Dec 23, 2016

15 Best Solar Powered Gifts.

Looking for solar powered gifts for your family or friends? Look no further we have the 'Best Solar Powered Gifts' from all over the world.

Sunnycase: This solar case for iPhone 6 will keep your smartphone juiced up all the time without the need of a power outlet. It features a rugged design, integrated solar power meter, dual panel design for faster recharging, 2000mAh power source, flipcase design that doubles as a stand, front facing speaker channel that almost doubles the sound output and more. Buy Now: $ 119.


Solar Power Bank: This power bank is designed when you need it most, it comes equipped with four 3-in-1-signal lights (it will never leave you stranded), solar recharging, 4 USB recharging ports, 20,000 mAh, water and dustproof. Buy Now: $139.

Solar Power Bank

Edyn Smart Garden System: The Edyn Smart Garden System consists of solar-powered, Wi-Fi connected devices: the Edyn Gardensensor and the Edyn Water Valve. Just insert the garden device into the soil and it tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture. The app then verifies this information with plant, soil science and weather databases to recommend which plants will grow best in your garden, optimal time for planting and more. The Edyn Water Valve, uses the data collected to smartly control your existing watering system, watering your plants only when needed. You can also use the app to manually water your plants from anywhere. Buy Now: $99.99 plus $69.

Edyn Smart Garden System

Portable Solar Camping Lamp: The Nuener N1 Portable Solar Camping Lamp comes with adjustable light lamp with 3 brightness levels, solar power bank with USB port for recharging the smartphone and other gadgets when you are in outdoor camping. Buy Now: $98.99.

Portable Solar Camping Lamp
ET-Stone: The ET-Stone is a solar power bank with a lamp and flashlight. It can recharge your gadgets outdoors and provides light when you need. It features a 3100 mAh power source, high quality solar panel (2.75V / 550mAh), 360-degree rotating kickstand and a lamp with 3 intensity levels. Buy Now: $49.

ET-Stone solar power bank

Move: Move is a smart solution that lets you motorize your existing windowblinds and shades. It features Bluetooth Smart and can be controlled directly by a smartphone or can be automated based on time, temperature or solar conditions. It's easy to install and uses solar energy to recharge. Buy Now: About $66 (€59).

Move motorize your existing windowblinds

Solar Shower: This solar shower comes with 5-gallon capacity and provides an eight-minute shower with solar-heated water. Buy Now: $16.90.

Solar Shower
Inflatable Solar Lantern: The Inflatable Solar Lantern is a lightweight, waterproof and supremely portable lantern. Buy Now: $14.95 - $86.99.

Inflatable Solar Lantern
Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter: The Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter by Goal Zero is compact, lightweight and has a rugged design; it powers your laptop and other gadgets and can be expanded as per your recharging needs. Buy Now: $329.99.

Solar Recharging Kit with Inverter
The Companion: The Companion is a solar and handpowered mobile recharger that also combines radio and flashlight in one device. Buy Now: $35 (£27.99).

Companion Radio
Portable Solar Oven: The Sunflair Portable Solar Oven cooks for 1-3 people, folding down to the size of a seat cushion, and weighing only 1 lb, 2 oz. Its portable, can accommodate a wide variety of cookware, can reach temperatures of up to 285 F, and comes with complete cookware and temperature meter, making it perfect for camping. Buy Now: $119.99.

Portable Solar Oven
Anker PowerHouse: Anker PowerHouse is a 400Wh portable power supply that features a 12V car socket, an AC outlet, and 4 USB ports. It can power your lamps, phones, laptops, mini fridges, and more. It recharges using a wall outlet or solar power. Buy Now: $499.99.

Anker PowerHouse
Sunjack Solar Recharger: It can recharge 8 iPhones or 1.4 iPads with only 5 hours of solar light. Buy Now: $ 189.

Sunjack Solar Recharger
Robotic Solar Swimmingpool Cleaner: This cool solar-powered robot cleaner removes leaves, dust, organic material and debris of all types from the surface of your swimmingpool before it settles down. Buy Now: $525.

Robotic Solar Swimmingpool Cleaner
Hydroponic Planter: This self-sustaining windowsill planter box comes with hidden hydroponic system that provides water and nutrients directly to the roots of the plants on a pre-programmed schedule. It comes with two power options - solar and electric. Buy Now: $139 - $219.

Hydroponic Planter

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