Jan 27, 2017

15 Awesome Bookshelves and Bookcases.

If books hold a special place in your life, then they deserve special attention while placing them. For you to put your favorite books in the right place, we have for you 'Awesome Bookshelves and Bookcases' from all over the world.

Brick Bookshelf: This cool brick bookshelf looks perfect on any empty wall space; it holds your books, art and other objects. You have five colors to choose from. Buy Now: $ 530.74.

Brick Bookshelf
Modular Bookshelves: L Shelf is modular furniture that allows you to form bookcases of different shapes and sizes as per your requirements. Buy Now.

Modular Bookshelves
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Revolving Bookcase Wall Bed: The Revolving Bookcase Wall Bed is a space saving furniture that features a bookcase, dining table and a bed. Its integrated dining table rotates 180 degrees and reveals a comfortable bed. It perfect for those who have limited space. Buy Now: $5,995.

Revolving Bookcase Wall Bed

Mobile Bookshelf Chair: Bookinist is a movable chair that comes integrated with bookshelves, and lamp and moves around your house easily. It can hold about 80 paperbacks, has storage space for pencil, pencil sharpener, bookmarks, reading-glass, and more. More info.

Mobile Bookshelf Chair
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Freestanding Bookshelf: Hoja is a freestanding bookshelf that holds about 40 books or multiple magazines in a small space. Buy Now: $ 86.25.

Freestanding Bookshelf
Bookshelf Coffee Table: The One-Two Coffee Table comes integrated with shelves for books and magazines. This Wooden coffee table is best suited for your living room or reception space. More info.

Bookshelf Coffee Table
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Floating Bookshelves: The 12 Floating Bookshelves lets you build shelf by shelf your own bookcase. The shelf measures 9.05 inches by 5.9 inches and is 0.7 inches thick, making it suitable for an average book as seen in the picture. Each shelf can easily hold up to 15 books, about app. 8 kgs. Buy Now.

Floating Bookshelves
Cool Bookshelf: This cool bookshelf is designed by designer Filip Janssens and comes from collection of unique bookshelves. It gives you limited storage space, then again it gives you a perfect display for your favorite books. More info.

Cool Bookshelf
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Supershelf - Floating Bookshelf: The Supershelf - Floating Bookshelf creates an optical illusion as if the falling books are stopped by superhero. The metal bookends are cleverly hidden inside the books. Buy Now: $25.

Supershelf - Floating Bookshelf
Scroll Bookshelf: The Scroll Bookshelf seems to take its inspiration from ancient scrolls. It features a metal sheet covered with a plastic sleeve and two sturdy endrolls. The size is adjustable depending upon the number of books you place. What more it features integrated pen and pencil holders. More info.

Scroll Bookshelf
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Bookshelf Table: One-Two-Three Table features built-in bookshelves; you can sit, relax, and read your book on the bookshelf table itself. More info.

Bookshelf Table
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Boat Bookshelves: This nautical themed bookshelf is apt for showing your interest in sea and looks perfect for your office, living room, kids room, bedroom or anywhere else. Buy Now: $ 500.

Boat Bookshelves
Rubber Bookshelves: Designed by Hart, these flexible bookshelves can hold books of different sizes. It's made of rubber that allows it to adjust to the sizes of the books. More info.

Rubber Bookshelves
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Cat In The Hat Bookcase: Cat In The Hat Bookcase can be a good conversation starter within your home, and guests are sure to be impressed by it. It measures 4 ft, 31" wide at the base and tapers in to 24" before widening at the top to 26". Buy Now: $ 374.99.

Cat In The Hat Bookcase
Wooden Ladder Bookcase: This handmade wooden ladder bookcase takes the center space of any room you place it in. It measures 175cm (length) and 50cm (width). Buy Now: $ 176.91.

Wooden Ladder Bookcase
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