Jan 14, 2017

15 Coolest Cat Scratching Posts.

If you have a cat in house then you know better to give it its own scratchpost if you don't want to see your sofa or other furniture being taken an as outlet for scratching. Here we have the most playful and coolest scratchposts, multi-functional cat furniture, cat tree, cat playhouse and cat bed that includes scratchpost.

Copycat Art Scratcher: This playful and cool scratcher looks like the Mona Lisa painting that gives your cat the needed scratching post while it looks cool on your wall. Buy Now: About: $180 (€ 169).

Copycat Art Scratcher
Petbo Cat Playhouses: These playhouses provide a safe and playful space for your cat and also serves as a home decor element. Made from cardboard, it comes with a scratchboard and assembles in less than 1 minute. Buy Now: About - $33 (€29) - $39 (€35).

Petbo Cat Playhouses

Cat Fort: The Cat Fort gives your cat a perfect play structure for their climbing and scratching needs. It features two sisal poles, and shelves to keep your cat in good health by providing it the right space to exercise. Buy Now: $398.

Cat Fort
Pawssphere: The Pawssphere is a durable jute wrapped sphere that encourages your cat to scratch; and it comes with a toy. This feather-tipped tassel gets the attention of your cat to play while stretching and toning itself and keeping its nails groomed. Buy Now: $38.99.

Floating Sisal Cat Post Step: The Floating Sisal Cat Post Step is best for bringing out the acrobat in your cat. Its perfect for climbing and gives an outlet for their climbing needs. And it even provides a scratching outlet in your home. This bracket-less sisal post measures 4" wide and 11" long. Buy Now: $45.

Floating Sisal Cat Post Step
Dog Scratchpost for Cats: Dogs are known for their loyalty and here being a scratchpost for your cat it's protecting your furniture from cat scratching. Buy Now: About: $712 (€ 669).

Dog Scratchpost for Cats
Catalpa Cat Tree: The Catalpa Cat Tree measures 6 feet tall, features 8-inch wide platforms and a sisal-scratching mat attached on the trunk. Its weighted base keeps the tree stable. It's available in Espresso and Mahogany versions. Buy Now: $299.99.

Catalpa Cat Tree
Cat Tree Furniture Condo: The Cat Tree Furniture Condo lets you lounge your cat in high places and boosts their confidence. It's perfect for climbing, sleeping, scratching, and exercising. It measures 50"(L)X26"(W)X74"(H). It's simple to assembly and looks good in any room. Buy Now: $119.99.

Cat Tree Furniture Condo
Cat Sky Track: The Cat Sky Track keeps your feline friends active and keeps them away from scratching your furniture. It comes with a hammock, measures 54" and holds 62 lbs of weight. This wall fixable activity center challenges your feline friends and gives them perfect surroundings to play and relax. Buy Now: $ 260.

Cat Sky Track
Scratching Laptop for Cat: The cardboard scratching laptop for cats comes with a fluffy toy mouse on elastic and scratchy keyboard and gives the much needed outlet for your cats for their natural instinct to scratch. Buy Now: $29.99.

Scratching Laptop for Cat
Arty Cat Scratcher: The Arty Cat Scratcher features a curved design that separates into two pieces; these can be used together or apart to provide more than one scratching outlet in your home. If your cat wants to scratch, lounge or play this innovative design has everything covered. Buy Now: $69.

Arty Cat Scratcher
Cat Scratching Mat: The Cat Scratching Mat can be placed onto any corner in your house and it provides your cat with a dedicated place for scratching. It's specially designed to protect your wall coverings from scratches by your cat. Buy Now: $34.99.

Cat Scratching Mat
SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post: The 32-inch post height allows your cat to stretch vertically while using the post. Perfect for toning muscles and territorial marking purpose. Buy Now: $39.99.

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
Cat Scratch Turntable: The cardboard turntable for cats gives your cat an opportunity to be a DJ while giving it the perfect scratchpost to do its thing. Buy Now: $32.94.

Cat Scratch Turntable
Kempf 's Cat House: Kempf designed this for his cat Olive. The cat can enter through a door at the bottom side, and then ascends a surface that takes her to the upper level. The front wall is in plexi-glass while the floor is made from a thick old sheepskin rug. Apart from this there is also a big cardboard scratching porch. More info.

Kempf 's Cat House
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