Jan 21, 2017

15 Coolest Elephant Inspired Products and Designs.

Collection of 'Coolest Elephant Inspired Products and Designs' from all over the world for you.

Elephant Bottle Holder: This cute bottle holder holds your beverage in a playful way. Buy Now: $24.99.

Elephant Bottle Holder
Elephant Handbag: The Elephant Handbag is a cute basket-woven purse that features 14-karat light gold plated hardware and comes with basket top closure. Buy Now: $278.

Elephant Handbag
Elephant Tea Cup: This elephant-shaped cup comes with a little space for you to place your bag after you are done. Buy Now: About $15 (£12).

Elephant Tea Cup
Elephant Plug Attachment: This playful elephant attaches to the power point outlet and when you plug in your appliance it gives it the looks of an elephant's face with an extended trunk as the cable. More info.

Elephant Plug Attachment
(Image: Credit).

Elephant Lamp Nightlight: The Elephant Lamp Nightlight gives a comfortable glow that makes it perfect for your kid's room. It gives the much-needed illumination when kids want to use the bathroom during night. It comes with an on/off toggle switch with polarized plug. Buy Now: $150.

Elephant Lamp Nightlight
Elephant Bottle Opener: Now who wouldn't like to have this cute elephant bottle opener? Buy Now: $55.

Elephant Bottle Opener
Elephant Hooks: The Elephant Hooks come in three different sizes - baby (small), mama (medium), and papa (large). These are made from steel and are powder-coated with a colorful and durable coating. You can fix these on your wall and use the trunk of the elephant or its ears to hold your umbrellas, scarves, jackets, jewelry, headphones, and more. More info.

Elephant Hooks
Elephant Hamper: The Elephant Bathroom Hamper is a handcrafted laundry basket that comes in the shape of a friendly elephant with a curling trunk. It keeps your kids bedroom floor clear of clothes. Buy Now: $109.

Elephant Hamper
Elephant Ring Holder: This Baby Elephant Ring Holder holds your ring in its truck and keeps them in order. It's perfect as an elegant decoration for your dresser. Buy Now: $15.80.

Elephant Ring Holder
Elephant End Table: The Elephant End Table features a raised trunk on which the glass tabletop is placed. Looks perfect for your home or garden. Buy Now: $165.30.

Elephant End Table
Mamut Plate Racks: Mamut concept features three plate racks - baby (small), mama (medium), and papa (large), this lets you to shrink or extend them according to your need. These hold plates of different sizes and uses small space for placement. More info.

Mamut Plate Racks
(Image: Credit).

Elephant Bean Bag: Saccotto - the Elephant Bean Bag is cool piece of furniture for kids bedroom. It features simplicity of the shapes, clean lines of its profile and the careful choice of fabrics and colors. The zipper is covered with fabric to protect the floors from unwanted scratches and keeps kids from opening it. Buy Now: 197.67+.

Elephant Bean Bag
Elephant Organizer: This stylish elephant organizer lets you organize your letters, keys, magazines and more. You can make it sit on your desktop or fix it on the wall. Buy Now: $18.46.

Elephant Organizer
Elephant Plate: This beech wood elephant plate comes with cutlery and is perfect to get the kids to eat their food. Apart from these you can use it to hold candies, cookies, chocolate, dessert or salad. Buy Now: $25.

Elephant Plate
Elephant Paper Lanterns: These adorable Elephant Paper Lanterns are perfect as light display for kids bedroom. These handmade stringlights come in set of 20. Buy Now: $ 15.50.

Elephant Paper Lanterns
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