Jan 7, 2017

15 Best Whiteboard Gadgets.

Whiteboards are everywhere, office, school and more. We have smart whiteboards, portable whiteboards, whiteboard notebooks, whiteboard stickable and more from all over the world for you.

Kaptivo: Kaptivo turns any whiteboard smart, lets you share your whiteboard in real time with colleagues working remotely. Kaptivo records everything you write automatically and you can even rewind to any point of the whiteboard's timeline using the history feature. Anyone can access your whiteboard via their web browser or mobile device using its app, once you give them secure invitation. Buy Now: $399.


GoTouch: GoTouch is a portable device that turns any TV or projector into a big interactive whiteboard you can write or draw on. This Internet connected system lets your colleagues or students to use their smart phones or smart devices to join in. Pre-order: $99.


Betabook: Betabook is a portable whiteboard for the digital age. You don't need to stick to your wall; write and erase and keep what matters and erase the rest. Buy Now: $30.

IP-1 Interactive Whiteboard Pen: This interactive pen lets you write, draw and control the mouse. Four people can work together on the projected whiteboard surface. Buy Now: $79.

IP-1 Interactive Whiteboard Pen

MasterVision Interactive Magnetic Whiteboard: This interactive board comes with 2 GB of internal memory, is compatible with PC, Mac or Linux OS, replaces your projection screen and is available in 56", 78" and 96" sizes. Buy Now: $2,298.99.

MasterVision Interactive Magnetic Whiteboard
Equil Smartmarker: The Equil Smartmarker is a smart device that turns any whiteboard into a smart board. It comes with built-in memory that keeps track of what you write on whiteboard, and lets you record up to 16ft x 5ft of content. Use your smartphone or laptop to view what the device has recorded. It records in real-time and syncs to Dropbox, Evernote, and more. Buy Now: $699.95.

Equil Smartmarker

TempErase: TempErase is a simple product that lets you make a dry erase surface where you need it. All you need to do is simply peel off the backing and apply. What more, it's also easily removable. Buy Now: $22.99.

Nuboard Whiteboard Notebook: The Nuboard Whiteboard Notebook comes in the form of a spiral notebook and features erasable and transparent pages. The whiteboard and transparent pages are writeable using an erasable marker. More info.

Nuboard Whiteboard Notebook

Ubi Touch: The Ubi Touch Kit is an innovative solution that turns any surface into a touchscreen, allows you to interact with any Windows application using your fingers, the Ubi pen or in-air gestures. It lets you create displays up to 80" diagonally, works with almost any projector, and interacts with any Windows 8 or 7 app. Use its annotation tool and create a digital whiteboard on any surface of your conference room or classroom. It's very simple to set up and works with whiteboards, tables and more. Buy Now: $349 - $1699.

Ubi Touch

Anew Folio: Anew Folio is a reusable whiteboard planner book that lets you create your own customizable reusable dry-erasable whiteboard planner book. More info.

Anew Folio

ButterflyBoard: ButterflyBoard is a smartly designed, portable, and flexible tool that enables you to be creative anytime, anywhere. Pre-order: $76.


Scrubby Reusable Whiteboard Notebooks: The Scrubby Reusable Whiteboard Notebooks are rugged and waterproof, comes with 20 blank dry erase sheets (40 pages). Use a dry erase marker and it works just like a whiteboard. Buy Now: $31.99 - $43.99.

Scrubby Reusable Whiteboard Notebooks

Touchjet Pond: Touchjet Pond is a smart projector that turns any surface into an oversized touchscreen. It lets you stream movies, download any app from Google Play and use as normal, or use it as a presentation tool. Its compact and portable Android PC, comes with Wi-Fi, audio output, SD card, HDMI input and more. You can control your apps right off the wall with a stylus or remote. Buy Now: $299.

Touchjet Pond

Switch Port: The Switch Port is made using the same material as a dry erase board, that lets you leave messages or reminders that are impossible to miss. Buy Now.

Switch Port
Removable Wall Whiteboard: Removable Wall Whiteboard lets you make dry-erase board onto any wall. All you need to do is simply peel off the backing and apply. More info.

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