Jan 9, 2017

15 Coolest Bookmarks for You.

If you are an avid reader then you know the importance of a bookmark; then why opt for commonly used card or leather bookmarks to remember where you left off. To make your reading more interesting we have 'Coolest Bookmarks' from all over the world.

Food Bookmark: Tokyo Kitsch makes realistic food bookmarks that come in 8 different varieties (pancake, bread, watermelon and more) to mark your book. These food bookmarks are so realistic that people who would look at your book are sure to think that you didn't find a proper bookmark and opted to use your food instead. More info.

Food Bookmark
Crocodile Bookmark: Are you scared of reptiles? If yes, don't worry; this Crocomark isn't here to scare you, instead he makes it easy for you to return to story. This Crocodile Bookmark by Peleg lies deep in between the pages silently waiting for the appropriate time to draw you back to reading. Buy Now: $10.90.

Crocodile Bookmark
Zipper Bookmark: It's true that zipper made things a lot easy for all of us, but zipper bookmark? Zipmark is a playful and colorful bookmark designed as a zipper that lets you unzip your book at the right page. Zipper bookmark by Peleg; its available in red, blue, and green. Buy Now: $9.

Zipper Bookmark
Sticky Page Markers: If you are among those who multi mark your books, catalogs and documents these Sticky Page Markers are perfect you. It lets you create miniature scenes and landscapes. These are grouped by themes and can be used on their own, or mixed with markers from other packs to create entertaining scenes and landscapes. Buy Now: About $5 (£3.95).

Sticky Page Markers
Pokemon Go Bookmarks: Pokemon Go Bookmarks look like tiny legs making it look like the rest of it is resting in your book. These tiny legs let you remember where you left off. These are handmade and are available in five designs. Buy Now: $ 25.

Pokemon Go Bookmarks
Reading Lamp Bookmark: Reading lamp is essential for your reading, but Reading Lamp Bookmark by Peleg is even more important. This lamp shaped bookmark sheds light on your last read page. It's designed to give your books a bright look. Buy Now: $9.45.

Reading Lamp Bookmark
Sprout Little Green Bookmarks: The Sprout Little Green Bookmarks are flexible and shaped like sprouting seedlings. These six sprouts are grouped in 3 different shades of green. These will not only mark your pages, but are small enough to mark the last line you read. Buy Now: $5.83.

Sprout Little Green Bookmarks
DIY Fox Bookmark: How about making your own fox bookmark? All you need to do is print the bookmarks on card stock and cut out the grey border around the bookmark. More Instructions.

DIY Fox Bookmark
(Image: Credit).

C3PO Bookmark: Who can miss C3PO from starwars who is fluent in over six million forms of communication? This bookmark look like a luxury legs edition made of gold of C-3PO who is waiting in between the pages of your book for you to come and continue your reading. Buy Now: $ 25.

C3PO Bookmark
Hippo Bookmark: Yes we are aware that hippos are very aggressive towards humans, but you need not worry about this Hippomark. This Hippomark swims through pages, and elegantly emerges from the plot to let you know exactly where you stopped your story. Buy Now: $9.

Hippo Bookmark
Submarine Bookmark: Read any number of pages and once you are done just place the Submark where you ended. And next time you want to read you can continue from the same place as you can find the periscope looking out of the book. Buy Now: $9.

Submarine Bookmark
P-Hooks Bookmarks: Just insert these P-Hooks to mark content and these make it easy for you to return where you left. These are made of hardboard, and comes is set of 12 pieces. Buy Now: About: $6 (6 €).

P-Hooks Bookmarks
Electronic UK Dictionary Bookmark: The Electronic UK Dictionary Bookmark makes it really easy and fast for you to refer any word you don't understand. It comes with 38,000 definitions, is ultraslim, and ensures that you don't loose the plot right in the middle of a book just because of an unfamiliar word. Buy Now: $23.03.

Electronic UK Dictionary Bookmark
Superior Essentials Bookmark: The Superior Essentials Bookmark comes with weighted ends to stay in place, and its textured bottom holds in place even on an angle. It's your bookmark, page holder, and book weight. Buy Now: $9.99.

Superior Essentials Bookmark
Balvi Bookmark: The Balvi Bookmark creates an illusion as if this guy is sleeping with your page waiting for you to return to continue your reading. Buy Now: $9.

Balvi Bookmark
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