Jan 3, 2017

15 Awesome Mirrors For You.

For looking your best, you always need mirrors, and we have for you smart and awesome mirrors from all over the world.

Perseus Smart Mirror: Perseus Smart Mirror keeps you connected and comes with HD camera, voice recognition, video streaming and more. It keeps you updated with news, weather, text and social updates, calendar, commute options and more. Pre-order: $249.

Perseus Smart Mirror

Juno Smart Makeup Mirror: Juno is an intelligent make up mirror with auto sensing technology that features adjustable 'true light' settings so you can apply makeup properly. It comes preloaded with light settings for indoors, office, and evening so you look your best always. Apart from these, it functions as a reading lamp, its built-in ring light lets you take perfect selfies, and its integrated storage tray lets you store all your beauty and makeup needs. The smart mirror has Bluetooth and connects with your iOS or Android device. Reserve Now: $49.

Juno Smart Makeup Mirror

Smart Bathroom Mirror: When a smart guy gets creative what results in is really amazing. Give a two-way mirror, a display panel and controller board, bunch of components and more to Google engineer Max Braun and you get a smart bathroom mirror. It displays time, day, weather and news headlines. More info.

Smart Bathroom Mirror
Selfie Mirror: This smart mirror does much more than taking a handsfree selfie. You can use it to control your smart home devices, such as smart sockets, light dimmers, conditioning controls, thermostat control, videosurveillance camera's control, and more. It comes with a built-in camera for two-way videosurveillance with motionsensor and sends the images directly to your smart device. It comes with a built in Hi-Fi system that plays music from any source. It comes with built-in 2000 Lumen light that lets you take professional looking photos at home. It features professional lighting for applying make up to get you best results. It comes with built-in HD camera with autofocus, 2000 lumen light and SD card that lets you make professional videos and more. Buy Now: $399.

Selfie Mirror

Cordless Vanity Mirror: The Cordless Vanity Mirror saves you the electrical work and is perfect for those spaces where you don't have power outlet. This wall fixable-lighted mirror is portable power sourced, that lets you install it anywhere. Its glass rotates 360 degrees, gives you 10X magnification making it perfect for applying makeup, and features bright ring light. Buy Now: $79.95.

Cordless Vanity Mirror
Raspberry Pi powered Magicmirror: This Magicmirror is a raspberry pi powered monitor behind a double-sided mirror that displays the time, day and weather forecast, and randomly generated greeting. More. More info.

Raspberry Pi powered Magicmirror
Mirror 180: Mirror 180 features two mirror halves angled to each other that allows different people to use the mirror at one go. What makes this one stand out? Did this ever happen to you that you are running late, or in hurry to get ready and someone else is using bathroom mirror to get ready? It comes with a wood base-connection fixed on the back and it can be placed at any of the three different angles to rotate the front angle accordingly. More info.

Mirror 180
Sensormirror: This lighted vanity mirror automatically lights up as your face approaches and shuts off when you are done. It mimics natural light and also reflects light consistently and evenly for you to apply your makeup the right way. It provides 5x magnification, comes with ring light, and recharges with standard USB. Buy Now: $199.99.

Andriod Smart Home Mirror: This Andriod Smart Home Mirror is made using Hannah Mitt's code, two-way mirror, and Android device. It displays day, weather, reminders, stock prices, XKCD comic updates, news headlines, and more. More info.

Andriod Smart Home Mirror

Pearl Compact Mirror: Pearl is a compact mirror that comes packed with 3000mAh to recharge your smartphone. You always have your compact mirror in handbag, but need to take along a power bank for your smart devices. Pearl combines these two in one, saves space, gives you normal and magnified mirrors (3x) with ring light, and USB port that recharges iPhone, iPad, Android or any USB powered device. Buy Now: $ 28.95.

Pearl Compact Mirror
Magicmirror: Techie blogger Teeuw made this smart mirror using one-way glass and TV monitor and it display time, weather updates, and more. More info.

Lighted Mirror TV: If you are among those who cant be away from TV for even a few seconds and need to have a stylish TV right in your bathroom then Lighted Mirror TV is for you. This lighted mirror measures at 42 inches in diameter, comes with bright light around the circumference and also features a 15.6-inch HDTV integrated into mirror. It comes with built in state of the art mini speakers for high quality audio, 720p, 1080i, 16:9 widescreen ratio. It also features a waterproof buoyant remote. Buy Now: $4,560.

Lighted Mirror TV
App-Enabled Lighted Vanity Mirror: The App-Enabled Lighted Vanity Mirror works with Alexa, it automatically lights up as your face approaches and shuts off when you are done. It mimics natural light and also reflects light consistently and evenly for you to apply your makeup the right way. Its Wi-Fi enabled, cordless, rechargeable and on a recharge lasts up to 3 weeks. Buy Now: $399.99.

App-Enabled Lighted Vanity Mirror
Magicmirror with Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi: This Magicmirror is an attempt to enhance the existing smart mirror concept to provide a personalized experience using facial recognition. Its made using a one-way glass and TV monitor, powered using Raspberry Pi and runs on Windows 10. When the display is on, you can see both your reflection and the data. The software provides you with relevant information while you get ready. More info.

Magicmirror with Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi
Lighted Mirror Phone Case: The Lighted Mirror Phone Case for iPhone is a protective, slim and beautifully designed phone case that comes integrated with a durable magnifying lighted mirror that illuminates using your phone light. More info.

Lighted Mirror Phone Case

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