Nov 20, 2016

15 Best Gifts for Her Under $100.

Looking for gifts for her? Look no further we have the ' Best Gifts for Her', and the best part is all these gifts are under $100.

Light up Hoodies: The Light up Hoodies make one visible at night. One can activate 3 lighting modes, comes in multiple sizes and 5 colors. Buy Now: $49.97.

Light up Hoodies

Go Guarded Selfdefense Ring: The Go Guarded Selfdefense Ring is a simple tool that's convenient, comfortable, and effective, lets one defend themselves if the unthinkable should happen. Just put it on the finger; and its perfect for women, hikers, runners, and active people. Gift this and you can be sure that she is safe. Buy Now: $15.99.

Go Guarded Selfdefense Ring
Ostrich Pillow Mini: Ostrich Pillow Mini is a personal power nap pillow that one can take along and use it when one needs it. It lets them have the much-needed nap when they are tired. One can use it on the hands or elbow to create a comfortable space to relax, refresh and recharge. It's part of the Ostrich Pillow Family. Buy Now: $30.

Ostrich Pillow Mini
Kapture: Kapture is a wearable audio recording device that functions as a 60-second loop. The loop continuously overwrites itself until you tap the device to save a clip. Once you tap your wrist to save a clip, its downloaded to your smartphone where the duration can be shortened and you can name, tag, filter, and even share it. Buy Now: $ 99.


Nutra: If she is the one to relax when the surroundings have a beautiful fragrance, then don't forget to gift her the Nutra. It can be used with all types of oil fragrances, transforms the living space into a relaxing space. It also comes with a builtinionizer that maximizes its effects. Its multicolor light ring creates a beautiful and colorful effect to enhance the decor and doubles as a pleasant nightlight. Buy Now: $79.99.

Playbulb Candle: These smart candles are here to relax you and provide a whole new awesome candle experience. One can use its app on the iOS and Android smartphone for lighting control, color changing and more. Buy Now: $19.99.

Playbulb Candle

Glow in the Dark Soaps: These vegan friendly soaps are handmade, comes in set of 3, are available in green, blue and white glow. These cool soaps come with its element in periodic table printed on them. Buy Now: $19.99.

Glow in the Dark Soaps
Hairclip Multi Tool: This multi functional hairclip doubles as a toolbox on the go; it comes with 5 different tools in a tiny hair clip. It features screwdrivers, a wrench, a trolley coin, a ruler, and a cutting edge. It's made of stainless steel and measures 6cm x 2.4cm x 1.2cm. Buy Now: $8.

Hairclip Multi Tool

Face….. Towel: It ends any possible confusion about which side to use. Buy Now: $19.99.

Faceā€¦.. TowelNebula Necklace Pendant: If she is an amateur astronomer, then the Nebula Necklace Pendant is the best gift for her. This beautiful round bronze plated picture pendant features a Hubble space telescope image of a nebula. It measures just over 1 inch in size, and its artwork is printed on a high quality heavy matte paper stock. Buy Now: $ 13.45.

Nebula Necklace Pendant
NoClean Aquarium: The NoClean Aquarium makes maintaining an aquarium really easy; all one needs to do is pour a glass of water into the aquarium and it cleans itself. What more, it requires no electricity and filters too. Wow! An aquarium minus the maintenance. Buy Now: $ 89.99.

NoClean Aquarium
Key Safe Keychain: The Key Safe holds your bills or other small things you need to keep secure. It's perfect for your geocaching adventures. Its water tight, and compact; measures internally 1.84" tall x 0.475" in diameter and exterior dimensions are 2.25" tall x 0.625" in diameter. Buy Now: $22.95.

Key Safe Keychain
Sleep Yoga Posture Pillow: The Sleep Yoga Posture Pillow is designed to provide benefits of Yoga along with good sleep while comfortably improving posture during sleep. Perfect gift for women practicing yoga. Buy Now: $59.99.

Sleep Yoga Posture Pillow
Aromatherapy Shower Kit: Transform the shower into a personal spa with this Aromatherapy Shower Kit that attaches to your showerhead. It features three different essential oil blends that get mixed directly through the hotwater. For a milder experience, just move the pod outside of the water and allow the scent to mix through the shower steam and relax. Buy Now: $20 - $45.

Aromatherapy Shower Kit
Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager: This foot massager combines Japanese Shiatsu with heat to relax tired feet. Buy Now: $59.95.

Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager
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