Dec 27, 2016

15 Coolest High Tech Gadgets For You.

Collection of 'Coolest High Tech Gadgets For You' from all over the world to make your daily life more comfortable with a touch of technology.

Cronzy Pen: Just think of it that you see a particular color on your way to your school or office or for that matter anywhere and you really want to use the same color in your project or report; how do you go about it? To make things a lot easy, we have the Cronzy Pen that features a built-in color scanner that lets you choose the color of your choice and re-create it in your diary, sketchbook, on canvas, or on the skin, and more. You can even click on its app on your smartphone, select the color of your choice and start writing or drawing. It can write in over 16-million colors. With Cronzy pen you don't need to take along dozens of multi-colored pens, as it gives you all of the existing colors and shades in the world in a single pen. Its compact in size, comes with 5 interchangeable tips and 2 sets of cartridges with ink and is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Pre-order: $219.

Cronzy Pen

Sky-Watcher Virtuoso: If you head outside on a clear night and look up, what you see will amaze you. And if you have a Sky-Watcher Virtuoso, then stargazing is much more fun. The Sky-Watcher Virtuoso is 5x24 finder scope and mountingbracket for DSLR, camcorder and smartphone. It comes with adjustable tracking speeds, multi-function motorized altitude and azimuth control, and a solar filter and finder. Buy Now: $249.95.

Sky-Watcher Virtuoso
Portable Apple Watch Recharger from Thanotech: If you have an Apple smartwatch and had enough of unplugging your 6-foot Apple watch recharger from behind your nightstand, then this is for you. It is an MFi watch recharger that lets you recharge your smartwatch anywhere. Its compact and portable, can be placed comfortably in your laptop bag, purse or even in your pocket. Buy Now.

Portable Apple Watch Recharger from Thanotech

Z Technology: If you are among those who have an old smartphone or smart device and want to reuse it but didn't know what to do with it, here is your chance - Z Technology. Z Technology is a smart device that turns your old iPhone/iPad into a 360° live streaming camera that you can use for various purposes. It comes with 10000 mAh and can recharge 3 devices, provides 360-degree live streaming, motionalerts, face recognition, video summary for the day, and cloudstorage. Pre-order: $59.

Z Technology

Modobag: Modobag is a motorized, rideable luggage that gets you to your destination 3x faster than walking. It has a max speed of 8 mph, and range of 8 miles. It features GPRS-GSM real-time tracking, proximity alert, dual USB recharging ports, dual wheel braking system and more. It recharges to 80% in minutes. Pre-order: $1095.

Modobag motorized rideable luggage

Personal Hydropower Plant: The Bluefreedom is a compact power plant that needs flowing water to produce and store electrical energy. It measures 20 centimeters in diameter, weighs 600 grams, and it takes minimum space in your backpack. It comes with USB recharging and works with your digital cameras, MP3 players, navigation devices, lamps, camping fridges, mobile phones, smartphones, notebooks and more. Buy Now: $319.

Personal Hydropower Plant

Geko Smart Whistle: If you are concerned about safety of your family members or your friends when they travel or out alone, then Geko Smart Whistle personal safety device is for you. Geko Smart Whistle when activated sends notification via texts, emails, voice recording to your pre-selected contacts. It includes your current location / closest address and updates it every 3 minutes until you de-activate the alert. It also provides continuous location tracking on Google Maps. It works using GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology, and supports iOS or Android device. Buy Now: $49.99.

Geko Smart Whistle
Zeeq Smart Pillow: A good night sleep is a must for an active day and if you disturb the other person sharing your bed, Zeeq Smart Pillow can make things a lot comfortable. Zeeq Smart Pillow plays your music that makes it easy for you to fall asleep, monitors your sleep and reacts by gently buzzing. It analyzes your sleep and intelligently wakes you up. This app enabled pillow records your sleepmovements that you can view on your smartphone. Now with Zeeq Smart Pillow you can sleep smarter. Buy Now: $249.

Zeeq Smart Pillow
Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator: Star Trek The Original Series Communicator Bluetooth Handset is a fully working wireless Communicator that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you make calls or stream music. It features wireless recharging, and comes with wide range of sound effects and voice clips. Buy Now: $149.95.

Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

Nope 2.0: These days with our continuous presence on social media most of our data is available online without much of a hassle. And what more, most of us can't be away from our smart devices for more than a few minutes. What if some one makes an unauthorized access to your devices and turns on the camera without you even knowing it? You dont want your private moments to be shared with anyone, would you? To protect your privacy you need to cover the camera when you are not using it. This is what Nope 2.0 does for you. Nope 2.0 is a simple yet elegant magnetic privacy shield for your desktops, laptops, smart phones and smart devices. It features a subtle design that matches the beautiful aesthetic of top devices. More info.

Nope 2.0
Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch: Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch is here to make your life more comfortable with its touch of technology and simple design. This smartwatch has most or all of the things you need. It features voice integration, touch control, Tickle, Flip and Knock, stealth mode, health and fitness tracking, handsfree assistance and more in a neat design. It's compatible with both iPhone and Android. Buy Now: $199.99.

Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch
Renegade: If you are among those who want to reuse your plastic bottles, or who uses excessive 3D pen and had enough of buying the expensive filaments then Renegade is for you. Renegade is a 3D pen that runs on plastic bottles. It provides you with a great 3D printing experience, lets you create sculptures, draw in the air and more without spending on overpriced proprietary filaments. Pre-order: $80 (£65).


Hello: Looking for an affordable alternative to high-end video conferencing systems? Then check out Hello, it's an advanced video communication device that easily connects to any TV and provides an all-in-one, voice-controlled smart-home or office-device for: video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, securitysurveillance with motiondetection and more. Pre-order: $169.

Hello high-end video conferencing system

Estream: Estream is a portable water power generator that works with any moving water and uses it to store energy to recharge your USB devices. It produces 2.5W - 7W of energy, takes about 4.5 hours to fully recharge 6,400mAh by running water and can recharge up to 3 smartphones, GoPros or more, twice as fast as a regular outlet. Pre-order: $180.

Estream portable water power generator

Cowarobot R1: Cowarobot R1 is a robotic suitcase that can follow you autonomously. It's capable of avoiding obstacles in its path, and maneuvers to stay in your line of sight. Its multiple smartsensors gather data from its surrounding area and ensure it returns to its place next to you. It has a max speed of 4.5 miles per hour, and runs for 12.5 continuous miles when fully recharged. Its active wheels retract when you turn its Autonomous Mode to Manual Mode. It features GPS tracking, obstacle avoidance, portable power bank, TSA approved smart lock and more. Pre-order: $699.

Cowarobot R1 robotic suitcase

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