Jan 31, 2017

15 Best Tailgating Gear - Part 6.

If you are looking for tailgating essentials, you landed on the right page, we have the best tailgating gear from around the world for you.

Pouch Hoodie: The Pouch Hoodie features an insulated pocket to hold your beverage while keeping it cool. It keeps you and also your hands warm from holding your beverage. Its pocket comes with elastic that keeps your bottle secured to the sweatshirt. Buy Now: $21.80 - $44.96.

Pouch Hoodie
Spinchill: Spinchill is a portable gadget that chills your drink down in 1 minute. It works on canned and bottled beverages, perfect for tailgating and BBQ. Buy Now: $24.95.

Kreweser: Kreweser is a motorized cooler that lets you ride it in style. Comes with a 500w hub motor inside the front wheel that provides you with a quiet ride. Comes with 400 lb load capacity, has top speed of 18mph and when folded measures 36" x 23"x 25." Buy Now: $ 1,199 - $ 1,699.

Kreweser Cooler

MVP Tailgate Grill: This three burnergrill attaches to your trailer hitch, gives you precise cooking temperatures and can reach top temperatures up to 700 degrees. This fully stainless steel gives you grilling surface measuring 23 ¼" X 16". Buy Now: $869.

MVP Tailgate Grill
C-3PO Can Cooler: The C-3PO metal can cooler features metal exterior and rubber interior, keeps your beverage cool. It comes with a hole in the bottom to prevent vacuum and allows condensate to drain. Buy Now: $9.99.

C-3PO Can Cooler
Outdoor Reclining Seat: The Oniva Outdoor Reclining Seat is lightweight and portable, comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and six settings for reclining. Buy Now: $39.95.

Outdoor Reclining Seat
BBQ Tool Set: This 20-piece stainless steel BBQ set consists of fork, tongs, knife, grill-cleaning brush, bastingbrush, 4 steak knives, and 8 corn holders. All of these can be stored securely in aluminum storage case. Buy Now: $32.49.

BBQ Tool Set
Taylor Grill Surface Temperature Meter: It accurately monitors the surface temperature of your grill for perfect results every time. Buy Now: $9.95.

Taylor Grill Surface Temperature Meter
Portable Folding Sports Bench: The six-person foldable bench is perfect for your tailgating. It seats 6 people, folds away for easy storage and is compact. Buy Now: $65.19.

Portable Folding Sports Bench
BBQ / Campsite Organizer: The Clamp-on BBQ / Campsite Organizer keeps your grill supplies and other things organized and easily accessible making things a lot easy for you. Buy Now: $24.99.

BBQ / Campsite Organizer
Chef BBQ Apron: This BBQ apron features numerous pockets and clips to hold things like spatulas, brushes, tongs and condiments. This cool black apron reads 'Chef' on the front and back. Buy Now: $116.98.

Chef BBQ Apron
Grill Wrangler: Grill Wrangler is a 3-in-1 BBQ tool; it comes with a simple slide-n-lock mechanism and transforms to tongs to spatula to grilling fork. Buy Now: $17.50.

Grill Wrangler
Insulated Drink Holder: The Stubbystrip makes it easy for you to take along seven bottles or cans while keeping them cool. The neoprene insulates the cans while its gripping and wrap system keeps them in place. Buy Now: $24.95.

Insulated Drink Holder
Hammaka Trailer Hitch Hammock: Next time you plan for a tailgating, then don't miss to take along this cool chairs with its trailer hitch stand. It sets up in minutes and easily attaches to any standard 2 inch hitch receiver. Buy Now: $224.65.

Hammaka Trailer Hitch Hammock
Condimentgun Picnic Party: It comes with two reusable cartridges, perfect for BBQ sauce, ketchup or mustard. Buy Now: $21.79.

Condimentgun Picnic Party
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