Nov 27, 2016

15 Best Roommate Gifts Under $50.

Looking for gifts for your roommate? Look no further, we have the 'Best Roommate Gifts', and the best part is all these gifts are under $50.

Streamlight Keymate Flashlight Keychain: The Streamlight Keymate Flashlight features machine aircraft aluminum casing in Titanium, lasts up to 96 hours and weighs .9 ounce. Buy Now: $10.37.

Streamlight Keymate Flashlight Keychain
Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf: Now you can gift this cool scarf to your roommate who has a great taste in books. Buy Now: $ 48.

Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf
5 Water Socks: The 5 Water Socks balances comfort with breath ability and waterrepellency. These aren't waterproof but are good enough when it comes to low-pressures of water. Buy Now: $ 22.

5 Water Socks

Magkey: Magkey is a smart magnetic key holder; its minimal, functional, and a simple key holder that uses neodymiummagnets for the keys. Its magnets measure less than 1mm thin, weighs .13 grams, and makes organizing the keys really simple. All one needs to do is to stick the magnets on to your keys and you are done. Perfect for your roommate who always keeps misplacing the keys. Buy Now: $17.66.

Light Slippers: Does your roommate wake up in the middle of the night and switch on the light because they suddenly remembered something? Want to get a better sleep without getting disturbed? Then better gift these light slippers. With these cool night slippers one can move around the dark areas without turning on any lights. Buy Now: $40.

Light Slippers
Zero Digital Earphones: These DAC + high-powered amplifier earphones is designed to provide full digital audio and recreate Hi-Fi music from the Android smartphone. Buy Now: $39.

Zero Digital Earphones

MaCO: The best way to make your roommate keep the cables organized is to gift the MaCO. It is a magnetic cable organizer that keeps the cables neatly organized. Designed particularly for headphones, smartphone rechargers, iPad rechargers, and wide range of cables, it attaches to wall or on desk to keep cords from falling. Buy Now: $29.90.

Retro Cassette Pillow: This cool Retro Cassette Pillow reminds of the gone by golden days of tapes. Buy Now: $23.95.

Retro Cassette Pillow
Jewelry Tray: Designed by Japanese designer Masashi Hanayama, its inspired by the beautiful yet ephemeral shaped structures created when a drop of milk splashes into a larger amount of liquid. Buy Now: $49.99.

Jewelry Tray
Hopside Down: Its shaped like an upside down bottle inside a regular glass. Buy Now: $10.60.

Hopside Down
Animal Chalkboard Wall Stickers: Apply these over-sized wall stickers to any clean, dry surface; then write away with ordinary chalk. Buy Now: $24.

Animal Chalkboard Wall StickersDisappearing Message Cup: As the warm beverage is poured, the message disappears and later reappears after drinking up the contents or cooling down. Buy Now: $13.95.

Disappearing Message CupAirplane Instrument Coasters: Do you have a roommate who is interested in airplanes? Then these airplane instrument coasters are a great option. They are fashioned after airplane cockpit instruments - the altimeter, airspeed indicator, compass and attitude indicator. And the best part is that you wont need hundreds of flying hours to use them. Buy Now: $17.49.

Airplane Instrument Coasters
Money Soap: If you really want your roommate to take bath daily, then don't forget gifting this Money Soap. This clever soap should motivate anyone to wash thoroughly; the translucent soap contains a $1, $5, $10, $20, or even a $50 bill in the center. Buy Now: $16.96.

Money Soap
3D Photo Frames: These photo frames are created using 3D printing technology and are printed layer by layer from a digital file into a real product. Buy Now: $50.

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