Jan 4, 2017

15 Best Hydration Gadgets For You.

Our body is mostly water isn't it? Inadequate hydration affects your feelings, performance, sleep, thinking and more. So to keep you hydrated and to get you in your optimum performance level, we have the best hydration gadgets from all over the world.

LVL Wearable Hydration Monitor: LVL is a smart wearable hydration monitor that tracks your activity, sleep, and more and gives you the complete picture of your health. The optimum hydration lets you optimize your workout, training set, sleep, and more. It alerts you in real-time, lets you know exactly how much fluid you need. It features simple interface, touchscreen, side buttons for additional input, and connects via BLE to your smartphone, sports watch, bike, computer and more. Pre-order: $149.99.

LVL Wearable Hydration Monitor

Hydration Pack Flavorinfuser: Did it ever happen to you that during your travel you felt that water isn't enough and perhaps you should have filled your hydration pack with a sports drink? Or once you filled your hydration pack with sports drink, you wanted pure water? Now the option you have - take multiple hydration packs, clean your hydration pack that holds your sports drink once you are back home, this is not something you look forward to. This is where Hydration Pack Flavorinfuser comes into the picture. It attaches to your hydration pack and gives you customflavor control with the turn of a dial. This device mixes customized flavor into the water flowing from your hydration pack to your mouthpiece. As the water passes through the device, it pulls drops of flavor as it flows by and these drops quickly mix with the stream and continue up to your mouthpiece. The bottom half of the device houses a removable flavor cartridge that you can fill with your choice of flavor or you can enjoy multiple flavors in the same cartridge. The flavor dial is located on the top on the device that allows you to select exactly how much flavor you want to release into the water. It's simple to attach, and let's you switch back to pure water at just the turn of a dial. More info.

Hydration Pack Flavorinfuser

Conway Handbag: If had enough of paying $5 for a plastic water bottle, and want to keep yourself hydrated and look and feel your best, Conway Handbag is for you. The Conway Handbag comes with a removable 17 oz. water pouch and drinking tube in the shoulder strap for easy hydration. The drinking tube is funneled through the adjustable shoulder strap of the bag and seen once you unzip it. Conway Handbag is a perfect blend of utility and creativity. Pre-order: $95 - $105.

Conway Handbag
Thrillseeker Hydropack: If you are among those who don't want to take along a water bottle and are looking for ways to keep yourself hydrated then these stylish hydration backpacks are perfect. These come with 2 liters hydration reservoir, give you handsfree hydration, and are convenient with your adventurers. Buy Now: $50.

Thrillseeker Hydropack
Hydrabottle: The Smart Bottle features 20oz (600ml) water bottle, comes with 4000 mah power bank, 5W powerful Bluetooth speaker, microphone for handsfree connection, and light. So it keeps you hydrated, your gadgets juiced up, play music for you, let you take phone calls, and lights up the area around you. What more can we expect from a simple water bottle? Buy Now: From $46.50.

Dolfinpack Lightweight Hydration Pack (Version 2): If you are looking for a lightweight, durable, hydration system, then Dolfinpack Hydration Pack is perfect for you. The Hydration Pack is all-weatherproof pack, formfitting, waterproof, made with neoprene fabric and has 1.5L capacity. Its perfect for surfers, runners, athletes or shall we say its perfect for outdoor people who wants to keep themselves hydrated. Buy Now: $44.95.

Dolfinpack Lightweight Hydration Pack (Version 2)

Intelishake: The Intelishake is a smart sports drink bottle that features multiple sections, modular, mix and match bottle; it also features two dry storage sections. Buy Now: $14.99.

Intelishake Water Bottle

Hidratespark Smart Water Bottle: If you don't drink enough water, Hidratespark Smart Water Bottle glows to make sure that you never forget to drink your water again. This connected water bottle that tracks your water intake makes sure by alerting you to keep up your water intake. It's a 24 oz (710 ml) reusable water bottle that works along with its app to automatically track how much you drink throughout the day. It sends your information to its app on your smartphone and glows when its time to drink more water. It connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth and works with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $54.95.

Hidratespark Smart Water Bottle

Crossxvest Evo: Crossxvest Evo is a compact, breathable and adjustable weightvest that features an integrated hydration system so you stay hydrated during your workouts. If you are among those who enjoy training in the night, it comes with reflectionstrips on the front and backside. It also lets you change setting of weights easily and each pouch represents 1kg/2.2lbs. Buy Now: From $145 (€ 139).

Crossxvest Evo

Permafrost Bottle: It features a re-freezable built-in gel pack that keeps beverages cool for hours. All you need to do is just place the bottle in the freezer an hour or more prior to use and enjoy chilled drinks for hours. Buy Now: $21.

Permafrost Bottle
Trago Smart Water Bottle: Trago is a smart water bottlecap designed to track your water intake and keeps you posted about your hydration level. It comes with its own water bottle but you can also use it with any standard wide-mouth water bottle you already own. It works along with your smartphone, and smart wearable and takes into account your activity level and other data to provide you with recommendations. Using its app you can also build a personal hydration profile specific to you. Buy Now: $69.99.

Trago Smart Water Bottle

Next Bottle: Next Bottle features a smartphone dock with 360-degree pivot feature, Bluetooth speaker, and powerbank. It also holds your keys, recharges your smartphone or any other device through its USB port, and features a touchscreen display to control volume and other settings. Buy Now: $99.

Next Bottle

Ivation Backpack: This comfortable backpack comes with removable 7-watt, 6-volt solar panel, 10,000mAh power bank, dual 5-volt USB output ports that recharges two gadgets at one go, and a wearable hydration pack. The hydration pack comes with a flexible pipe for drinking while wearing the backpack. The solar panel can supply a direct recharge for your gadgets or as a power bank for later use. Buy Now: $89.99.

Ivation Backpack
Seed Smart Bottle: The Seed Smart Bottle is designed to keep you hydrated all the time. Its algorithms compute your body's hydration needs according to water intake, and various other factors and give you a customized water intake schedule that meets your individual needs. It uses gentle buzz and light display to remind you when you are falling behind in your water intake. It comes with touchscreen, stale water alert, waterproof up to IP67 and more. More info.

Seed Smart Bottle

Hydrosport Vest: Hydrosport Vest is a hydration system and fitness pack that's designed for the active lifestyle. It's perfect for running, hiking, biking, the gym and more. It lets you take your smartphone, keys, wallet, energy snack, hydration and more. Buy Now: $49.99.

Hydrosport Vest
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