Dec 4, 2016

15 Best Gifts for New Parents Under $150.

Looking for gifts for new parents? Look no further, we have the 'Best Gifts for New Parents', and the best part is all these gifts are under $150.

Blooming Bath: Just place the Blooming Bath in your washbasin and it creates a cool cushion to wash your baby. Buy Now: $39.99.

Blooming Bath
Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet: This baby safety helmet features a comfortable stretchy circumference band, holes for ventilation, ½ inch thick protective foam and is perfect for your baby while they are developing their newfound mobility. Buy Now: $42.95.

Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet
Baby Bjorn Bib: This innovative Baby Bjorn Bib features deep, wide front pocket in the front to catch most of the dropped food. Buy Now: $16.76.

Baby Bjorn Bib
Iiamo Go Self Warming Baby Bottle: This self-warming baby bottle warms 6 oz of milk to 98.6F in 4 minutes and it remains warm for up to 30 minutes. This bottle can heat itself on the go, making things a lot easier for you. Buy Now: $34.39.

Iiamo Go Self Warming Baby Bottle
Neatnik Saucer: The Neatnik Saucer can be placed in standard restaurant high chairs and overlaps the dining table so baby diners have extended table and play space. Buy Now: $32.95.

Neatnik Saucer
Beaba Babycook: Beaba Babycook is a multifunctional appliance that makes your baby's food healthier. This baby food maker can cook vegetables, fruits and meats by steaming them in 15 minutes or less. It's special technology retains nutrients and flavor of the food. Buy Now: $100.99.

Beaba Babycook
Smart Teddybear: Inside this handmade smart toy comes proprietary technology carefully hidden that enables you to measure your kid's health by simply making him hold the teddybear by the paw. It even measure the kid's temperature; all you need to do is simply press the button on your smartphone app. Buy Now: $138 (€129).

Smart Teddybear
Boonorb Bottle Warmer: It steams, heats bottles and baby food efficiently and effectively; comes with integrated auto-off feature. Buy Now: $17.38.

Boonorb Bottle Warmer
Monbaby Smart Monitor: Monbaby is a baby monitor that looks like a button and sends information about your baby's breathing to your smartphone. Buy Now: $99.

Monbaby Smart Monitor

TempTraq: TempTraq is a wearable and intelligent temperature meter that wirelessly sends real-time temperature updates on your smartphone for 24 hours. It continuously monitors, records, and sends alerts of a child's temperature to your mobile device upto 40 feet. Buy Now: $16.


Brica Day and Nightlight Musical Car Mirror: This musical mirror keeps you and your baby connected. Its remote control lets you check on your sleeping baby, turn on a comforting nightlight, or choose from five soothing melodies. Buy Now: $23.99.

Brica Day and Nightlight Musical Car Mirror
Pacifi: This smart pacifier monitors your baby's temperature and sends the data to an app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Buy Now: $42 (£33.33).

FlyeBaby Infant Travel Seat: The FlyeBaby Infant Travel Seat makes traveling with your baby much easy. This hammock type seat can be used on an airplane or attached to a dining room chair. It can be used on an airplane during the cruise portion of the flight. It features a 5-point harness system to keep your baby safe and supports up to 25 lbs. Buy Now: $49.95.

FlyeBaby Infant Travel Seat

Watch Over Me Dream Station: The Watch Over Me Dream Station uses 5 phases of light and sound to create its Smart Sleep Program. To calm baby down and prepare them for sleep the paddles begin to sway, gentle music is played and softlight is projected. Its capable of detecting less activity by the sleepy baby, lights and music made softer to ease your baby into sleep. Buy Now: $24.99.

Watch Over Me Dream Station
Foscam FosBaby P1: The Foscam FosBaby P1 lets you monitor your baby using a smartphone even in the dark. Provides you with smart alerts like temperature, humidity, and sound change. Features a two way talk, play soothing lullabies, night lamp, video recording and more. Buy Now: $119.99.

Foscam FosBaby P1
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