Nov 13, 2016

15 Best Gifts For Car Enthusiasts - Under $100.

Looking for gifts for car guys? Look no further we have the ' Best Gifts For Car Enthusiasts', and the best part is all these gifts are under $100.

Hudway Glass: Hudway Glass is a smart device that turns your smartphone into a Head-Up Display for your car. It displays all the information you need while you stay focused on the road ahead. It's simple to use, just place your smartphone on the cradle with its display up, and you are good to go. It lets you use any head-up display app on any smartphone in low-light visibility or on a clear day. Use the navigation apps on your smartphone to get directions for your heading. Buy Now: $79.95.

Hudway Glass

BlueDriver: BlueDriver is a Bluetooth OBDII tool trusted by mechanics. It's an officially licensed and certified device to be used for Apple and Android smart devices. This professional tool features all the expertise of handheld scantools and the benefits of having a smartphone serving the purpose. What more, its vehicle-specific repair reports are drawn from a database of over 4.3 million fixes verified by certified auto mechanics. Buy Now: $99.95.


Automatic Parked Car Finder: The Automatic Parked Car Finder plugs into a car's power outlet and when the car's engine is turned off the device automatically marks the location of your car on its iPhone app. When it's time for you to return to the car, all you need to do is check the app for your automobile's location on the map. Every location has time and day stamped to make things easy for you. It also features USB port built-into the beacon that allows you to recharge your smartphone or other gadgets. Buy Now: $50.

Automatic Parked Car Finder
AutoExec Wheelmate: The Wheelmate attaches to your steering wheel and gives you removable work surface; holds your laptop, smart devices or your lunch. It installs in seconds, when done just place it in between the seats. It's lightweight and smooth; and is made with a powder coated wood material. Buy Now: $24.

AutoExec Wheelmate - detachable work surface
Car Air Purifier: Car Air Purifier improves the air quality in your car by removing unwanted odors, smell, dust and more. It lets you breathe clean air only while traveling to and from your residence and office. Its simple to install, just plug it into the 12-v outlet. Buy Now: $19.95.

Car Air Purifier
Coffee Cup Power Inverter: The Coffee Cup Power Inverter transforms your car's DC power into two 120-volt AC outlets. This 200-watt inverter comes with 2 AC plugs and a USB power port. Buy Now: $27.86 .

Coffee Cup Power Inverter
iBlue Immobilizer: The iBlue Immobilizer is a smart car security gadget that protects your vehicle using your smartphone. It provides invisible protection, has no hidden switches or keypads. The device uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. The device connects to your vehicle, disables the ignition and can only be started using your smartphone. It's compatible with iOS, Windows and Android devices. Buy Now: $ 89.

iBlue Immobilizer

Satechi 5-Port 12V Car Socketextender: Just plug-in the Satechi 5-Port 12V Car Socketextender into your car's 12-volt socket and you get instant access to five different recharging ports at once. Four of these USB ports have their own on/off switch for easy access to each device and saves power. You can recharge your smartphones, music players, FM transmitters, GPS, e-readers, and more. Buy Now: $9.99.

Satechi 5-Port 12V Car Socketextender
Swingaway Driver Organizer Compact: It keeps everything a driver requires close by; features 7 roomy pockets, comfortably holds smartphone, PDA, pens, mints, DVDs/CDs, mail and more, while another pocket is for sunglasses. Buy Now: $12.99.

Swingaway Driver Organizer Compact
Mountek Airsnap: All you need to do is place the opened clamp of the holder onto any flat vent blade and turn the locking wheel until it holds securely. It uses powerful earth magnets to hold your device; and it also elevates your device above the vent blades to permit airflow. Buy Now: $24.95.

Mountek Airsnap

Satechi Apple Watch Holder: The Satechi Apple Watch Holder allows you to attach your Apple Watch onto your steering wheel and lets you see your map, messages, music, or incoming calls at a glance. Its compatible with 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches and you can rotate the face 360 degrees. Buy Now: $15.

Satechi Apple Watch Holder
AppYourCar: AppYourCar is a smartphone gear that perfectly integrates your smartphone into your car. It consists of a wireless Bluetooth controller, a wireless dashboard holder and an innovative mobile app. It's specifically designed to give you an easy and safe way to use your smartphone in your car. It allows you to use all your messaging or social media apps right there on your smartphone without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel. Buy Now: $59.

AppYourCar - integrates your smartphone into your car

Aero Seat Cooling Cushion: Aero Seat is a cooling device that funnels a cooling wind through the materials. You can adjust the wind speed to high or low depending on weather and how you feel. Buy Now: $74.

Aero Seat Cooling Cushion
Universal Car Flip Sunvisor: It clips on your existing sunshade and can be used during the day as well as night; the transparent gray one shades the day light while the yellow one blocks the car lights at night. Buy Now: $14.

Universal Car Flip Sunvisor
Car Interior Lighting Kit: This lighting kit gives a blue illumination to your vehicle's interior. It features 7 solid color brightness levels, 3 strobing modes, 3 fading modes, 1 scanmode, and a sound activation mode. Buy Now: $32.99.

Car Interior Lighting Kit
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