Jan 24, 2017

15 Best Door Stoppers - Part 5.

Why opt for a simple wooden wedge when you can hold your door open or closed in style? We have these cool, stylish and cute doorstops that can be lots of fun and shows your sense of humor too.

Great Wave Doorstop: The Great Wave Doorstop takes its inspiration from "Great Wave Off Kanagawa" woodblock print by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. This nautical-themed doorstop is functional and impressive to look at. Buy Now: $60.

Great Wave Doorstop
Ooob Doorstop: The Ooob Doorstop is multifunctional - use them as doorstop, bookend, or paperweight. It combines simplicity with functionality, weighs 1 kg, available in black, grey, red, and deep pink. Buy Now: About $21 (£16.99).

Ooob Doorstop
Shoe Door Stop: This classic English Gentleman's brogue doorstop can also be used as a decorative item. The Tom Dixon Shoe Door Stop is handmade, measures 8.5cm x 30cm x 10cm. Buy Now: About $83 (£67.29).

Shoe Door Stop
Bird Door Stopper: The Bird Door Stopper is beautiful, functional and decorative, holds doors open reliably and is sure to bring a smile on your face whenever you look at it. Buy Now: About $17 (15.9 EUR).

Bird Door Stopper
Mouse Door Stop: The silver mouse door stop is designed by Smithers of Stamford, and is handmade from aluminum. Buy Now: $45.

Mouse Door Stop
Leaf Door Stopper: This Leaf Door Stopper will keep doors securely open, won't scratch your door or floor and easily wedges under doors. Buy Now: $8.

Leaf Door Stopper
You've Got Mail Door Stopper: This humorous door stopper creates an impression as if mail is placed under your door while keeping your doors open. Buy Now: $15.

You've Got Mail Door Stopper
Opening Door Stopper: On a glance it looks similar to a clothespin, but it isn't. This wooden doorstopper comes with a message 'when one door closes, another door opens'. Buy Now: $17.

Opening Door Stopper
Oval Door Stop: This cool door stop features a smooth shape, fastens to the floor to prevent doors from hitting walls. Buy Now: $86.

Oval Door Stop
Compact Cassette Door Wedge: The Compact Cassette Door Wedge is a wooden version of compact cassette for wedging open a door. What more, you can even personalize it with up to 11 characters. It's made from solid piece of oak and finished with natural oils. Buy Now: $25.56.

Compact Cassette Door Wedge
Flexy Door Stop: Unlike the other door stoppers, Flexy uses the doorknob to keep the door ajar for fresh air, and prevents it from closing off due to breeze. When not in use, just place it around the doorknob. Buy Now: $4.95.

Flexy Door Stop
Elephant Door Stop: This colorful elephant is going to use his body weight against your door and prevent it from closing off. The elephant shaped doorstop is designed by Ulster Weavers. Buy Now: $12.81.

Elephant Door Stop
Rope Knot Door Stop: Can a rope knot stop a door from closing? We don't think so unless there is weight in the center of the knot. This Rope Knot Door Stop is tied in the classic monkey's knot form using cotton rope and comes with weight in the center of the knot. It measure over 7 inches in diameter and weighs about 2 lbs. Buy Now: $ 32.

Rope Knot Door Stop
Zuny Gorilla Door Stopper: This cute leather animal door stopper can also double as bookend and also holds your door for you. Buy Now: $50.50.

Zuny Gorilla Door Stopper
Blockystar Door Stop: With Blockystar Door Stop you don't need to bend to place the door wedge, you can do it with your foot. Buy Now: $ 8.28.

Blockystar Door Stop
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