Nov 18, 2016

15 Best Gifts for Gardeners Under $100.

Looking for gifts for gardeners? Look no further we have the 'Best Gifts for Gardeners', and the best part is all these gifts are under $100.

UrbMat: The UrbMat gardening mat makes gardening easy and gives you a whole new way to grow herbs, vegetables and flowers. You can grow 12 different types of vegetables, herbs, and flowers with it. The mat also features built-in irrigation that makes things easier for you. Buy Now: $59.99.

The Only Unkinkable Garden Hose: This garden hose features unique double helix construction, made from ultra-lightweight material, is a lot easier to manage compared to the one made out of thick, heavy rubber. It can take up to 300 PSI (more than 3X typical home water pressure) and remains flexible in temperatures from -20° F to 158° F. Buy Now: From $49.95.

The Only Unkinkable Garden Hose
Bottle Plantnannies: Made of terracotta, these can be fitted on bottles. Once you refill the bottle full of water and push it in the plant's soil, it waters the plants while you are away. It creates an interesting and practical use for old bottles. Buy Now: $14.95.

Bottle PlantnanniesKneelo Cushion Kneepads: The Kneelo Cushion Kneepads are light and comfortable; they come with a layer of shockabsorbing foam and memoryfoam and the outer layer is waterproof. Buy Now: $32.99.

Kneelo Cushion Kneepads
Smart Herbs Garden: This smart garden allows you to grow fresh herbs at home. To grow your favorite herbs and spices at home, all you need to do is just plug it into the wall and fill water; the smart device does the rest. No need to worry about your plants having enough water, nutrients or light. Buy Now: $59.95.

Smart Herbs Garden

Gardener's Hollow Leg Tote: Just strap to the waist, use it for holding fruits, herbs and more, it can hold more that 5 gallons. Buy Now: $22.80.

Gardener's Hollow Leg Tote
Seed Tapes: These tapes come with evenly spaced seeds embedded on paper tape, all you need to do is simply unroll into a planting furrow and cover up with soil. Planting is precise and the germination rate is outstanding. These are suited for planting in containers, raised beds, or small gardens and are available in your choice of Spring Onions, Radishes, Carrots, Chard, Lettuce or Beets. Buy Now: $1.99.

Seed Tapes
Grow Floats Hydroponics: The Grow Floats Hydroponics makes it easy for you to grow organic herbs at home on your kitchen countertop. Buy Now: $49.95.

Grow Floats Hydroponics

Garden Groom Pro: This lightweight hedge and garden trimmer features rotary blades that spin at 2,700 RPMs and collects the trimmings into its built-in receptacle. Up to 700 square feet of trimmings can be collected using the removable bag. Buy Now: $49.95.

Garden Groom Pro
Fresh Herbs: The Fresh Herbs is a smart planter designed for kitchen herbs. It features a decorative flower indicator that lets you know when to water. It features an irrigation system that allows the plant to take exactly the amount of water they need and maintain proper moisture. Buy Now: About $ 50 (£40.21).

Fresh Herbs smart planter

Gardener Sleeves: These Gardener sleeves give the much-needed protection to your hands while you are gardening. Buy Now: $17.

Gardener Sleeves
Amphora: Amphora is a ceramic hydroponic planter to grow fresh herbs on your kitchen countertop. It holds 1.5L water; water enough for the lifetime of your plant, meaning no more watering. Its seed kits come with everything you need to get growing. Buy Now: $ 90.

Amphora hydroponic planter

Tomtato: This unique Tomtato plant produces potatoes and tomatoes; tomatoes above the ground and potatoes below the ground. You can grow them indoors and outdoors. Buy Now: From $12 (£9.99).

Hozelock Pico Reel: This 10 meter reel is perfect for gardeners with patios, balconies and small garden spaces. Buy Now: $46.22 .

Hozelock Pico Reel
Living Wall Planters: The Living Wall Planters makes it easy for you to grow herbs and put them on your walls. It features an integrated irrigation system that allows you to water several plants in one go. These planters features removable containers that are designed to hold water to irrigate plants for several days. Its Grow "Picture" Light makes your herbs grow as if they are in an outdoor space. Buy Now: From $ 40.

Living Wall Planters

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