Nov 12, 2016

15 Best Kitchen Gifts - Under $50.

Looking for kitchen gifts for your family or friends? Look no further we have the 'Best Kitchen Gifts', and the best part is all these gifts are under $50.

Hyperchiller Coffee Maker: The Hyperchiller makes cool, refreshing chilled coffee with zero dilution in a minute. It features multi container design, works using icecubes and cools your coffee by as much as 130+ degrees in a single minute. Buy Now: $ 29.99.

Hyperchiller Coffee Maker

Transparent Electric Kettle: The Hamilton Beach's Glass Electric Kettle provides a 360-degree view (most of it, anyway). The 1.7-liter electric kettle comes with a corded stainless steel base, 1500-watt heat coil, features auto shutoff with boildry protection and blue illumination in the glass kettle making the water inside glow. Buy Now: $26.99.

Transparent Electric Kettle
Citrus Spray: Designed by Lékué, it's an attachment for citrus fruits so their juice can be sprayed onto. Buy Now: $15.

Citrus Spray

Brita Infinity: Brita Infinity is a Wi-Fi enabled smart water pitcher that tracks usage and automatically orders replacement filters through Amazon Dash Replenishment. It filters out odors and impurities, and the filter lasts for 40 gallons. It holds 8 cups of water. Buy Now: $44.99.

Brita Infinity
Grating Bucket: The Grating Bucket collects the grated foods inside the bucket. It comes with three different grating surfaces around the bucket. Buy Now: $49.50.

Grating Bucket
Kikkerland Safe Kitchen Timer: The Kikkerland Safe Kitchen Timer looks like a safe lock and transforms the look of your refrigerator into a combination safe. It features a mechanical 60-minute timer dial, and has a magnetic hold. Buy Now: $17.

Kikkerland Safe Kitchen Timer
Autonomous Saucier: This autonomous saucier automatically stirs sauces and lets you prepare other parts of the meal. Buy Now: $5.51.

Autonomous Saucier
OpenEase Automatic Jar Opener: The Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener makes opening jars easy with just press of a button. It works with a wide variety of glass jars from 1" to 4" in diameter. It's compact for easy storage. Buy Now: $29.95 .

OpenEase Automatic Jar Opener
SpreadTHAT!: This heated butter spreader works on the principle of heat transfer, its made from copper alloy, draws heat from your palm and transfers it onto the butter. Buy Now: $19.95.


Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool: It has 8 essential kitchen tools in one; works as funnel, lemon juicer, spicegrater, cheese grater and more. Buy Now: $7.72.

Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool
Vebo: Easy for boiling, steaming and straining your vegetables all in one unit; means less to clean up and also great for placing vegetables straight onto your plates. Buy Now: $29.95.

VeboBurger Maker: The Cave Tools Burger Maker makes six 1/3-lbs size patties in one go; for those who want their burgers fast and big. Buy Now: $21.24 .

Burger Maker
Garlic Shaker: The Garlic Shaker gives you the simplest yet the best way to peel garlic. All you need to do is put garlic cloves into the device, close both covers, shake for 30 seconds and you are done. Buy Now: $19.95.

Garlic Shaker

Prepara Herbs Savor Pods: The Prepara Herbs Savor Pods prolong the life of freshcut herbs for up to three weeks. Just place your freshcut herbs into the pods, fill the base with water and place it in your fridge. Buy Now: $39.97.

Prepara Herb Savor Pods
Swissarmius Kitchen Tool Holder: This cutlery holder is simple yet useful and stream lines your utensil storage. Buy Now: $23.99.

Swissarmius Kitchen Tool Holder
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