Dec 12, 2016

15 Best Gifts for Dad Under $100.

Looking for gifts for dad? Look no further; we have the 'Best Gifts for Dad', and the best part is all these gifts are under $100.

Fish Call: Fish Call is an electronic fish attractor that floats in water and lets you catch more fish. Buy Now: $69.99.

Fish Call

Golf Tags: Golf Tags track and improve your golf game while working along with your Android phone. It turns your Android phone into the ultimate golf tracking and analysis tool. All you need to do is attach it to your golfclub and simply tap it to start tracking. With Golf Tags you will be seeing the data on the map and get feedback about your game, in real time, out on the course. Once you start playing with your Golf Tags, the app will soon have enough data to provide you with suggestions. Golf Tags are fully compatible with most smartwatches. Buy Now: $99.

Golf Tags

Keydisk: Keydisk is slim, minimal, and elegant. It provides you a more intelligent way to hold your keys. Said to be world's thinnest key holder, it weighs 1.2 oz, can hold up to 6 keys and allows easy access to your keys while keeping them organized. It's available in three colors. Buy Now: $12.

Slim Wallet: The Slim Wallet is crafted in full-grain leather, features a removable carbonfiber money clip, holds 1-10 cards and cash, has RFID-blocking technology, and its smarttab lets you accesses up to 8 cards instantly. Buy Now: $59.95.

Slim Wallet

Magnetic Cable Tie: It is a handy magnetic cable tie for your earbuds, smartphone rechargers, USB cables and more. It comes with magnetic ends that let you to quickly fix in place unlike other cable ties. Buy Now: $ 9.99.

Magnetic Cable Tie
Goateesaver: This grooming tool is sure to give you the perfect goatee every time you shave. Buy Now: $19.99.

Sound Running Vest: The Sound Running Vest comes with integrated speakers right below your ears, lets you listen to your music without eliminating the sounds around you. This lightweight form running vest is perfect for every run - day or night. It features a two-pocket system in the front that holds your smart phone or small gadgets, keys or ID. You can easily remove its speakers for washing and it comes with 360ยบ reflectivity. Buy Now: $ 45.

Sound Running Vest
Mightymug: This travel cup holds to any flat, smooth, solid surface using its Smartgrip Technology and doesn't fall off when you knock into it like any other cup. It keeps your beverage heated for 6 hours and cool for 12 hours. Buy Now: $ 19.99 - $ 24.99.


Nonda Smart Car Recharger and Car Locator: It comes with smart device detection technology that allows it to provide maximum amp output accepted by your device and recharges 2 devices at their maximum speed. It also automatically remembers where you've parked your car when your engine turns off and using its app you can locate your car. Its compatible with iOS and Android devices, is outdoor-friendly, lets you find your car even when your phone doesn't have reception and can tell if your car is a hundred feet away or a hundred miles away. Buy Now: $29.99.

Nonda Smart Car Recharger and Car Locator

Aud Mini: Aud Mini is an ultra slim pocket sized portable Bluetooth speaker for your smart devices. It connects to your smart phone wirelessly and gives full-range sound. Buy Now: $14.99.

Aud Mini portable Bluetooth speaker

Covr Photo: Covr Photo is an iPhone 6/6S case that features a movable camera lens, and lets you take snapshots and videos while you are holding your smartphone like a TV remote. Buy Now: $49.99.

Covr Photo iPhone 6/6S case
Standing Laptop Stand: Standing is a foldable laptop stand in oak, elevates your laptop almost 21 cm / 8,5 inches, easy to fold and can be placed in your computer sleeve. Buy Now: $65 (550 kr) .

Standing Laptop Stand
Spiritsteels: Spiritsteels are smart beverage cooling devices which feature a phase change material that keeps your beverage cooler for a longer time. These are available in three variants and are capable of absorbing 6-10 times as much heat as solid metal or soapstone equivalents. Buy Now: $30 - $80.

LampChamp: LampChamp turns any lamp into a USB recharging station. Its simple to install, provides 2-amp fast recharging for your smartphones, smart devices or anything with a USB. Buy Now: $19.99.

Helmet: This family monitor lets you watch over your home, parents, dogs, cats or any other valuables. This smart camera comes with laserbeam to play with your furry friends. It features 1080 HD, 360° view, 70° tilt, nightvision, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE, 2-way audio, cloudstorage, social share, video recording, airsensor, and more. Buy Now: $99.95-$297.95

Helmet Home Monitor

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