Jan 19, 2017

15 Best Home Planetariums.

If you looking for Home Planetariums and Star Projectors to fill your entire room with bright stars or experience visiting a planetarium right from inside your own home, look no further we have something special for you.

Homestar Earth Theater Home Planetarium: The Homestar Earth Theater Home Planetarium projects about 60,000 stars with astronomical backdrops. It lets you experience an amazing snowlandscape and northern hemisphere night sky with all its aurorabeauty, along with Japanese satellite Hayabusa orbiting the planet. Its like having a mini IMAX cinema in your home. Buy Now: $ 740.

Homestar Earth Theater Home Planetarium

Relaxing Star Projector: The Relaxing Star Projector projects stars and produces nature sounds making it perfect for your kids room. Buy Now: $24.98.

Relaxing Star Projector

Megastar Class Home Planetarium: The Megastar Class Home Planetarium projects 180 degrees in all directions around 1 million stars, complete with diurnalmotion set to the 35th parallel north. It also comes with moodlighting that lets you create dusk, dawn and blue-sky spectacles. You can use its controller or your Bluetooth-enabled device to program your stargazing experience. This compact device is available in either white or black and is compatible with Bluetooth devices. Buy Now: $ 20,108.

Megastar Class Home Planetarium

Homestar Aqua Tokyo Sky Tree: The Homestar Aqua Tokyo Sky Tree is the waterproof home planetarium projector for your bathroom that projects 10,000 stars and constellations. It lets you enjoy the spectacle of the Sky Tree tower against the night sky, illuminated in two different stunning color tones. It's available in two stylish projection designs. Buy Now: $ 74.

Homestar Aqua Tokyo Sky Tree
LiveStar Mini Planetarium: The LiveStar Mini Planetarium projects the night sky in your home and lets you experience a visit to the planetarium right from inside your own home. It projects stars, constellations and you can even see the Milky Way. Buy Now: $80.

LiveStar Mini Planetarium
Homestar Aqua Cute Home Planetarium: The Homestar Aqua Cute Home Planetarium projects 9,000 stars. This mini stargazing projector is just perfect for your bedroom or bathroom. Buy Now: $ 48.

Homestar Aqua Cute Home Planetarium
Stars Projector: The Stars Projector lets you create your own personal animated universe with thousands of stars with or without cloudformations. It comes with auto shut off feature that turns it off automatically after 4 hours. Buy Now: $94.99.

Stars Projector

Homestar Aqua Home Planetarium: The Homestar Aqua Home Planetarium is portable and waterresistant, projects ten thousand stars in a beautiful circular projection making it perfect for your bathroom. Buy Now: $ 72.

Homestar Aqua Home Planetarium

Lightahead Galaxy Star Projector: The Lightahead Galaxy Star Projector projects the night sky in your home to create a soothing and relaxing feel. It comes with adjustable light patterns, and its color lights give galaxy light effect. Buy Now: $13.99.

Lightahead Galaxy Star Projector

Homestar Aqua Planetarium: The Homestar Aqua Planetarium is a waterproof stargazing projector that surrounds you with 180 degrees of stars along the 6th parallel north circle of latitude. Its round shape makes it easy for you to adjust to any angle you want. Its pinhole projection spreads out in a beautiful pattern all around you. It's available in four stylish colors. Buy Now: $ 66.

Homestar Aqua Planetarium
Calmknight Star Projector: The Calmknight Star Projector features an auto-cry detection that turns on the device to sooth your baby back to sleep. It projects stars, plays calming lullabies and nature sounds. Buy Now: 29.95.

Calmknight Star Projector
(Thanks for the shout - Haver).

Homestar Resort Home Planetarium: The Homestar Resort Home Planetarium brings the Hawaii blue sky with ten thousand stars to your home. It comes with a timer that lets you enjoy the projection before you sleep and features two songs and beach and wave sound effects. It's available in two choices of colors - blue and green. Buy Now: $ 159.

Homestar Resort Home Planetarium
Starlight Projector: The Starlight Projector fills your entire room with bright stars. Buy Now: $13.99.

Starlight Projector

Twinkle Tent: The Twinkle Tent is an adjustable play tent that features starry holes in the tent to create a mini planetarium experience for the kids. Buy Now: $ 153.

Twinkle Tent
Home Auroraprojector: This stargazing planetarium comes with a 60-minute timer, projects the northern lights and its angle can be adjusted to three different levels. Buy Now: $ 180.

Home Auroraprojector

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