Jan 10, 2017

15 Coolest Fish Inspired Products and Designs.

Collection of 'Coolest Fish Inspired Products and Designs' from all over the world for you.

Fish Icecream Wafflecones: The Japanese fish shaped icecream wafflecones are chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The fish-shaped Japanese waffle has a large mouth to hold creamy icecream. Its available at Taiyaki NYC, and comes filled with a variety of icecream flavors. Buy Now.

Fish Icecream Wafflecones
(Image: Credit).

Fish Sleeping Bag: This sleeping bag looks like a cartoon fish with open mouth and creates an illusion of kids sleeping in the mouth of a fish. It comes with a side zipper for easy access for kids to get in and out of the bag. Buy Now: About: $138 (130.5€).

Fish Sleeping Bag
Fish Purses: The fish purses are made from cotton, are available in two sizes - small: 16x10cm and big: 13.5x22cm. These can comfortably hold your smartphone, pen, credit cards, dollar bills and more. Buy Now: About: starting at $19.

Fish Purses
White Fish Sea Glass Necklace: The beach jewelry necklace makes an accent on neck with a cute smiling green fish with white tale. The necklace is hand assembled using seaglass pieces found by Lena and her family. Buy Now: $ 27.

White Fish Sea Glass Necklace
RedFish Trivet: The RedFish Trivet is functional, compact and fun; it looks really cool when placed in your kitchen and it graciously holds hotpots and serving plates. It looks really good on your table too. Buy Now: $9.78.

RedFish Trivet
Fish Booties: These cute baby booties are handmade from locally sourced sheep's wool. Buy Now: $24.83.

Fish Booties
Fish Soap Dish: The Fish Soap Dish is handmade from clay, comes with aqua blue glaze, measures 13x8 cm, holds your soap and is an addition to your bathroom d├ęcor. Buy Now: $ 10.83.

Fish Soap Dish
Fish Soap: The Fish Soap is handmade in Japan using the process based on the woodenmold similar to making of Japanese sweet called Rakugan. Its available in three fragrance, weighs 310g and measures 17.5 cm × 10.5 cm × 2 cm. Buy Now: $ 29.79.

Fish Soap
Fish Head Mask Complete with Fish Body: How about making your own fish head mask complete with fish body? It takes approximately three to six hours to build it, and you can decorate the finished mask the way you like. Once you purchase you get access to download the plans and instructions that will let you make your own 3D Fish with an articulated tail from cardboard. The instructions and templates are given in the form of PDF only. Buy Now: $ 6.88.

Fish Head Mask Complete with Fish Body
Fish Pen Case: This Fish Pen Case is really cool, on the outside it looks like an ordinary fish, but once you unzip it you find an image of baked fish with eyes open on the inside. It's up to you what you hold in it, these are available in three fish varieties. Buy Now: About: $ 11.

Fish Pen Case
Fish Earrings: These fish earrings are handmade from sterling silver (silver 925) wire and each pair is unique. Their hooks are made from silver wire 950, 0.8 mm thickness. These measure 42 x 42 mm and 57 mm in length. Buy Now: $ 23.

Fish Earrings
Fish Winter Hat: The Fish Winter Hat is warm and fun, it comes with fins, a horn and the back of the whale's body behind the head. This handcrochet hat is made of supersoft acrylicyarn. Buy Now: $ 36.

Fish Winter Hat
Fish Stand: The handprinted wooden fish shaped stand is made from wood, available in 2 color designs - blue/green/white or blue/white. Buy Now: About: $22 (£18).

Fish Stand
DIY Fish Shaped Bottle Stand: How about making your own fish shaped bottle balancing stand? It's easy to make, and the video below gives you the entire process on how to make one. It looks great for any nautical themed or waterfront homes. More Instructions.

DIY Fish Shaped Bottle Stand
(Image: Credit).

Fish Shaped Comb: The Fish Shaped Comb is a small yet versatile comb handmade from natural sandalwood, comes with medium and fine tooth on each side. It measures around 5 length x 2 width x 0.375 thickness in inches. Buy Now: $11.75.

Fish Shaped Comb
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