Jan 13, 2017

15 Coolest Illusionary Products for You.

Are these products really illusionary or are they just creating an illusion? Check it out for yourself.

Optical Illusion Bookshelf: This optical illusion bookshelf by designer Leung from ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects, takes its inspiration from the famous 2D drawing of the optical illusive bookshelf. You can use these for shelving books, iPads or magazines as well. More info.

Optical Illusion Bookshelf
Magnetic Bookends: A metal holder is hidden in the last book cover that draws the magnetic pointer to the metal holder, thus creating a floating illusion. Buy Now: $25.

Magnetic BookendsRope Bottle Holder: This bottle holder creates a perfect floating illusion; its made from real rope with hidden metal inside that keeps the bottle in air. Buy Now: $9.59.

Rope Bottle Holder
Windowblinds Lamp: This windowblinds create an illusion of a window behind it, but there is no widow. It gives you artificial light, and comes with adjustable brightness. More info.

Windowblinds LampFluttua Floating Bed: A single foot under the center of the bed gives the illusion that the bed is floating off the ground supports. More info.

Fluttua Floating BedMilk Glass Night Light: It's designed to look like a glass filled with milk, and just place them over your staircase. Anyone who looks at it wont make out why you placed glass filled with milk on your staircase till you turn it on. To power it up, all you need do is place it upright and it turns off when tilted or placed upside down. Buy Now: $4.34.

Milk Glass Night LightShiro Pencil Holder: This cool holder creates an illusion as if the top ring is floating, but its actually held by a pencil that is welded into the pen holder. Buy Now: About $38 ($50CAD).

Shiro Pencil HolderSplash Chopping Board: The Splash Chopping Board is cleverly designed to make it stable against the edge of the kitchen counterop; while the vertical part can be removed to make a completely flat worktop saver. Buy Now: About $18 (£14.95).

Splash Chopping Board
Selfshelf Bookshelves: This invisible bookshelf's base is designed to look like a book that attaches securely to your wall and holds your real books, creating an impressive floating effect. Buy Now: About $37(£29.95).

Selfshelf BookshelvesMagnetic Vases: A minimal design that creates an illusion of a vase standing upright with no base. A thin metal base is placed under any tablecloth and the strong magnet on the bottom of the vase to hold it upright. Buy Now: $49.99.

Magnetic VasesMagnetter Key Holder: On a glance it looks like the keys are held to the holder creating an illusion. This key holder comes with strong hidden magnets that are at work when you place your keys on it. Simple yet stylish design holds your keys and the curved top is a perfect place for incoming and outgoing mail. Buy Now: $14.98.

Magnetter Key Holder
Magnetic Tealight Holder: This cool magnetic tealight holder can be placed on any surface while the tealight creates a floating effect. More info.

Magnetic Tealight HolderServietta Napkin Holder: It's a napkin holder made in Switzerland wayback in the 1950s. The napkins create an illusion of being the skirt of the figurine. More info.

Servietta Napkin Holder
Coffee Cup Lights: On a glance these look like upside down cups but once you turn them on you know these are lights. These lights measure 150x65mm, and are made of porcelain. More info.

Coffee Cup LightsNapkin Holder from Artori Design: A cool napkin holder that you'll actually want to put on display. To create a fun illusion all you need to do is place different colored napkins into this unique metal napkin holder. Buy Now: $22.

Napkin Holder from Artori Design
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