Jan 23, 2017

15 Most Creative Clothespin Uses.

Most of the people don't give a second thought to clothespins, but give these same clothespins to creative people and see the things they create; its creative, fun and interesting.

Clothespin Birds: Aren't these clothespin birds looking really cute on the branches? To make these all you need are clothespins, colorful feathers, eyes, foam, paint, brushes, scissors, and glue. To make your own clothespin birds get the instructions here.
Clothespin Birds
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Cake Topper: How about making your own clothespin cake topper that's cute and creative to look at? To make one all you need is a clothespin, paints, paintbrushes, pencil and tulle. Get the complete set of instructions to make one here.

Clothespin Cake Topper
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Car: There is always something with cars, bikes and boys, there's an attraction in between them. This clothespin and button car is something that you kids are really going to enjoy, and who know you may even have to make a parking garage also. To make these cars you need clothespins, paints, straws, buttons, paintbrushes and some glue. Get the complete set of instructions to make here.

Clothespin Car
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Message: Have you ever given it a thought that you can even use a clothespin for messaging? Yes its possible to create a cool clothespin message and its quite simple. Get the complete instructions here.

Clothespin Message
(Image: Credit).

Clothespins Mini Easel: Make a mini easel from clothespins and use it to place your business cards or post-its, or for making small art exhibitions, show pictures or more. All you need is 6 clothespins, 1 stick and wood glue. Get full instructions here.

Clothespins Mini Easel
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Trivets: Why spend $40 -60 on trivets, when you can make your colorful clothespin trivets? To make this you need about 24 clothespins (per trivet), some paint and glue. You need to take the clothespins apart, then glue them, and paint them. Get the complete instruction to make one here.

Clothespin Trivets
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Note Holders: Make your own clothespin note holders using clothespin, washi tape and magnets. You need to stick the tape on the clothespin and magnet on its back. You can use the clothespin note holders to hold your notes on the fridge. Get the steps here.

Clothespin Note Holders
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Minion: Make Minion craft using clothespins for kids to play with. All you need is clothespins, some paints, glue, paintbrushes, googlyeyes and marker. All you need now are the instructions, get them here.

Clothespin Minion
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Ocean Animals: Don't these look really cool? Kids will really enjoy playing with this animal craft. To make these, all you need are clothespins, foam, eyes, glue, and other usual things like pencil, scissors and more. Get the complete instructions here.

Clothespin Ocean Animals
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Airplanes: These clothespin airplanes are really cool, easy to make and are sure to make kids really happy. To make an airplane you need clothespin, wooden craft bead, 4 mini craft sticks, 2 large craft sticks, paints and glue. Get the complete set of instructions here.

Clothespin Airplanes
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Caterpillars: These clothespin caterpillars look cute and are so simple to make that even the kids can make it. To make them all you need are clothespin, 5 pompoms, googlyeyes, and some glue. Get the complete set of instructions here.

Clothespin Caterpillars
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Dragonflies: Clothespin Dragonflies are really simple to make and kids will enjoy making it. All you need is clothespin, pipe cleaners, googlyeyes, some paint and glue. Get the complete set of instructions to make here.

Clothespin Dragonflies
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Chameleon: Can you believe that a clothespin chameleon can look cute? No, have a look! Making it is quite simple and all you need are clothespin, paint, paperroll, wire, eyes, pompoms, pen, pencil, scissors, and glue. Get the complete set of instructions here.

Clothespin Chameleon
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Plant Maker: How about making a plant marker using a clothespin? To make this cool clothespin plant maker you need a clothespin, and washi tape. Get instructions here.

Clothespin Plant Maker
(Image: Credit).

Clothespin Planter: How about making a planter using clothespins? All you need is clothespins and a can or a jar. Get the complete set of instructions to make one here.

Clothespin Planter
(Image: Credit).

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