mitsubishi Pajero Advertisement: To advertise Pajero's build and ability to be true SUVs, the classic showroom condition was changed to display a Pajero that has been on an adventure and back.

Mitsubishi Pajero Advertisement

7 Eleven Australia Advertisement: The 7-Eleven released their biggest ever Slurpee, a 1.18 liters cup. To advertise the same, an oversized 11-meter replica version complete with a straw was built and installed in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

7 Eleven Australia Advertisement

Fiat Airplane Window Advertisement: Fiat Idea shaped adhesive stickers were placed on the windows of airplanes with the shades resembling the sunroof.

Fiat Airplane Window Advertisement

Formulatoothcare Advertisement: An ambient toothpick holder was created using toothpicks as bristles in oversized toothbrushes and placed on restaurant tables instead of regular toothpick holders.

Formulatoothcare Advertisement

Mondo Pasta Boat Advertisement: Oversized stickers of faces slurping pasta were pasted on the ships.

Mondo Pasta Boat Advertisement

Expedia Coffee Based Advertisement: Expedia.de an internet based travel provider advertised an Italy special in a unique and interesting way; in collaboration with coffee shops, stencils were used to create an advertisement in cocoa on top of the milk form. While underneath the cup was a paper coaster that came with expedia.de's name and advertisement details.

Expedia Coffee Based Advertisement

Zoo Aquarium Shark Mat Advertisement: At the international sports event, a mat with shark was used to promote the zoo.

Zoo Aquarium Shark Mat AdvertisementSource.

Ford F-150 Bricks Billboard Advertisement: Clever billboard advertisement of the new '09 F-150's greater towing capacity.

Ford F-150 Bricks Billboard AdvertisementSource.

Atelier do Corpo Facial Gymnastics Classes Mirror Advertisement: To promote the facial gymnastics classes of 'Atelier do Corpo', mirrors were placed in gyms, hallways and elevators of office buildings at Atelier office. As people approached these mirrors, they realized that it was mirror of distortions and they could interact, simulating the changes of the face made facial gymnastics classes.

Atelier do Corpo Facial Gymnastics Classes Mirror AdvertisementSource.

Elmex Toothpaste Bowling Balls Advertisement: To promote 'Elmex Toothpaste' 140 bowling balls with no holes were randomly mixed with regular balls on all the bowling lanes. 3 round stickers designed to look like the holes on the bowling balls were placed where the holes should have been. When the customers tried to lift the balls they saw stickers with the message.

Elmex Toothpaste Bowling Balls AdvertisementSource.

Audi Quattro Advertisement: To display the legendary Quattro all-wheel drive system, super powerful rare earth magnets were attached to the miniature models of the Audi vehicles and then stuck on the metal surface in midst of people attending the Toronto International Film Festival. People had to struggle to take the car off, then they saw the message on the bottom of the car: 'nothing sticks like Quattro'.

Audi Quattro AdvertisementSource.

Powershot D10 Camera Sticker Advertisement: To promote its waterproof camera, stickers were placed in washbasins at shopping malls, restaurants and gyms.

Powershot D10 Camera Sticker AdvertisementSource.

New World Fitness Cushion Advertisement: The idea was to make people who hug the cushion feel like they have a fat stomach; it would make them join the fitness center and start working out to get in shape.

New World Fitness Cushion AdvertisementSource.

Smart Car Truck Advertisement
: A Smart Fortwo on the spinning cement drums of the city cement trucks visually demonstrated its smallest turning radius and transformed the trucks into naturally rotating mobile billboards.

Smart Car Truck AdvertisementSource.

Smart Car Truck Advertisement

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