Jan 20, 2017

10 Best Clothespins for You.

No one gives much importance to clothespins, but if you are those who doesn't like the mundane clothespins in plastic or wood and want to be creative with every aspect of your life and are looking for the best, coolest, and awesome clothespins, then we have something special for you. Just one other thing if you are among those who like to use clothespins creatively then this if for you - Link.

Peggy Smart Clothespin: Peggy is a smart clothespin that sends you a notification when it's about to pour outside. It features temperature and humiditysensors, it gives you the drying time, best time to wash and more. It works along with its app on your smartphone and sends notifications to alert you with any updates. More info.

Peggy Smart Clothespin
(Image: Credit).

Bat Clothespins: The Art.Lebedev Studio brings to you these cool plastic bat-winged clothespins for your laundry. You get 13 pins in a set. Buy Now.

Bat Clothespins
Amazing Pegzini Family Clothespins: These five acrobatic wonders are here to hold your clothes on your clothesline in style. This Amazing Pegzini Family comes in set of 5; these are noticeable, easy to manage and measures 5" high. Buy Now: $13.99.

Amazing Pegzini Family Clothespins
M-Design's Clothespins: Designed by M-Design this clothespin comes with ridges on the inside of the clamp to hold your clothes on your clothesline. More info.

M-Design's Clothespins
(Image: Credit).

Pink Hegs: The Pink Hegs features dual-hooks to maximize holding space, a grip lock system, and easy grip for use. It keeps your laundry secure and reduces the need for ironing. Buy Now: About: $38 (AU$50).

Pink Hegs
Yellow Clip: Yellow Clip is an attempt to re-define the mundane clothespin, its creative and improves the longevity of the clothespin. More info.

Yellow Clip
(Image: Credit).

Duck Clothespins: These Duck Clothespins are perfect for holding your clothes on the washing line. You can even use these to hold photographs, memos at the office, or clip together that opened bag of cornflakes to keep it fresh. Buy Now: $3.06.

Duck Clothespins
Producttank's Clothespin: This design concept features a locking mechanism and a flexible rubbergrip that are designed to make it easy to open and close the clothespin. More info.

Producttank's Clothespin
(Image: Credit).

Music Notes Clothespins: These clothespins are designed to look like music notes to hold your clothes on the washing line. Buy Now: $11.80.

Music Notes Clothespins
Smart Clothespin: The Smart Clothespin features lights which turn off once your clothes dries off. There is no information available about this smart clothespin expect a video. We aren't even sure that it's for real! More info.

Smart Clothespin

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