Nov 14, 2016

15 Cool Gifts For Cyclists Under $100.

Looking for gifts for cyclists? Look no further we have the 'Cool Gifts For Cyclists', and the best part is all these gifts are under $100.

Commuter X4: Commuter X4 is a wearable, fibreoptic bike light that keeps you visible to other drivers at night and makes it easy for them to judge your distance, width and speed. Buy Now: $52 (£39.99).

Commuter X4 wearable fibreoptic bike light

Magnetic Bike Lights: These combine lights and strong magnets and activates as soon as you attach them to your bike's steel frames. Buy Now: $34 (€30).

Magnetic Bike Lights

Nori Lights: Nori Lights consist of a set of 4 activating pods and 30 feet of Nori Lightstripes. You need to fix the pods on the front and rear forks and align with the lightstripes. As the wheel rotates, lightstripes continuously pass by the pods that provide wireless power to them and instantly light up creating a bright and solid ring of light emitting from both sides of both wheels. Buy Now: $ 59.99.

Nori Lights
Boncho: Boncho covers your body from head to toe when riding, its weatherproof and breathable and is open from underneath, and ultra-breathable. It folds up for easy storage and goes over your handlebars to keep your legs and feet dry. Buy Now: From $ 74.

Boncho cover for body for bike
Cruiser Portable Bluetooth Speaker: The Nyne Cruiser portable Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in microphone, supports Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC and universal handlebar clips. It also features 3.5mm AUX input and built-in power bank to recharge mobile devices. Buy Now: $23.41.

Cruiser Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Retrofitz: Retrofitz turns your normal shoes into cycling shoes with it a DIY kit. Buy Now: $ 67.

Retrofitz - cycling shoes
Foldylock: This premium lock unfolds and locks your bike in under 30 seconds. It's made out of 6 hardened steel links and antidrilling rivets. It unfolds to 90 cm sturdy lock, easy to take along and can be fixed onto your bike using bottle holder fixing or with two specially designed straps. Buy Now: $95.

Foldylock - bike lock
Jogmount+: Its made of super light weight aluminum and can be fixed to the bikestem; holds bike bottle and allows easy hydration access. Buy Now: $25.

Jogmount+ - bike bottle holder

Smartphone Bike Holder: This cool smartphone bike holder lets you take your smartphone and lets you film your bike rides or just use it for GPS. Buy Now: $39.95.

Smartphone Bike Holder

Pack 'n Pedal Seat Bag: Pack 'n Pedal Seat Bag by Thule is an under seat bag with smart tool wrap that keeps your tools organized and easy to get when you need them. Buy Now: $19.95

Pack 'n Pedal Seat Bag
Six Pack Holder for your Bike: The six-pack rests nicely between your knees, it secures to your bike's top tube and the straps are adjustable to hold variably sized things. Buy Now: $ 34.

Six Pack Holder for your Bike
Rearview Camera: The Rearview Camera attaches to a bicycle's seat post while the color monitor attaches to the handlebar giving you rear-facing 75ยบ field of view. On a two-hours of recharge, you get about 10 hours of working and its weatherproof. Buy Now: 99.95.

Rearview Camera
Allo: The Allo is a smart phone holder and speaker combo that allows using your smartphone more conveniently and avoiding distractions while riding. You can control and listen to your music with a simple touch, get directions/navigate and make/answer phone calls with ease. It can be fixed to your bike's handlebar. Buy Now: $34.95.

Allo - smart phone holder and speaker combo

Fietsklik Klik System: It's a lockable solution system that allows you to take more with your bike. The root of this system is Klik, it attaches to any standard rear racks and allows you to click and lock up other Fietsklik products (messenger bags, laptop bags, cargo storage and more). Buy Now: from $38 (€ 35.03).

Fietsklik Klik System - lockable solution system for bike

Veleau Bicycle Hydration System: The device attaches to the rear of the seat and holds 42 ounces of water; a tube system with a tethered valve held securely to the handlebars with magnets makes the water accessible to the rider. Buy Now: $75.53.

Veleau Bicycle Hydration System
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